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37 / M / Small Wooded town...
Posted 2/2/17

dulun18 wrote:

Darkphoenix3450 wrote:

My opinion the best Avatar is me.. Yeah I don't hide behind some Image, instead I stand proud, and little crazy. Why not free your self from your masks and just be true to one self, show people the image of you, and so they know who to curse wen you torment and trample their illogical Ideals just like me.

1- privacy & security
2- it's the net how can you tell if this is me ?

hold on.. have to save my previous avatar so i can switch back to it again..

*Done* You like it ?

I'll keep this for a few days and switch back later.

You don't know if my avatar is me ether, even if you did, you don't know me so chances of you infringing on my privacy is still just about 0.

And that avatar is cute... The Angle used does it justice, they did well on choosing the best angle to capture the avatar in the lighting.
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25 / M / California
Posted 2/4/17

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

Have you ever noticed an F below a CR forumers avatar, and then realize their avatar was sexy as fuck, and have you ever thought "Damn, that girl must be sexy as fuck. I should friend her." I admit, I feel for my ammoral lust at some points and look at me now, I have 143 girls on my friendlist. So many waifus, so little time.

Avatars can be attractive, but I'm well aware it's their avatar, not actual appearance. I don't think anyone really uses their real pictures.

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

I am currently thinking about changing my avatar to a more masculine one instead of gender neutral so girls will be like "PeripheralVisionary is funny, cute, and has a fucking sexy avatar. I should friend him/send nudes".

I highly doubt this would work, except perhaps for guys who are gay/bi. I saw another post in the forum about girls getting random friend requests and PMs for fun; I think it's amusing when compared to the fact that I've gotten exactly 0 such requests since there's an "M" under my profile.

But do let me know whether your social experiment works...maybe I'll actually upload an avatar for the hell of it then.
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