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Posted 1/28/17 , edited 2/5/17
One of my biggest problems with Crunchyroll has been finding things I want to watch. You guys have a HUGE catalog, but it's hard to find things I want to watch. This usually turns into me giving up on past shows and just cancelling my subscription whenever there aren't enough current shows to watch (and re-subbing after another season or two).

It would be really nice if we could:

1. Rate a show without REVIEWING a show. This data would help in building profiles of what people like.
2. Get suggestions on shows to watch, using the aggregated user viewing and rating data.
3. Have a list of popular shows that covers more than those currently airing. I'm not sure how you currently determine popular shows (I'm guessing it's something like the most-viewed shows within the past 24 hours)...but it hasn't been nearly as useful as I'd hope.
4. Have more detailed genre list. The available genres are far too vague to be useful in finding things to watch.
5. Failing #4, allow users to create their own tags for a show (or upvote tags that others have used). Then allow users to search by tags in addition to the current system. (I'd figure that only the most commonly accepted tags would be searchable.) Additionally, it'd be nice to limit a search using tags - not including shows tagged with things you don't like.

These aren't the simplest requests, but they would make a world of difference to my ability to use your service (and I'd guess many other users too). I hope you consider these, but any methods you have to improve user ability to find shows would be welcome! Thank you for your consideration!
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Posted 2/13/17 , edited 2/13/17
I fully agree with you, though I would say that these requests are mostly basic. Every single illegal anime streaming site has these basic search functions (p.s. do not watch on illegal sites), and they are all sites free to use, whereas Crunchyroll has paying customers.

A developer who knows what he's doing could implement these changes in a few days since most of the data already exists. For example, they clearly have genre information for each show since you can search by it (not that I always think it's accurate), but you can't see which genres a show belongs to on it's page.

The tag system is a nice system for e.g. searching articles on a newspaper or posts on twitter, but it's ultimately impractical to use that rather than the well established anime genre system. Also, the tags are idiotic because most of them are tags that are only used by the one show (like the name of the protagonist, the name of the show etc.). Below I've pasted in the tags for Naruto Shippuden:

anime, naruto, naruto shippuden, crunchyroll naruto shippuden, shippuden, naruto uzumaki, sakura haruno, sasuke uchiha, shikamaru nara, action

These tags are useless. If I click on the 'anime' tag, I get a list of 19 other titles, one of which isn't anime. EXCEPT; the 'action' tag connects directly to the genre page in a decent way, so they could just convert the tag system to a genre system.

The anime library is great, but there are loads of shows here that I missed for a long time because of bad search functions and sometimes because the title has been translated from japanese. A tag with the original title would actually be useful so it can connect in searches.

What I'm guessing happened is that Crunchyroll has gotten a lot of work to do on apps and support for every single device on the planet, and consequently the website has fallen behind in priority. Because hopefully they realize that the search function is the single most important feature of a streaming site, and it's in need of improvements. I genuinely find myself searching for shows to watch on other sites, like myanimelist, and then crossing my fingers hoping they have the show on Crunchyroll.

So yeah, great work providing content so far. Crunchyroll, but please try improve the site a bit.
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