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Posted 1/20/17 , edited 1/21/17

HI!! If you're wanting to meet new people and make friends but you're quite shy or .. not.. haha, then this is the place for you! Write a little introduction and post it here! You can customise it the way you want, any size, colour you can even add pictures if you want. Be creative! When you have wrote your introduction then you can go through other members intro's and read theirs, if you like what they have wrote, go and add them! Don't be scared, Worldwide Friends was made for people to add more people and become great friends!

For coloured text [#style color="your colour"#]
For text size [#style size="your text size px"#]
For images [#img] img url

List of colours

Got the codes from
I take no credit for the codes.


Ideas on what to add in your introduction

Your hobbies
Your Interests
Your favourite TV Shows, Films, Books, Music, Bands/Singers
Your favourite animal
Your favourite ice cream ..??
Your bae's /heart eyes/
Most embarrassing moment..?
Your dream job
Your character/personality
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Posted 1/21/17

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Posted 1/21/17 , edited 1/21/17

coding by merIin
Hey there, I'm Al. You can call me that or Merlin.
I've been on this site for... far too long, hahaha.

Since I forgot how introductions work, I'll go with the list of things the creator put up--

Hobbies? Drawing, BB-coding, GFX, lurking the interwebs and procrastinating.
Interests? Anime/Manga, JRPGs, Yaoi

Anime? Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Haikyuu
Manga? Tokyo Ghoul/:Re, Pandora Hearts
Animal? Cats
Ice cream? Caramel Pecan, though I prefer caramel sea salt gelato.

Baes? Wow, so many. I can't list them all ahahaha.
Most embarrassing moment? My birth.
Dream Job? Game Designer or Character Designer(?)
Description? I don't know tbh. Just talk to me and find out?? I'll try to be nice...

Posted 1/21/17
Hi nice to meet you, Guys

Blume, 22 years old, aries, Brazil.
Fav anime: Noragami
Fav mangá: ouran high School and noragami
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Posted 1/23/17
This is a little lazy but here is one i typed out for another place...

You have probably seen me somewhere before i tend to get around on here if not then...

Hello I'm Joshy nice to meet you all :)

I love video gaming, anime, reading and sleeping. Like Nuka above i too am also 31 although i don't like to act it growing up is less fun. My favorite anime would either be HunterxHunter or Fruits Basket. More on topic here my favorite music right now is a mix up of Baby Metal, Knife Party and Pendulum. Feel free to add me as a buddie my friends does look rather anemic

PS will be 32 on Wednesday
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Posted 1/26/17
Nice to meet you all!

My name is Amanda and I'm 20 y/o. I like to go for walks, photograph, cuddle with my cats, watch anime and series. My favourite drink is bubble tea and my favourite foods are sushi and tuna salad. I'd love to meet people to chat with in the gb or here!
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Posted 11/3/17
Hello Everyone ! Call me Kana

Your hobbies: Editing, Drawing,
writing, watching Anime, reading, Not sure what else to say.

Your Interests: Many things,

Your favourite TV Shows, Films, Books, Music, Bands/Singers: Umm I don't have a fav.

Your favourite animal: Wolfs, Dogs.

Your favourite ice cream: Super man ice cream , mint icecream.

Your bae's /heart eyes/ : No idea what you mean LOL

Most embarrassing moment: I have a few but I don't want to say

Your dream job: Was to be a Goaly , Artist , Doctor , vet.

Your character/personality: Shy, werid ,funny, quite, talkive sometimes
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