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My opinion and hopes for the chapters to come:
So, I've always been a Fuuka Akitsuki fan, even after the accident was still fresh in the minds of the characters and the comics. I really am not a person to get emotional, nor have I ever been. But Fuuka has really done a number on me and I have continued reading so that I can see how the characters deal with such a loss. Now that Suzuka has come onto the scene, I have jumped on the amnesia theory bandwagon and I really hope that Fuuka Akitsuki, really did somehow miraculously survive but with damaged memories. It would be incredibly stupid now to introduce a third Fuuka, it would be repetitive and lazy writing. I have done a ton of research and theorising, building up more evidence for the amnesia theory and I have convinced myself and a few others of her survival. What do you reckon? Is it Fuuka Akitsuki? Is it a plot point and nothing more? Or is it something else entirely? Let's discuss! ^-^
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