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"Funny stuffs" already starting to happen to Windows 7 installs
Posted 1/6/17 , edited 1/6/17

Balzack wrote:

I might be the only person on the internet to say this, but I think that Windows 8.1 is the best version of windows that's out right now.

Since I use a start menu replacer, my copies are functionally identical to Windows 7 (and in fact I often will forget that I'm not even using 7 anymore). I personally use start8, which I purchased for 5 dollars. But there are free options as well that are just as effective.

It's also still getting full support for years after Windows 7. And I doubt Microsoft will be as dickish with extended support issues like the non functioning updates since people aren't really clinging to the product like they are with 7.

And finally it doesn't have a lot of the crap Windows 10 introduced like Cortana and always on automatic updates. As much tinkering (and headaches) as it took me to get a Windows 7 experience out of Windows 8, it's been worse with Windows 10. And I doubt things will improve over time.

I agree, 8.1 is great, I've never had a problem with it.
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I have window 8 and I refuse to let it update.

Bitch takes forever to update or fail to update after 3 fucking days

I was told to reform PC. Fuck no! I not reformatting My PC! Fuck no!

This is why I use google chrome.
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Posted 1/10/17 , edited 1/11/17

BlueOni wrote:

From what I've found after digging around on that particular issue the solution may be to download update KB3135445 from Microsoft's support site, temporarily disable Windows Update, run the update's installer, power cycle the machine, reactivate Windows Update, and then check for updates again. After that the service should run as normal, though you may still be looking at a pretty variable wait time. It could be five minutes, it could be twelve hours. But it should come.

The reason you have to temporarily deactivate Windows Update is that if you don't KB3135445's installer first prompts Windows Update to start searching for updates and won't proceed until it finds some (which it never will, which is the problem). This step is skipped by the installer if Windows Update is deactivated. Based on my very limited and entirely secondhand understanding the root of the problem is that the version of the service to be fixed by KB3135445 jams when it's overloaded with hundreds of simultaneous updates, but that could be completely wrong.

D: Didn't work for me. Thanks for trying. I ended up just having to wait 4 days for windows update to finally finish and currently 1+ day to download the updates.

I think they have a potato serving windows 7 updates now and its completely overloaded.

T_T Why must my friends be into a windows only game that is broken even on windows. The best games are cross OS compatable.
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Posted 2/3/18 , edited 2/3/18
Forum clean up ^,^ removing posts from over a year ago!
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