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Posted 1/23/17
Hey everyone!
I'm a Video Game Design major planning on studying abroad in Tokyo in the Fall this year, do you guys have any advice for me or recommendations for things to do?
Also what should I do about watching anime and my Crunchyroll account?
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Posted 1/23/17
Dunno about anime but my #1 golden nugget of info for someone who's going to go study in Tokyo is that you may want to learn Japanese.

I know, it's some enlightening stuff. You're welcome.
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Posted 1/23/17
I did an Erasmus year in Munich, Germany. Learning the language is important at least enough to get your by. Ein Doner Durum for example or Ein Dunkel Bier bitte.
Get to know your flatmates if you have any, they could be native speakers and they would be able to help you.
Don't be a shut in NEET, explore Tokyo. Make sure to find where the local things you need are, minimart, gym, laundry etc. My biggest regret was probably not exploring as much of Munich as I could. I know the city very well now and love its culture but there was so much I could have seen more. I imagine Tokyo and Japan in general is an even bigger opportunity.
Think of the cost of taking your items. For me I shipped my PC and two monitors from England to Germany. It cost me 80 euros each trip for a total of 6 times across the year. If you're savvy you might be able to back things smartly and buy the case over there.
People will get annoyed at you for not having a fluent grasp on the language. Not all people are nice and considerate so be prepared for that.
Get a mini fridge, a kettle, and a toaster. Most important things ever.
That's all I can think of for now.
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Posted 2/2/18
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