Acquisition of Pokemon Sun & Moon
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Posted 1/7/17
Do you think FUNimation should acquire the rights from The Pokemon Company to license Pokemon Sun & Moon in both Sub & Dub versions? I think they should do it, but IF they license it, they have to use the Original Japanese character names for sure!

Brina Palencia : Satoshi
Cynthia Cranz : Musashi
Jerry Jewell : Kojiro
Todd Haberkorn : Nyarth
J. Michael Tatum : Professor Kukui
Monica Rial : Lillie
Brittney Karbowski : Mao
Cherami Leigh : Mamane
Sean Schemmel : Kaki
Carrie Savage : Suiren
Vic Mignogna : Rotom Pokedex
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Posted 2/3/18
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