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Crunchyroll layoffs?
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Posted 1/21/17 , edited 1/21/17

johnnymcool wrote:

I hope they fired makotomakui. He needed/needs to go. Really unprofessional and rude.


is there a thread where they listed all the mods of this forums?

since i don't know who is who.. and who is monitoring which sections..

active or inactive mods?

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Posted 1/21/17 , edited 1/21/17

It's all business. Don't worry about it too much.
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Posted 1/21/17 , edited 1/21/17
Hopefully this doesn't impact the performance and quality of the product.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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Posted 1/21/17 , edited 1/21/17
CR mods are volunteer

ya'll must be super dedicated or something
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Posted 1/25/17 , edited 1/26/17
CR had about 750,000 people paying 4 it in 2014. that number as dropped to now a little under 500,000 and its 2017. it's perfectly fine to like a sub. world wide you are correct subs are more popular over a dub but in the USA dubs are way more popular than subs. also the "hardcore anime fans" they buy the DVD and blurry box set for the anime they like over paying for a subscription. they also collect accessory from cheap MacDonald toy, garbage to high quality products. let me rephrase that, FUNI has way more shows and content on its app than CR, that is fact. the biggest problem is anime industry is the production and quality has just gone down hill. anime isn't just declining,(been declining sense 2005) its dying, its only got 5-15 years left. but at the same time it is evolving.

Piracy has ruined the money making model of Anime Industry.

Due to content being easily available online in High Definition for FREE, people aren't really paying anybody. And so the so called 'fans' are themselves partially responsible for some of their favorite shows going off air.

For instance, 'School-Live!' (Gakkō Gurashi!), which was considered one of the most critically acclaimed and entertaining Anime of the Summer 2015 had only managed to sell 1400 copies. WHAT!!!

Yeah, let that sink in.

And that's not even the worst thing about it.

'Charlotte (Shārotto)', the anime that sold the highest number of copies in the summer of 2015 had only managed to sell about 7500 copies.
Wait! But that's a good number.
Well no, it's not really a good number.

Let me put that into perspective for better understanding of the scenario.

The Anime 'Little Busters! (Ritoru Basutāzu!)' released early in 2013 and sold 8000 units in just the first week, was considered a flop.
(Baffled I was too.) Biggest Disappointment of 2012: "Little Busters" Anime - Japanator

Now you realize how badly the sales in the Industry have plummeted amidst the digital era.

Manglobe : The Studio that was responsible for creating some of the well known and most loved anime filed for bankruptcy in September 2016.

Some of their well known creations include:

Samurai Champloo (Television series, 2004)
Ergo Proxy (Television series, 2006)
The World God Only Knows (Television series, 2010)
Deadman Wonderland (Television series, 2011)
The World God Only Knows II (Television series, 2011)
Gangsta. (Television series, 2015)
These are all the anime that people loved and were quickly in the limelight withing weeks of their release. But the studio still had to file for bankruptcy because they weren't making any money from these wonders. How would they, when nobody is buying their creations but watching it for free sitting before a computer screen.

Of course the studio wasn't doing charity, it needs to make money to sustain in the Industry and to sustain the industry. They expect money from us, the fans, hoping we would buy what they've worked really hard to create, hoping an exchange of entertainment and dollars would happen.

the fault lies in Adaptation.

The Anime has failed to adapt to the digital time. This is the time when we have digital books, digital movies, digital TV shows, digital games. And I can get my hands on them anytime from anywhere in the world. Why the hell would I be buying a DVD in such times? The Anime has failed miserably at this.

Everything requires a business model to continue of the flow of supply and demand and allow ends to meet at the same time. The industry lacks a simple business model and still relies on the money making models from the cretaceous period. Seriously, DVDs?

This problem could easily be solved. A simple business model that allows people to watch the shows created by a particular anime and in return pays them a credit on an yearly or monthly basis wrt their convenience. Am no expert at this, but DVDs? Really, now? lulz

also moe is what is really killing anime. Moe became cancer. its one the reason Anime fandom is only going to get smaller from here on out.. I’ll only suspect that it’s dead when people STOP talking about why it’s dead or dying.

The rest of the people on the outside see:
"Wow, anime is still those porn cartoons huh?"

THEN you wade into the anime forums with the harem threads and people commenting "I'd ra** that bi***" on a picture of an anime girl in a middle school uniform sitting in that slumped on knees legs to the side pose that's supposedly "cute".

So yeah, both anime AND it's fans are to blame for scaring people away.

Part of that might also be nostalgia. When some of us started watching anime, we were pretty young and were just like, "WOW What is this awesome stuff that is so unlike anything on American TV?! Give me more!" Now that we're older and have (hopefully) developed in maturity and experience, we're looking at newer anime and seeing many more flaws. Our older shows, even if they share flaws, are protected by the sheen of nostalgia, a protection new anime does not have and never will.

Although I must admit...I haven't seen nearly as many new anime that I really enjoy, but I can't always tell if that's just because my taste has changed or if it truly is just bad. ^_^.

The problem is that too many people are complaining where they don't belong. Like complaining about female "objectification" as sex objects, when there's also tons, if not equal to female, physically masculine men naked in tons of magazines. Sure, not a lot compared to the majority of men. But the same applies to females in media.

When people stop complaining about objectification, and realize that it doesn't really hurt anyone (" like someone killing them self just because I don't look like Jonathan Joestar"), then the idea of something being dead has some value to it. Meaning that the core concept behind any form of art is dead when you are only allowed to express a certain ponderous thing, instead of whatever the artists feels inside. An artist who isn't allowed to have any bit of the world see his art, is an artist who doesn't want to make art. What point of expressing if no one is there to express it to? We even have people always trying to shut down sites they don't agree with. So the internet isn't safe either.

Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 2/3/18 , edited 2/3/18
Forum clean up ^,^ removing posts from over a year ago!
Posted 1/25/17 , edited 1/26/17
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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/26/17

Shintogod wrote:

Do you want to know the odds of Funi taking over CR? they're high.

More like other way around. U forget what multi-billion dollar, FEARLESS OVERLORD; owner of CR is doing...

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