Anyone know where to get a decent eyepatch
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Posted 12/29/16
So basically due to my sensory problems that have been acting up lately i find when im out and about i have to walk around with one eye closed otherwise i become overwhelmed of course that looks stupid so i looked into alternatives and the best thing i could think of was an eyepatch or some sort of thing to wear over my eye.

Anyone know a good place to get something like that? i checked online and im having a hard time finding places.
Sensory issues are not fun
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Posted 12/29/16
You could try the Ninja look.

Posted 12/30/16 , edited 12/30/16
Hmmm pirates seem to shop here:
I bet you can find eyepatches at any of the big drugstore chains like CVS as well.
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Posted 1/7/18
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