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Posted 1/28/17 , edited 1/28/17
Curious if anyone else plays any. I currently have Bleach Brave Souls, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag. SAO just recently got released globally for both Android & IOS on I believe the 23rd. I believe there's also a One Piece game but I haven't tried that yet, also Hunter x Hunter is currently only for JP. I mainly play Bleach Brave Souls & Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, only put around an hour into Final Fantasy & SAO, I'm currently at rank 192 on Dokkan Battle and on Bleach my main team Consists of Dangai Ichigo, Hōgyoku Aizen, and Kenpachi. I've mainly been playing Bleach recently. Feel free to share your friend ID's if you want.

All games are freemium games with stamina, you can of course pay real money to progress faster and try to get better characters but there's events and quests you can do to get the premium currency as well. I'll put some information on Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle & Bleach Brave Souls below, I won't be writing info on Final Fantasy & Sword Art Online as I haven't had the chance to play them that much yet, putting only around an hour into each so far. But if anyone else wants to say anything about either go for it.

Bleach is a sort of hack and slash game where you take a team of 3 to do missions / raids. There's also PVP where you can climb up the ranks and battle other players' teams to get medals and buy rewards. As with all the games I listed you do summons with the premium currency to try and get 5 star characters to eventually evolve to 6 star and create end-game teams. Each character can have up to 3 character links which give you a bonus stat such as strong attack recharge / damage, normal attack damage, debuff duration -%, etc. as well as up to 3 accessories. Each accessory has a different attribute, matching that attribute with your characters attribute will give you a 2x bonus on whatever stat the accessory has.

Every once in a while a frenzy event is released which gives you a free 5 star character evolvable to 6 star which you can farm for the materials needed to max out its soul tree although these characters aren't the best they're good to help you complete some of the events out there to get more spirit orbs and farm characters / accessories, etc. There's new events that come out I believe every week which give you spirit orbs, character & accessory drops as well as a few other things such as crystals / jewels to level your characters soul tree, soul tickets (stamina), premium character / accessory summon tickets. A lot of your time will be spent trying to create the team you want and leveling 3 star accessories to max so you can fuse them and try to get the 4 star accessory with the right attribute you want such as the chappy, then trying to get a good second stat on it.

All 6 star characters require characters to level up skills in their soul tree which give you bonuses like increased number of flash steps, increased normal attack aoe, increased damage, increased special move hits, etc. All these characters are farmed from raids, so quite a bit of time will be spent farming these to max out your characters. Raids change every 24 hours so you may have to wait a few days before being able to farm the character you need. To level up your character you either complete quests / events, etc. with them on your team or you can use exp crystals which are obtained from missions, raids, etc. To ascend a character (max of 4 times, increases max level and needed to evolve to a 6 star) you feed them other characters, feeding the exact same character as your ascending will give one augment level and increase your special attack level by one, feeding a different character wont raise the special attack and only give exp towards the ascension level.

With Bleach they're quite generous with giving out the premium currency, there's around 600+ main story quests if you count both normal and hard mode, completing each one gives you I believe 5 spirit orbs each, you get spirit orbs for maxing the level on your characters, there's events every week I think with 3 difficulty modes which all give spirit orbs, raids, co-op raids / missions, etc. You can probably get over 20k free spirit orbs from doing everything without spending a single dollar plus there's always new events coming out that give out more spirit orbs. You can also get I believe 300 in total from playing with new people in co-op (3 orbs per person) and 600 from completing raids with new people. You can also buy soul tickets (stamina) with spirit orbs (35 tickets for 25 orbs, each quest / event uses up 1) but that's generally not recommended as you probably want to spent them on pulling new characters and as you reach end-game orbs will be harder to get without buying them.

