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Posted 1/1/17
Do you know how the guild could be run better?

Do you have an idea for an interactive event or contest?

Do you know a way to better connect our group?

If so, don't keep those thoughts to yourself! Let us know!
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Posted 1/24/17
I really like the idea that this group is a place to encourage, critique, and further each other's work as individuals, but I'm most excited at the prospect of creating something together! There are lots of different ways to do this and there are no set rules, but it would be fun to come up with some formats for collaborative works and try them out.

Example: a lot of this group seems keen on character creation, an integral part of story crafting. Maybe we should have one member be narrator and writer, who sets a scene, and have the others involved write out what their characters backgrounds, thoughts, reactions, etc. would be. Then, the writer would craft a short story or scene based on what all the characters involved would do. We could try this one a few times, giving different people chances to explore their creative writing and lots of practice with character writing, and maybe also illustration. Who knows; maybe someone here will be inspired to turn the whole thing into manga!
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Posted 1/26/17
I like that idea Ashylon, I think it'd be a really interesting way to keep everyone involved. Personally, I struggle to come onto Crunchyroll every day, since my plate is pretty full with both my BSc and my Japanese studies. I think it'd be a really fantastic way to keep people coming back to the clan and seeing what's going on, though :)

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