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Posted 1/20/17
Whats a anime you been watching that had a huge build up from the start to end the characters risk thier lifes for someone and the world fallen in the wrong hands?

Naruto had a huge build up with the war and was heavily slowed down as soon as it got to the two responisible for taking the lifes of the tailed beasts power and to wake the ten eye and make the eye ball mind controll thing. They get awesome god power but gets ruined and confusion with naruto wanting to be friends all while, he and sasuke are using thier ultimate power during the fight. Everyone else is left watching. They fail or a tie? Cause they captured someone and eye activates and everyone is in a dream pod. Yeah naruto had a good run but i ended it there.

Saint seiya.
wow this anime is out dated. Bad writing and plot holes
Its cleary armor. Not cloth. Cloth is soft
If gold is gold
Silver is silver
Why isnt bronze. Bronze?
Thats confusing

And even more confusing where does the gold armor go early in the show? (Derh we dont know)
Its found, taken. Now is stolen, found and gone again
The other saints disappear only to return very late :/
The ranking is dumb too. Silver & Gold shouldnt be defeated by bronze so easily
Higher rank has a purpose
The armor has a mind of its own. The sagittarius Moves on its on free will
Gets knocked off of ikki when seiya attacks him
And if these gold armore are only for good hearted warriors or the gods test them
Why do they come off at will? Thats so stupid
Why doesnt the stupid goddess pull out the arrow? Im 100% sure she can and have the power
Or the gold saint mu? Nope just gonna let her die? Ok you're stupid
And you"ll die an idiot and lazy jerk.
Also about mu. He is a jerk. Shiyū sacrificed more then anyone. Giving hes blood. Loosing hes sight
Screw you mu. You're worst then the pope.
So our heros fight and fight overpowered enemies but luck out. They get to the pope
He beats them but cause of dumb writing. Hes armor flies off and one punch is all it takes to finish him
Wow what a pushover... Very Dissapointing final battle. The wiki says it has more episodes but it finished with a cliff hanger.

Also what of the other saints?
Best saints
I liked how some armors had features of the animal it was based on

But the worst
The wolf in battle form was lame and had no features
The snake with its claws
What is andromeda? Space?
Why do few have weapons but others dont?
And the pope. I was hoping for a final battle and amazing powers
But no and sadly hes red armor wasnt gold rank.
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Posted 1/20/17

I capitalized the L because it basically defines the show
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Posted 1/20/17 , edited 1/20/17
Bleach? BL? .... I don't think I've ever seen Bleach BL shipping, much less anything in the actual show.

Then again, I don't watch it...
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Posted 1/20/17
I would say Glass Fleet had a bad build up. The whole anime they are teasing about a great prophesy which they reveal at the very end...and it is total garbage.

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Posted 1/21/17
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be disappointed with what the "One Piece" actually is.
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