Doing a "pull" to summon characters costs 25 spirit orbs a pull or 250 for a multi summon which summons 10 characters and guarantees you at least a 4 star character. The highest rank a character can get is 6 stars which you can only get from evolving a 5 star using hōgyokus after fully ascending and leveling a character as well as 100% completing its soul tree. All characters can be obtained at a very rare chance from the premium summon banner as all new characters get added to it, there's new banners always coming out that give you a chance to get new characters and there's a 2x gacha banner at the end of every month giving you better chances of getting something good. Normal banners are a 3% chance to get a 5 star, and at the end of the month the 2x gacha raises that to 6%. An upcoming banner coming out very soon is going to be the fullbring banner which will consist of Riruka, Renji, and Rukia.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is another freemium game where you again do character pulls but this time you're trying to get rank SSR characters and transcend them to UR (There's also LR but I haven't even touched that yet). Just like Bleach there's new banners every once in a while giving different characters from the Dragonball Universe. It seems to be caught up with Dragon Ball Super so you can get characters like Goku & Vegeta Blue, Hit, Beerus, Champa, etc. There's currently no Vegito Blue on Global but the Japanese version already has it so it will come to Global in time.

There's also a world tournament which allows you to fight other players' teams to try and get a higher rank and better rewards. Each tourney has 4 rounds where your hp carries over to each one but there's items available on the map that can heal you plus you can bring items to heal you as well. The times world tournaments start is a bit random but you can check the start times of past tournaments from this link to get a general idea.

The battle system is different than Bleach with this game. Doing a quest/event or the world tournament will put you in a sort of mario party kind of map where you'll have 3 numbers on the bottom indicating how many places you'll move. On the map will be different capsules containing different items, characters, money, ki, etc. All maps will contain a boss you have to fight, completing a map will reward you with any items you may have picked up on the way to the end as well as money & exp. Fighting in the game you bring a team of up to 6 characters with you and one friend / random guest all with different attributes, blue is strong against red, red is strong against yellow, and so on.

The battles allow you to move around 3 characters per turn to choose who attacks first, who gets hit by who and so on. This allows you to deal the most damage as well as take less damage by matching the colors of your characters with the colors of the enemy attacking you and the orbs placed in the fight. In the battle you have to tap on the colored orbs, matching the color of the orbs to the color of your character will provide a bigger boost, and the more orbs that are next to each other that are the same color provide a burst bonus which will give your character more ki and deal more damage to your enemy. Fully filling up your characters ki bar will do a super attack, so for example with one of the Goku's it will do a Kamehameha dealing a lot more damage than a regular attack would. There's also a dokkan mode bar which if you manage to fully fill up, the next character to do a super attack will enter dokkan mode and do an ultimate attack which hits every enemy in the fight.

All characters can be awakened and dokkan awakened to become stronger and have a higher max level. To awaken a character you need to farm awakening medals which are the pink capsules found on maps. To dokkan awaken a character it must first be awakened and at max level then dokkan awakened with special medals obtained from events. To level a character you either complete battles or you can train them using the items you get from red capsules found on the map and feeding them other characters to increase the exp given during training.

Just like with Bleach you have to use premium currency to pull characters from banners, completing quests, the story, and events will reward you with Dragon Stones but they are a bit harder to get than with Bleach. A multi summon on Dokkan Battle costs 50 Dragon Stones, a single is 5 and multi summons guarantee at least one SR character.

I won't be writing anything for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag as I've only put around an hour into each so far so I haven't really gotten a chance to play them yet. But they're essentially the same as Bleach and Dragon Ball in which you have to complete quests and whatnot to level your characters, get better equipment / items to make them stronger and get premium currency to pull better characters. In Final Fantasy I believe the highest star is 6, evolvable from 5. In SAO I believe the highest rank is 4 stars I'm not 100% on that though, the game just recently came out for Global.

If you want to add me on any of the games feel free to. My friend ID's are listed below.

Bleach: 36 675 893
Dragon Ball: 3,109,379,685
Final Fantasy: 247,872,605
SAO: 259774433300
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☆Land of sweets☆
Posted 1/28/17
playing Love Live SIF, Cinderella Girls SS, Alternative Girls. might try BanG Dream game and Precure puzzle game, once they become available. would love to try Aikatsu!, if it wasn't for bugs.
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Posted 1/29/17
I have Love Live downloaded on my phone, I haven't tried it out yet though. Maybe I'll try that out sometime today.
Posted 1/30/17 , edited 1/30/17
I have sword art online memory defrag on my android. I have seriously never watched sword art online but enjoying the game though lol. Might have to check the anime out now lol.

Edit: I am not good at dodging though lol
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Posted 1/30/17
SAO is really good
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