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Fiat Chrysler announces $1B investment in Michigan and Ohio plants
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Posted 1/11/17 , edited 1/12/17

BlueOni wrote:

qwueri wrote:

I'm not quite sure why you quoted me for that.

You say you don't buy that the US federal legislature has been overrun by moneyed interests. The cases I pointed to and the study I cited paint a different picture. You pointed to the scope of the federal government's economic regulatory power as a critical concern, stating that expansion thereof would only invite what corruption is present to worsen as potential returns for bribes and such increased. I put out a counterpoint, arguing instead that the lead contributing factors for corruption are things like electoral and district setting institutions, lax campaign finance regulations, inappropriate intraparty practices, weak whistle blower protections, unprofessional journalistic practices at many major outlets, and a lack of engagement on the part of the general public.

Clear as mud? Did I misunderstand you somewhere?

That's explains it, the Congress line was almost throwaway while my line of thought on the rest of it had to do with the state of competition in the free market in relation to corporate money flow into lobbying Washington. The rest I'm not quite sure why you think I was talking about political corruption. I just think Trump taking an active role in dictating where businesses can set up facilities is going to ultimately stifle the flow of goods to and from the US. And it's a surprising expansion of federal power, especially from a supposed conservative.

I don't automatically lump all lobbying efforts in with corrupt behavior, there are certainly corporate interests that align with the people congressional members represent. Under-table lobbying was more ninjitsuko's point, though I do agree with him that lobbying won't go away. The truly corrupt stuff doesn't see the light of day without regulatory/whistleblower action to begin with, I agree with you on that.
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Posted 1/11/17 , edited 5/8/18
During the past eight years that Obama was president, all we got was news of big manufacturers leaving they United States and taking their jobs with them.

Trump merely wins the election, hasn't got any bills passed in Congress, yet, and now we're hearing of big manufacturers pledging to build big factories in the U.S. again... Yet, some of you have the balls to say, "Trump had nothing to do with this."

I'll remind you that Obama certainly had NOTHING to do with high paying manufacturing jobs coming back to the U.S. That's for damned sure!
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Posted 2/3/18 , edited 2/3/18
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