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Post Reply If you had creative ideas, would you ever consider writing a story?
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Posted 7/31/17 , edited 7/31/17
I prefer to RP; however, if I ever transcribe polished RP stories, it'll be for private amusement only.
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Posted 7/31/17
Yes, though writing a story is a lot of work, too. On average, successful authors spend about (give or take) 5 years putting together a novel. It's not a rule, but it's an average (example: JRR Tolkien spent 12 years to write Lord of the Rings--which is about 4 years per book). The most important part of a novel is: the characters. A story is about well developed characters. You want your reader to care about them. After all, if they don't care what happens to the character, then they won't read your story.

So, before writing your story, have:
1. Well Developed Characters
2. A goal for the protagonist (as all the novel will reflect on that ambition. If the ambition is not enough to carry the protagonist through, you've still got some work to do).
3. A resolution. (Most people get stuck in their novel because not even they know where they're going with it)
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