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F / New York City
Posted 2/14/08
well like the title says just introduce yourself like name, age, where your from, how you learned of yamachan, and what attracts you to him so much.
well heres mines

name; lumi
age; 14 going to 15
from; new york city
learned of yamachan from; TQ- he was so cute there!! xD still so young back then xD!
attracts me; his sexy voice and dorky movements xD!
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F / Taemin's House
Posted 2/15/08
name: abby
age: 14 going to 15 on the 9th month of the calendar
from: philippines
i <3 yama-chan because he's so kakkoi! and kawaii ne! hhee! and he's also very talented!
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