Yu-Gi-Oh (Duelist Kingdom)- A few questions
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Posted 1/4/17 , edited 1/5/17
So one thing I never understood about the end of the Duelist Kingdom arc. At the end, Jonouchi gets the money for his sister's (Shizuka) eye operation. But how exactly would this work? Two theories on this:

A. There is a prize for second place in the tournament, which excluding Pegasus, that would be Jonouchi. But that's doubtful, since the cards were "Glory of the King's Hand" and "The Glory of the King's Opposite Hand", the latter being a request (which Yugi used to free the Kaibas and his Grandfather). So unless the second place could only Glory of the King's Hand, this wouldn't make any sense.

B. In would would make more sense, the winner would win both the prizes for "Glory of the King's Hand" and "The Glory of the King's Opposite Hand", and Yugi just gave the money to Jonouchi.

Do they ever explain this in either version? I don't remember with the dub and been skipping around the subbed version.


1. When they rereleased the thing a while ago with a new dub (uncut) on DVD, did they still use the dubbed names or did they actually use the originals?

2. Not to be rude, but when do you release the new episodes and is the next release going to just finish up the first half of Battle City or are you going to jump right into next arc (Virtual World)?

Thanks alot.
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