Ebay or similar: Do people decide on the price displayed or best offers?
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Posted 1/30/17
Wouldn't they try at least to put up a best offer if they like or watch the item?
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Posted 1/31/17
An ebay seller POV:

Collectors decide on how badly they want an item initially. If they are completists and you, a seller, are offering something of value to them you might get a sale. I do sell on ebay and have for over a decade. What I have found in the collector niche I sell to is that I am better off if I allow the theoretical free market to decide what any said item is worth via auction versus setting a fixed price.

Certain prospective buyers will email and ask for Buy it Now, best offer alternatives instead of waiting x-many days to auction end. I'm always afraid I'll either undersell myself or ask too much if I shoot a fixed price re Buy it Now / Best Offer scenarios. Auction only is a win-win situation for me and certain buyers. Ebay can be quite magical at times if 3 buyers are chasing 1 sought-after item. Sometimes I do real well; other times I lose money since my starting bid ask price was well below market value and the winning bid went cheap.

Your Question: New items made in great quantities: some buyers will pay regardless (within reason) price displayed. Cautious buyers will surf, compare prices, possibly choose least cost item. And others will haggle, bargain, best offer for that 1 item. Few will be captive to the item at any price if it's made in quantity, readily available. Those sellers equipped to buy in volume, get a better wholesale price-point will usually pass savings to buyer or create the illusion doing so initially but then tack on add-on services to generate more income per item sold once it leaves e-shopping cart. So be wary with volume sales houses.

Ebay: with auction-style most of the bidding action will occur within the final minute. Snipers are prevalent on ebay and many are quite proficient picking off said item with 1 second remaining. If you are new try not to get your hopes high on certain prized items as they might get dashed in the wake of the final buzzer unless you're equally proficient sniping.

I have noticed in Japan, namely Yahoo Auctions Japan, there is a 5-minute extension granted if bids are many in the final minute of the original auction period. In that 5-minmute extension the seller has the option to end the auction earlier within that extended time frame if (s)he believes the bidding war has subsided at which time the highest price will get locked in, then the auction ends prematurely in that fixed period of allotted time.
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Posted 2/3/18
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