Ideas for light novel
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Posted 1/14/17
I am looking for ideas to write a light novel. Mostly about location, theme, and characters. And what things should we avoid.
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Posted 1/15/17
Unless you are writing a collaborative, those are mostly items that will be up to the writer--location, theme, and characters, anyhow. What you write about ultimately depends on what your interests are and how well you handle or understand (or can, at least, bullshit your way through) the subject. If that qualification isn't met, a few things could happen: writer's block, you get bored of it, or it outright sucks in the end. That said, what kind of settings and plots have interested you? What character types interest you?

As for resources that will help structure the story:
A recommendable character worksheet (you don't need to fill it out completely, but it will keep you on track with characters):

Elements of a Story worksheet: Worksheet
Review the items directly above and below it as well: "Elements of a Good Scene" and "Story Development"

Blake Snyder's three act structure:
The Save the Cat beat sheet is both widely loved and widely criticized (and primarily used for screenwriting,) but you can roughly correlate it to other mediums, as well. It will give you some idea of how you would structure the plot and add events to maintain tension. It doesn't hurt to review Michael Hague's six stage structure (which is similar but uses different pacing,) either:

As for what to avoid, I would say steer clear of excessive cliche and overused tropes and devices. Open the story actively, but not necessarily with action, and end it resolved but open (in other words, you'll have an overlying question that remains unanswered.)
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Posted 23 days ago
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