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Posted 1/16/17 , edited 1/17/17
For the past month or so, I have experienced apparent connectivity issues when trying to watch anime using the Crunchyroll app via AppleTV. The errors are as follows:

1. "Crunchyroll is unavailable. Please try again later." This issue accounts for about 50% of the errors that have plagued me recently. Although it seems to happen more often at night (after 10pm Eastern time) and on the weekends, I have also experienced this issue during the day as well.

2. "Accessing Crunchyroll" & endless loading of selected episode. This accounts for about 40% of the recent connectivity issues I have suffered recently, and often occurs hand-in-hand with the "Unavailable" error described above.

3. Episode won't play. If Crunchyroll has loaded properly (not always guaranteed these days), and assuming that the app has deigned to let me pick an episode (again, no guarantee), it takes about 5 attempts at selecting the episode to get it to play.

By the way, these issues have impacted the Crunchyroll on rather rest of my iOS devices AND on my PC. While I'm at it, let me also complain about your ack of customer service/tech support. Forget a phone number (I realize that real-time telephone support is something that you simply are not going to provide), but it is inexcusable that you don't offer your so-called premium subscribers (like me) with an email address for tech support.

I can't tell you how often, over the last month, I've abandoned Crunchyroll and gone to other vendors to watch - for free - the very same anime episodes that I PAY YOU to provide to me. And to not have a way for me to readily reach you to complain?

Crunchyroll, you are, arguably, the industry leader in this sector. None of the above should be happening without your knowledge, and one of your customers should have to leave you a forum post to bring technical issues to your attention. You can and should do better, so get these issues fixed, pronto, and for heavens sake, get rid of this amateurish forum business and put together a real tech support system!
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Posted 3/12/17 , edited 3/13/17
sigh...same issue. I came online to see if it was really down but apparently it's just on the apple tv
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Posted 3/12/17 , edited 3/13/17
It's down on PS3 and Android apps as well. I was in a help chat and the chat also went poof after the staff member had mentioned outages.

You are not alone! :/
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