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Posted 1/23/17
I find the subtitles on CR to be generally superior in choice of words and flow of language compared to most piracy sub groups, however there is something that bothers me a lot.

Reversing/drastically changing the order of sub phrases in long sentences. It's annoying because for the first line of subtitle, you get seriously confused because the subtitle has nothing to do with what is being said yet you are interpreting both at the same time. It's like listening to two different conversations at the same time, you end up not getting either of them. Only after the entire sentence is done you understand ok, they said that part first in the subtitles because that's how you would've said it in English.

Granted not everyone understands Japanese, in fact if you did you wouldn't need to read the subs. However I would guess that many people here are like me in that you understand some Japanese but you can't watch complicated shows without subs.

Another problem is with the tone of the voice actors. If you don't know exactly what is being said on screen, then you can't tell what tone is it being said in. If there's a sentence made of two phrases, and the orders are reversed in the sub, and the phrases are presented in different tones, it can be confusing what is supposed to be emphasized and what isn't, if you don't understand Japanese.

So I'm suggesting maybe, translators should try as much as possible to match the phrase order, rather than having the most natural grammar in the sub.
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