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What's something that no one what's to buy used?
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Posted 1/19/17 , edited 1/19/17
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Posted 1/19/17

ninjitsuko wrote:

HuastecoOtaku wrote:
Most of the Goodwill's in my area sell used underwear.

Wow. The thrift stores and Goodwills that I've been to have strict policies about not accepting undergarments (bra, panties, boxers, whitey tighties, etc). That's a little concerning.

Believe it or not the regulations about selling used undergarments varies from state to state in the United States. I live in Vermont and I've worked in some kind of retail job for most of my adult working career and worked at my local Sears store in mostly the clothing departments for five and a half years as a Cashier for most of that time. We were allowed to put back on the shelf any packages that were or looked unopened for underwear and panties, but if it looked open or used we had to mark it Return to Vendor because per Vermont health regulations it wasn't allowed to be sold again due to possible health concerns. Same went for guys underwear or boxers as well. However with bras and undershirts it was allowed because there was less likely a chance of spreading something through those. And I've been to one of my local Goodwill stores just once before back in October because I was looking for a blazer jacket for my cosplay costume for my local anime convention, and when I was there I noticed that they had a sign that they only took unopened packages of underwear to sell. So it really depends on your state's health regulations and all that, though I wouldn't want to buy used underwear at all, and even with regular clothes that I buy I always wash it before I wear it unless it's something that I absolutely need right at that moment, like if something ripped or something. I even did that before I worked in clothing retail and having worked in clothing retail it only reinforced that. Trust me, you don't want to know what some people do with the clothing while they're in the store.
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Posted 11/8/17
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