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Post Reply January Poll - How Do You Deal With Artist's Block?
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Posted 1/1/17 , edited 1/1/17
Every creator is bound to get a little artist's block. It happens to everyone eventually. But how we deal with it is unique to each individual. Sometimes, people just need to stop, put everything down, and take a walk. Other times, people will find it best to just plow through. How do you deal with block? Leave your tips down below, and tell us about the worst block you've ever had.
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Posted 1/2/17 , edited 1/2/17
Now, I guess since writing isn't my primary function in life it's easy for me to say this, but if I don't have something good to make/draw, I won't make/draw anything and I'll wait till later. I usually find the more I try and force out a story, the more my mind has nothing, so if I can take my mind off the issue completely, say reading a report on the role of Wilson cycles and mantle plumes in the break-up of Gondwana, something so far away from the issue can help relax my mind, and give me a new idea when I least expect it.
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