Why are alot of Americans selfish when it comes to taxes?
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Posted 1/10/17 , edited 1/10/17
WARNING: i know not all Americans are like this i'm stereotyping/ going off the majority of people i have met from America so don't take this as literally me saying it's true.

I know taxes cost way more then they should in America but every time i speak to an American about Healthcare or Education they see it as a privilege instead of a right....from a developed countries point of view that is very odd.

Now i was just reading a reddit thread about a guy who got his cancer treatment paid via taxes mostly and i thought good that's how it should be.

Next thing i know i see all these selfish people writing "I paid for that why should i pay for something i don't use"
The only thing i could think is how selfish are these people...in a society its the job of citizens to pay work and pay taxes to help with roads etc.

Things like Healthcare and Education are important things taxes should goto.
Yes taxes cost more but its for the greater good and helps those who are in need.

People are to selfish and arrogant from where i am looking and i honestly worry for America and the people who i know who live there.

I'm lucky to be in a country where our healthcare and education is paid for by taxes.
So what do you all think sorry i wanted to rant somewhere because seeing people be like that really annoys me we should be working together for the greater good of everyone.
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Posted 1/10/17
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