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Since I've gotten into drawing as a hobby of sorts, I started looking into fashion magazines for ideas of things to draw and a high quantity of 'models' to base the artwork on. It struck me, however, that a lot of magazines seem to have a lot of extra 'stuff' that I don't care about. Things are, understandably, even worse for female magazines.

So, I have two questions. If you're into fashion -- men and women -- where do you usually find yourself? Any good sites or magazines out there? What do you like about them? This is the general topic here.

Personally, however, I'm curious about good "dedicated" fashion magazines. I have approximately zero interest in dating advice, health articles, gossip, celebrities, politics, or anything else. What I'm looking for are places dedicated almost solely to pictures, outfits, how they're put together, etc. Hairstyles would be a plus. I'd like to probably subscribe to a Men's magazine and a Women's magazine--I doubt I'll find anything that caters to both. Anybody out there have any recommendations?
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