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PS Vita game recommendations?
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32 / M / Australia
Posted 2/1/17 , edited 2/1/17
I have really enjoyed Persona 4 Golden and Steinsgate (and Steingsgate Zero came out recently)

Akibastrip was also pretty nifty
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17 / M / US
Posted 2/1/17 , edited 2/2/17
Danganronpa games and Persona (especially V3 and 4 golden but u should play all)
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35 / F / The Bahamas
Posted 2/11/17 , edited 2/11/17
The Danganronpa series
God Eater Resurrection
Disgaea Infinite (because pudding is serious business)...actually just get all the Disgaea games!
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Class of Heroes and Class of Heroes 2
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22 / M / The World of Music
Posted 2/11/17 , edited 2/12/17
^ Can confirm on Disgaea and Legend of Heroes - though I don't think Trails in the Sky is on the Vita. I know it's on Steam. Maybe they meant Trails of Cold Steel which is also fantastic.

A series that I didn't expect to be so fun is the Atelier series. If you're looking for some light hearted humor and enjoy puzzles (not in the traditional sense) and grinding, this series is for you. The alchemy process is straightforward and there's recipes requiring certain ingredients (which could be another synthesized item). What's complex is figuring out how to make an item high quality and with certain skills. Honestly the overworld isn't exactly pretty but you get used to it.
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