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Post Reply Do you know certain words before grasping the meaning of it?
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Posted 1/22/17
Do you know the meaning of a word before grasping the meaning of it?

Have you ever thought of a word to put into a sentence that you really didn't know existed yet?

I know, confusing question but I sometimes weird myself out when I somehow know what to write down before understanding what the context of the definition is. I can think of a word and I won't know why I know to use it?

You don't have to read all this babble:

I'm not sure, probably because I heard it somewhere else and it's in my brain but I can only access the information randomly. My memory is pretty bad but it kind of reminds me of this documentary I was watching about a condition in which one person can recall every day of their lives. Not just recall the day but all the tiny details that happened within the day. Towards the end of it, the theory was that these people were obsessed with writing down what happened every day in a journal or obsessed with certain memories of their past. I don't exactly agree with the theory because the people with those conditions didn't agree with it and mentioned they never looked back at a journal entries.

They said they didn't know why they could access all this information it was just there.

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Posted 1/22/17
If you studied foreign languages any time in your life several words have roots / derivations from the ancients like Latin. Being familiar with these ancient languages will give you a foundation from which to build an internal dictionary / glossary of terms that have universal meanings.
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Posted 1/22/17
lol it happened a lot w/ japanese in my experience
that moment when i correctly use a word but when you ask me what it means, i wouldnt be able to answer

turns out we dont need to analyze words like a machine for us to know how to use em or recognize them unlike what school teaches us to do
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