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Post Reply Cooking 101-- The beginner Guide- Simple Recipes
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Posted 29 days ago
I enjoy eating so it follows that I'm a half-decent cook since I seldom have people cook for me and can't afford to eat out regularly.
Today I tried something new since the recipe seemed simple enough. I (quite literally) took a page out of Sweetness & Lightning and tried my hand at Dry Curry. The results turned out better than I expected and I now have a new addition to my recipe book.
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Posted 29 days ago
Cooking rice is one of those deceptively simple but not easy things to do, like dashimaki tamago (the Japanese rolled egg omlette you see in many anime lunchboxes). I actually don't know how to cook rice, I know the theory. I use a electronic rice cooker. The water instructions are generally spot on for Japanese style rice, although if you get picky you need to adjust for things like new crop, type, and how long its been sitting around.
Dashimaki tamago comes down to temperature control and timing. Ideally want a little browning, but soft enough to roll and stick together.
For ridiculously simple Japanese dishes, there's hiyashi tofu, cold tofu. No cooking involved, just good ingredients. Good fresh tofu, most people prefer the soft sliken for this. Put on serving dish. Top with shoyu (soy sauce) and desired toppings, katsuo bushi (shaved dried bonito flakes) is traditional along with some type of aromatic. I'll do either fresh ground ginger, hot yellow mustard (not hot dog mustard) or if I'm lucky enough that our tree has some, ground yuzu rind. Other citrus would prob work too, but yuzu is sublime! Finelly chopped green onion. If you wanted to make this into a totally complex dish though, you could make tofu from scratch.
Another simple side dish is blanched horenso (spinach, preferably young and even better full stem down to base). Clean and wash, trim off roots if exists, but try to keep the pink base. Bring pot of lightly salted water to boil, blanch spinach. You want the spinach to soften but still have texture and color, its really quite brief. Better that it be under than overcooked, you can eat the spinach raw after all. Plunge/rinse in cold water to stop cooking. Drain and gently squeeze out excess water. Cut into smaller pieces if large, chill in fridge if desired. Top also with katsuo bushi and shoyu to taste.
Shioyaki (salt grilled) salmon often seen in anime is also ridiculously simple. Key is good fresh salmon, fattier the better. Generously Salt both sides and let sit for a bit. Cook on high heat. I usually toss into toaster oven on broil setting. You can also pan grill in on high heat. With pan, turn once. Avoid over cooking, if the salmon is high quality, you could honestly eat it raw. You can eat as is, if you went light on salt you could put some shoyu. A dab of grated daikon (white Asian radish) with shoyu is great to top also. If you are fortunate enough to have good quality Hamachi/buri (yellowtail) you can do same with it. Even better if you can get the kama (collar) cut. Western cuisine often discards/disregards this cut but is prized in Japanese as in the single cut it runs the gamut of white, dark, fatty, and regular meat.
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Posted 28 days ago , edited 28 days ago
The only cooking video you need to watch
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Posted 26 days ago , edited 26 days ago
Top tip: bit of lemon, salt and pepper makes any salad x10 better. Too many people serving salads with no dressings on or just mayonnaise, get that dead ting away from me
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Posted 26 days ago
Tarragon Parm Gravy

Butter 1/2 stick
Flour 2 Tbs
Chicken stock 1 cup
Heavy cream 1/2 cup
Parmesan 1 cup
Tarragon 1 Tbs

melt half a sick of butter in a sauce pan,and adding a tablespoon or two of flour and cooking for 1 minute on medium high will make a roux,which you can add a cup of chicken stock,1/2 cup of heavy cream,1 cup of shredded parmesan (from the block) and about a tablespoon of fresh chopped tarragon to make an awesome gravy/cheese sauce.

Goes great with steak or any kind of meat and/or mashed potatoes.
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