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Post Reply Would you say that you had a difficult life growing up?
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Posted 6/8/17 , edited 6/8/17
being molested by my dad as a baby, harassed by my cousin when I was 8 and forced to stroke his dick and if I told anyone he would kill my mom, molested by a Mexican in mexico when I was 11 and molested again when I was 19
having autism, and being shunned and hated by adults and kids, acting like I have a fucking plague or some shit and avoided
having to learn how to talk, I couldn't rly talk till I was 8 I did sign language, and the abuse kept pushing me back mentally
then with my autism I had to still try to communicate what I want/need/feel, since its hard with autism anyways and learning social queues
having family who didn't even believe me when I was molested and was saying I was just wanting attention
growing up with a dog for 12 years that on the family hierarchy was above me thru highschool

I was underweight and hungry, and my food would be given to the dog before I could finish
then when I didn't like the dog- gee iwonder why- my grandparents would have the nerve to say well u cant be a vet if you don't like beamer -the dog- year after year, putting down what I wanted to be in life cuz I didn't like their stupid bitch
was even kicked ou of the house for by accident stepping on its foot
then I have my medical, heart, neuropathy, diabetes, - used to have seizures- reflux just to name A few , I had a nissen done on me when I was 1 and a half, cuz I was projectile vomiting from my reflux, teeny tiny ontop of being pre born, to this day its impossible for me to throw up and I prob would have died if I didn't have the surgery
edit: when my body wants to throw up it spasms and makes me double over and I cough.hack super loud its rly embarrassing
I got in a car accident when I was 11 which to this day pains me, it fucked up my back, and is one of the reasons why I cant work...just one
ontop of all that my mom and I are poor and have been poor ever since she had to quit her job cuz of her heart and needing brainsurgery that she almost died from, she wasn't waking up
I mean the bank doesn't just give a family clothes and food and x mas presents for no reason , same with my school giving me clothes ya know'
we would choose between electricity or food lol

still considered 150 percent below poverty to this day

I could go on but lol

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Posted 6/11/17
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