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Posted 1/13/17
So the rules are simple-ish, basically i start off a story for an anime and you guys continue it then so on and so on till it feels complete (then start a new story if you want or just make this one a never ending one).
1. continue off from the last commenter
2. you can add any dialogue or characters you want but make sure its connected to the previous story.
3. you can use images or gifs if you want
4. no already existing anime characters, try to be original
5. no consecutive comments-wait at least after 2 comments to comment again, and no large esssays, there can be 2 liners if you want
-Thats it-


Our mc was late to school and had bread in his mouth while running. His childhood friend wasn't waiting for him as usual which was strange since she always followed him around all the time. As he made it to the entrance of his highschool, a generic tsundere called out his name... "

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Posted 2/26/17
he started running and a bunch of pandas came with out of the highschool. He was afraid and didnt know what to do... so he transformed into a panda and broke out into a dancing frenzy...

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Posted 12/3/17
While dancing with the panda's, a group of cybernetic bounty hunters appeared and started hunting for his female friend. She saw the hunters and jumped into her corvette zr-1 and tried to run from them.
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Posted 12/3/17 , edited 12/3/17
but then Naraku appeared and destroyed her car. Fortunatly Ultra Magnus was there to prevent Naraku from killing anyone
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