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Stupid Things the Government Did
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F / San Francisco
Posted 1/1/17

mxdan wrote:

Pure theory.

This shows little understanding of the brilliant compartmentalization of our government to ensure that most sections have oversight that isn't too vast. If you're insinuating there is some culture of elite officials who have somehow convinced those working directly under them to work for a tightly knit groups benefit and not the nations then you are wrong in a broad sense. That is too vast of a thing to really perpetuate without problems.

Now are there individuals who probably fight for things that benefit themselves rather than a broad American people? Probably. You could say that for all jobs though. I highly doubt they conspire outside of their own minds. It wouldn't take much to incite a revolution against them.

Am I saying government is perfect? No. I'm saying this this nasty insinuation of governance that you on the far right make about there being some ethical conjecture of destruction forcing its hand against the people with high ranking officials is utterly wrong and misinformed. Go meet these people instead of theory crafting. It will change your mind. Trust me.

It's not theory when you work for the government. I see the incompetence day in and day out.
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24 / M / Beyond The Wall
Posted 1/1/17 , edited 1/1/17
Dumbest thing the US did this year was attempting to take Syrian refugees in. Not interested in having the US become Sweden 2.0.

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Posted 2/2/18
Forum clean up ^,^ removing posts from over a year ago!
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