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Posted 1/13/17 , edited 1/13/17
So I'm not 100% what's going on but my CR account shows nothing in the current password fields. I'm trying to sign into CR on my new Android device (old phone die, had to replace it). Normally I'd just try to reset my password but I originally created my account by signing in with Facebook, which hasn't caused any problems in the past, but it's also somehow chosen to associate my CR account with an e-mail address that:

1. Is not and never has been associated with my Facebook account
2. Is old and no longer exists

so I can't really reset my password. Not quite sure what to do and so far all the e-mails I've received from Crunchyroll have gone to my Gmail, so I don't know why it's showing a different e-mail on my account. All I really want to do is get signed in on the mobile app on my new phone so I can start watchin' stuff again.
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