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Posted 1/7/17 , edited 1/7/17
I don't have much talent in art but I don't want to spend years improving, I'd like to know I can improve at all this year, so what follows is some of my work - I've been working off a hybrid tablet/laptop and a simple sketchpad type program, I'm also left handed

this is goku that I copied off another screen, I just had a look at google images and found one that wasn't very big. an example of what I can copy on my own

Aisha from outlaw star. for this I used layers to trace over an Image, following the lines as closely as I could. as of writing this I finished this one a couple of minutes ago

my brother used to be a good artist when we were kids, a few months ago he told me he traced my grandfather's drawings to get any good. as divisive as tracing can be, the second image is clearly better, is it any indication of potential?
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Posted 1/8/17 , edited 1/8/17
I don't really think that tracing helps you become a better artist or is any indication of artistic potential. It is more telling of your patience than anything else. As for how to improve, draw a lot and understand what you are drawing. Try to not just look at an image and replicate it, but understand how the shapes work and how the proportions of the body come into play.
Posted 1/9/17 , edited 1/9/17
Art takes time to improve. It also takes just as much effort, envy, motivation, dragging yourself down because you feel like a pile of sh*t, patience and most importantly passion as anything else.
If you put in effort and time, then yes you will improve.

Will it be a big improvement? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on what you did during that time.

If you spend your time tracing on top of pictures, then you will improve at tracing. Will it help with your own art? Probably not. It's good to study pieces and get a feel of how it is at first, but if you want to derail from anime's animation-style (which is far from perfect since it is rushed sometimes) and make your own art, then you will have to stop tracing and focus on other things.

I believe that anyone has potential for art as long as they give the time, effort and passion it requires, because you can't draw (or trace) a couple times, expect improvement and get discouraged before giving up nor can you expect your growth to be the same as other artists.

This is just me, though. Someone who has drawn on and off for about 8 years lol.
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Posted 1/11/17 , edited 1/11/17
Start taking some art classes. Watching youtube videos on drawing.

Draw draw and draw.

I think you should look at thing differently than in this way ''I don't have much talent in art but I don't want to spend years improving''.
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Posted 1/11/17 , edited 1/11/17
Yes you can definitely improve, practice makes perfect and I see a lot of potential in your drawings . Don't give up!
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Posted 1/11/17 , edited 1/11/17
Stop tracing.

Tracing is not potential.

Potential improvement depends on your pen strokes and your actual lines. You have to plan out your drawing.

I usually start with drawing my eyes first, then the facial features, then the hair. The hair is the most important part which I still suck at.

Over a year I have improved drastically, but still no where near where I want to be.

It doesn't happen over night, this takes years of hard work and practice.
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