Post Reply What anime tropes/cliches are you tired of seeing and what new things would you like to see more of?
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Posted 1/4/17
What anime tropes/clichés are you tired of seeing and what new things would you like to see more of?

Please attempt to provide a reason as to why and try not to use obvious clichés such as the school setting or overpowered MC's
Posted 1/4/17 , edited 1/4/17
The one where people complain about cliches.

Once upon a time people moan about weak MC.
Now once upon a time people moan about overpower MC.

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Posted 1/4/17
Misunderstandings that could have been easily avoided. Like the main character being able to act like a human for once instead of causing more problems for him/herself.
The "power of friendship" causing the main character to overpower others.
The anti-hero monologuing instead of killing the actual hero.
Coincidental interruptions. It was in front of the MC. Now where did it go? Your chance was there but for some strange obvious reason it's gone.

However, anyone could judge tropes but in the end some shows can use a trope to an advantage and pull it off really well that you don't mind it at all.

... so it depends. Unless you absolutely loathe that certain trope(s).
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Posted 1/4/17 , edited 1/4/17
Anything i've already seen once. Why? I don't know maybe I just like Originality. Honestly though it depends on how it's used. Lets use Twin Star Exorcist as an example.
Basara=Espada (Bleach)
Basara=Noah (D. Gray Man)
And that whole "There's an evil power in my right arm that sometimes I can't control .' crap has been around since forevor and a half.
Also i'm getting tired of them using things like momentary outburst of badassery to bait veiwers/readers into watching then just scraping it.
Ex. Bleach Ichigo hallow mask.
Naruto nine tailed fox
Twin Star Exorcist oh there's that arm again.
And the list yet grows...

Edit-Dammit I struggled with my 90's Internet connection only to have someone say it better than I could...Why can't I get my sh-t together? Are you angry with me god? I hate my life right now... SHE JUST GOT HERE!
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Posted 1/4/17
Fanservice. It just happens way too much. I don't need to give examples because we've all seen bouncing huge titties, panty shots or sexual accidents". Not everyone gets off on it. I don't care for clichés, I even like it. I only hate the constant uncloathing of the female characters. Slayers has a lead character who doesn't always get stripped every single fight. The comedy wasn't my thing, but the story was great.

For the longest time I have been aching for another great adventure series with great writing, decent/unique animation and bloodshed. I got that back with Black Lagoon, Drifters and Mob Psycho 100. Going back in time, Cowboy Bebop is still an amazing series.

Dragonball Super, but with much better writing and animation.
Saiyuki, but with better animation.
Fairy Tail, with less fanservice and more blood.
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Posted 1/4/17
Typical shounen characters. Ie. obnoxious, self-centered, arrogant, prideful, etc.
Bloodivores (Space Travelers) is already as flawed as it is but to have multiple characters display these traits doesn't help ...
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the anime, it's just that it can be improved tremendously.
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