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53 / M / Bay Area
Posted 1/25/17

iashakezula wrote:

well I finally watched it...

and I thinks its really good. Animation is really well done , I like the character design , the background .

As for the story , the main character is based on a real historical person that had an intersting and scary job , the forerunner of FBI and crime prevention

Here is an exerp from a book Ninja Attack!: True Tales of Assassins, Samurai, and Outlaws on Hasegawa Heizo

Enjoying all the voices I hear a lot of Veteran seiyuu among the young ones, Hosoya was really good in episode 1 .Okamoto as one of Heizo's men and senpai seiyuu Tomukazo Seki in episode 3 as the assassin ronin and Namikawa as Heizo's son.

This is a good story telling anime. I like it.

Sidenote-your avatar says South bay come to CR awards party this week-end I will buy you and partner anime theme cocktail! Check out Site news
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Posted 1/30/17
Onihei EP 3 "The Evil Scent of the Hakubaiko"

I really liked this episode so many ironies. An assassin attacks Hasegawa and Hasegawa can smell a scent. He finally traces the scent but fails to capture Hansshiro who wants to avenge his father's death and where he is staying kills the servant Osaki house managers for always treating her badly. She took care of Hanshiro a lot and wants to settle down in the country after the job is finished,

After Hanshiro is almost casptured buying perfume he sends Osaki to buy it. He usse to mask the smell of blood.

He waits for Hasegawa at a local Inn but when he doesnt come out he goes in but Hasegawa holds him off but as Hanshiro leaves he is killed by Mori the Innkeeper ( the killer of his father) Mori and his wife leaves pasiing Osaki waiting on the Bridge for Hanshiro.How Ironic.

The bridge was the OP / ED point in this EP

Osaki was abused

Mori what a twist to the EP

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from the South Bay
Posted 3/16/17 , edited 3/22/17
Really sad since this anime is only showing in Amazon that the discussion board of this awesome historical anime is almost nothing.

My only complaint are the CG background people in town..but the story telling is wonderful as always . I think one of my favorite episode was the one Hasegawa ended up helping out a thief of justice in a different city that one cracked me up

Onihei 11
2 thumbs up.

Am i the only watching this show...I know its Amazon .....damm .

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F / New York
Posted 3/22/17
You're not the only one watching! This show is very well written. I appreciate time is taken to develop depth in the characters. All of the episodes can be considered favorites, although I'd like to see more from Kumehachi. The ED is definitely worth voting for.
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55 / M / East Coast
Posted 4/7/17
Onihei EP 9 "Crossroads" / EP 10 "The End of Wasuke of Dojo" /EP 11"The Man of the Past" / EP 12 "The Audacious Fellow"

A very underated anime with adults as the mainstasy. The animation was great . Each story was interesting with a lot of twists some good some sad and justice served

EP 9 "Crossroads"


EP 10 "The End of Wasuke of Dojo"

EP 11"The Man of the Past"

EP 12 "The Audacious Fellow"

EP 13 "Will-o'-the-Wisp"

Great final EP the series is underated by me but that will change in my Final Favorites
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