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Crazy dangerous childhood ( playing)
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Posted 1/23/17 , edited 1/24/17

zangeif123 wrote:

When I was a kid I loved jumping off stuff and doing flips. I would do flips off bridges into rivers. Jump off really high hills. I'm surprised I didn't kill myself.

All my friends die at young age due to the game I like to play! After all I'm Marcus Octavius! I make them eat poison food, and fight among themself over for simple thing they cannot afford that I brought for them! It was interesting to watch. Also I cut up my last friend to see how his body work.

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Posted 1/24/17 , edited 1/24/17

paul25454 wrote:

AlastorCrow wrote:

I grew up in a small South East Asian town. Things on this list happened when I was 14 and below.


Dude. I'm amaze you are still a live, especially the vodka one and at that age too.

Yeah. I have a cousin about a year older than me that I used to hang out with a lot. Some of our friends asked us to go drink and go strolling around after. I just felt like staying in that night so we ended up just playing some MMO all night at some PC rental shop. The next morning I found out from my grandmother that 3 of those guys died that night. Speculation was the guy at the front lost control, ended up crashing into the ones behind, then ran over by a large bus. I guess video games and laziness saved us that night.
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Posted 2/3/18 , edited 2/3/18
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