Five ideas for a novel that you'll never write or read
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Posted 1/20/17 , edited 1/20/17
What are five ideas for a novel that you would never write or read. They just don't appeal to you.

What are they?
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Posted 1/20/17 , edited 1/20/17
Romantic comedy
Time traveling to save someone
Time traveling to be with the one that got away
Someone suddenly becomes or discover they're royalty and alienates friends and family as they embrace and adapt to their new life
Someone faces some sort of transformation the eventually teaches them to cherish and value the people in their life
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Posted 1/21/17
1. A gorefest/everyone dies bodycount horror (Not one for graphically-detailed violence)
2. A Romeo and Juliette style suicide-pact love story (I prefer happily-ever-afters)
3. A bathroom humor style comedy (I prefer humor not involving bodily functions)
4. A biography/history-based piece (I prefer fiction to non-fiction)
5. A drama based around cancer, heart attacks, strokes etc (As I mentioned above, I prefer Happily-ever-afters)
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