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Post Reply The media and their war with Trump
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Posted 1/19/17 , edited 1/22/17

DeadlyOats wrote:

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

Do we really want a president who denies on site coverage to certain group due to bias? Come on, this is some real fake news bullshit you guys have been raving about.

I don't think it would be a permanent ban. I think the idea he was putting forward is this, press passes would be granted in a lottery, and not a permanent assignment. So, now, instead of having a permanent press pass. The press pass is only good for one press conference. So, that means, almost any journalist from any news agency will be able to attend the press conference.

They should have accepted the larger venue. They would have kept their permanent press passes, at the cost of having to give up their monopoly of asking questions.

I don't see how it would break up the monopoly, but it doesn't sound bad in intention.
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