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Why are people so generous with someone else's money ?
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Posted 2/2/17
Too lazy to watch the video, so someone tell me. Did the lawyer/op just say it take 300 k salary to raise a five member house hold?
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Posted 2/2/17
because they did not earn the money themselves
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Posted 2/2/17 , edited 2/2/17

octorockandroll wrote:

Not sure what CR users understand less, transgenderism or socialized healthcare.

Oh "they" understand ...and reject those ideas.

The rich pay far and above "their share".
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Posted 2/3/17

DeadlyOats wrote:

Family of five? Middle class? Hmmm...... between 75,000 and 90,000. Family of 2? Hmmm.... Between 75,000 and 90,000.

O.K. I'm thinking about the state of California. I think my numbers are correct for California.

Average price of house? In California, $600,000.

This one was a hard one to think about.

Again, for California, I'm going with 30% (rich 5%, everybody else 65%).

I think a national average is not really the way to go.... Especially, when you think of high expense places like California.

For example, a cheap one bedroom apartment in a bad neighborhood in Los Angeles is about 1200.00 - 1400.00 per month, and a nice place is between 3500.00 - 5000.00 per month.

Gas is around 2.90 per gallon.

So, yeah. I'm finding it's a lot cheaper to NOT live in California...

That is only if you are using San Francisco or LA as the rule stick. It isn't, there are many places in California where home prices are much cheaper. About a year ago, in California, I bought a new development 1500 square foot home (three bedroom, 2.5 bath) in a rather good neighborhood for $325K. There were many cheaper homes that I could have looked at. The area wouldn't have been as nice, or the house wouldn't have been as nice or as large, but there were many cheaper houses. I'm also in a large California city. In the more rural areas, home prices are many times cheaper.
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Posted 2/3/18
Forum clean up ^,^ removing posts from over a year ago!
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