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I Desperately Want To Make Love To Every Girl On Crunchyroll Relentlessly And Without Pause. Is This Normal?!
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Posted 1/25/17

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

It first started out with me lusting after one girl on my friend list, then all the girls on my friendlist, and now....I want to make love to every girl on this site!

Please, is this normal? How do I seduce every girl? Please, I need GFs now!

I know you're just kidding around and such, but honestly for folks who are less familiar with you this just looks like one big community harassment thread sexualizing every female user here and acting like we have no individuality. It's pretty insensitive.

So I've closed the thread, and am fervently praying that you get a real girlfriend soon to join you in your passions so you aren't venting them inappropriately.
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