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Posted 1/10/17

Just finished watching Non Non Biyori with my daughter. Absolutely fan bloody tastic brilliant ! We both loved it and love the subtle humour.
Both of us go " meowing " to each other now! Superb series and i'm on to something new now
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Posted 2/21/17
Welcome to Crunchyroll, and also to watching anime! Let me get straight to the point and recommend some great anime I enjoyed and anime I think you will enjoy.

Nichijou This is an amazing, and a hilarious anime. It is also a bit different than any other anime, and has its on style to it. It sadly isn't very popular, but it is GREAT. (Not on Crunchyroll)

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood This anime is a beautiful master piece, and I have no words to describe it! This is a must watch!

Fairy Tail Now, this is my favorite anime of all time. It is full of adventures, and the characters are lovable. It also has very strong friendships between characters so it is very enjoyable. If you are up to fun, and exciting adventures, this show is perfect for you!

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid This anime is still airing but you can still watch the episodes that are out. This one is a very cute one! :)

My Neighbor Totoro This is great for any age, and for anyone. This is a movie, and sadly not available on Crunchyroll. Me and my family love to watch this movie! It is priceless. It is a great movie to watch all together with your family!

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