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Posted 1/30/17 , edited 1/31/17
Yes, i'm a grown man. And i'm not ashamed to admit i let a few tears drip during a few of Seo's stories.
However, Fuuka was the only story this happened more the once.

Right now, i ended reading Fuuka again till chapter 35.
Its been 2 days, but i cant seem to turn the page and start reading chapter 36.
Coz from chapter 36 till 73 there are quite a few chapters that made those damned tears to drip.
Not only that. I browsed through chapter 73 and 74 to get a few screenshots through, and i gotten that bloody knot in my gut just by quickly browsing through those.
Chapter 73, last 2 pages and the whole of chapter 74 and 75 those tiers turn to waterfalls.

For me chapter 74 is the chapter that actually made me cry. Thats the chapter that made me say that Fuuka is the nr 1 story i have EVER read.

So here's my question for you fans:

Which moments where the hardest for you to cope with?

Last 2 pages of chapter 73 for those that have already past this point:

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