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Chapter One

This story kinda has a narrtor and its about a girl when it says "you" its talking about the girl.
Name: Kaihiro Remika
Age: 16
Height: 5'5" Weight: 113lbs.
Birthday: March 6th
Town: Uh I'm gonna make one up ^o^ Village of Sakura(Cherry blossoms)
Rank: You don't have one! x3 Your not a ninja.
Parents: None. (I know it get's old but come on, it's just easy! X.x; ) Orphan all your life.
Why you are so special to make the Akatsuki want you: You have a large amount of charka, though your not a ninja, you can share a large amount of your charka and still have more left over. Your skills in healing are beyond what anyone has seen. Sure you may think the Akatsuki wouldn't need this 'n what not, but just go along with it ^^ Cause they do. Also you can put anyone, ANYONE asleep with your voice. Doesn't matter how strong, they go to sleep if you sing the right song.
Personality: Graceful, peaceful, loving, kind, all that fall into that. Funny and a little hyper.

Wind softly blew through the many cherry blossom trees, petals skittering and floating about in the calm wind and across the warm grass. Those fluffy petals the dandelions called seeds to sprout more blew about with the Sakura petals. Your back was leaned softly against the bench the was placed under a Sakura tree. Your head rolled back and let the warm April air brush over your face, locks of pale blonde hair waving to and fro in the silent wind. It was so peaceful here, the town was .. Medium sized. Not to small but not to big. You had grown up here, thankfully, you guessed your mother, had abandoned you at this village. You had grown up with an old woman that just passed away a year and a half ago. You had moved on, the old woman still in memory but you didn't cry of the death of that old woman anymore. And keeping the old woman's promise to keep her home with your presence in it. A soft giggle passed your open lips as the bottom of your skirt tickled at your knees when the wind rustled over you. This place.. So beautiful and quiet, well, except for the children's laughter and the chatting of people. Soft chirps of birds and of course the Sakura trees, along with the streams of water too. Was this place.. To much paradise, or was it just right, you couldn't decide. What laid beyond those gates, you would never know, at least you thought. Stepping up from your bench, you fixed the small strap of your white thank top and pulled the loose black sweater up over your shoulders. You found no reason to wear any shoes. The walkways were clean and soft, and you only lived but a few steps away.

You guided the sliding door to the side and stepped inside, sliding the door back. Was it possible to love something yet hate it at the same time? This village made you happy.. But yet, sad? Well and a little dull, it was, boring here to, it was too peaceful. A slow sigh passed your parted lips and you decided to make tea for yourself. A small furry head peaked up from a bundle of blankets as you moved back and forth in the kitchen. You felt something plop on top of your head and giggled, picking up the small raccoon from your head. (Yes! You have a pet raccoon! XD! But this will probably be the only time you'll see her <<) The raccoon was a small size, you never thought one could be a small size, but she, Miku, was and instead of white on her, she had red, with the soft black color too cascading around the red. (Naruto has weird animals, so why can't you have one too? She is smaller than a normal raccoon, I would say a little bit bigger than a kitten. Hm, maybe about Akamaru size.) She was adorable, you found her as an orphan too or should you say she found you. Miku scurried from your hands and plopped her self onto your shoulder, hanging on with her claws. Once the tea kettle was steamed up it was ready for the mixture. You stirred it in and poured yourself a small glass of green tea and a small saucer for Miku. You set the saucer down on the table and Miku jumped right from your shoulder to the tea, lapping at it with her soft pink tongue. You pressed your lips to the cup and took a long sip, bearing the small burn of the liquid and let it sooth your throat. You pulled out the chair from the table and slumped down in it, petting over Miku's back, cooing to her for a moment.
Then you paused and gazed at her warm chocolate eyes, "Is it too peaceful here, Miku?"
She sat up on her back legs and tilted her head to the side, squeaking at you. A soft giggled came from you and she hopped from the table and into your lap, curling up into a fluff ball. Midnight blue eyes gazed over out at the door, watching the sun slowly set. You hummed softly, rubbing over Miku's warm furry back, her soft breathing telling you that she fell asleep. Your chin rested down on the table top, lazily watching the steam rise from your cup of tea.
You woke with a start at the sound of your sliding door. The back of your hands rubbed at your eyes, you must have dozed off. Miku had disappeared from your lap, you guessed it was her that went out the front door, since she taught herself to open the sliding passage way. When you walked into your room, you slipped your skirt off and pulled on some loose fitting blue pants and some sandals. (Not that the kind the ninjas wear -.- ) Once you were finished, you walked to the front door, seeing it was open some. You guessed Miku did leave for a bit. You slid the door all the way open the back, closing it.

