Jumpscares yay or nay?
Posted 1/28/17
I'm playing deadspace and the game is a mess.
Nobody picks up after themselves and everything is noisy even the doors need to slam when they open and close.
When someone tries to have a conversation with me they don't ring or wait for me to answer, just blast me with static and yell at me through a hologram inches away from my face.
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Posted 1/28/17 , edited 1/28/17
The thread text doesn't really seem to have much at all to do with the title but I guess I'll bite.

I am generally not in favour of jump scares simply because far too many games that use them seem to abuse them. There's nothing really wrong with throwing in a jump scare here or there, and having one or two does allow a developer to create the sort of unease and tension that causes a player to fear them even when they don't happen. The problem comes in when a developer ends up relying on basically nothing but jump scares or becomes very predictable in when they are going to happen. When you can see a jump scare coming a mile away then it's just annoying and not scary. When there is a jump scare every moment that there could be a jump scare then there's an issue. When the only way you can instill fear or tension in your player is through jump scares, there's a problem.

Put simply, jump scares are fine but they are misused and overused so often that I'd rather developers left them out entirely than used them because so few can seem to do it right.
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Posted 3/15/17
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