The moon was full, like a white pupil-less eye staring intently over the lands. It's luminous white cream glow washed over your cream colored skin, making it glow somewhat. The wind had settled and gave peace to the Sakura trees for the night. Miku was skittering back and forth across the lawn, chasing after what your probably thought was a bug. You smiled, she was like a little child sometimes. As you settled down on the porch, a flutter of green caught your eyes. It made you jump, but you soon recognized the moth that woke in the night. It was given the Latin name for the moon and the moth seemed to glow with the moon, only showing its self when the moon shown in the blueish black sky. You held a finger out to the Luna moth, letting it settle down on your slender finger. A coo came from your lips as you watched the pale green moth. Out of pure random, you began to sing to the moth and to the night. Your voice was serene and lovely, you were always able to sing well, having a passion for it. Your voice always made the old woman cry for some reason, either tears of joy.. Or tears or sorrow and sadness. When the old woman was pained during the night, you sang a special song too her, it soothed and rocked her to sleep.

You let the moth flutter away as you moved from your sitting spot. Your eyes fixed on a flower you never seen before. Miku was poking at it with her nose. You stilled your voice and sat down on the grassy ground. Brushing your fingers over the petals, you decided to pluck the black and white flower. A pop, and the stem snapped, and then..
"AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!" The sudden yelp back you falls backwards with a shocked look on your face.
Miku hissed and took off up a tree.
You quickly sat back up and looked around, "Where did that come from..?"
When the ground began to move, something was popping up between you legs. Two large plant like things popped up from the ground followed by a head afterwards, half a side black the other white. Who ever it was, you guessed he, started to nuzzle at your leg with a wide grin, "That hurt. Do it again!"
Your eyes widened, one twitching a few times.
You held up your hands to your chest and twisted to the side some, screaming, "What are you?! Ah!! Don't nuzzle me! Stop that, you plant freak!"
He fully emerged, popping up from the ground between your open legs.

His head was in the middle of this large looking venus fly trap thing. His body was completely covered by a large black cloak with red looking clouds. And indeed, he was black and white, you wondered if he was totally down the middle like that.
Still sitting there, he cleared his throat so you would stop looking over him, "You must be Kaihiro Remika. You smell like the cherry blossoms."
You merely nodded your head yes. He grinned and held out his white hand. You hesitated for a moment, then slowly took the pale white hand, standing would be better than sitting there like a baka. He pulled you up slowly, not hurting your arm one bit. The only thing that freaked you out so much was that venus fly trap thing. He leaned closer to your face, making you back your head up some.
The stranger took a long sniff at you and grinned again, "You smell goooood. Better than the Sakura trees."
You smiled nervously, "Uh- What do you want?"
His yellow eyes blinked, then he grinned at you like he wanted to pounce and tear the flesh from you, "It's time to say good-bye to this village, miss Kaihiro-chan. You're coming with me, to meet some others too."
You stared at the ...Man? Confused like. Miku decided to come back and plopped up on your shoulder, ear back and growling softly as she too stared at the stranger.
He arched a lip up at the rodent that crawled on you, "It's time to go."
You stepped back, shaking your head, "I'm not going with you! I have no idea who you are and theres no way I'm gonna go with you."
He raised an eye brow, "Oh?"
You gulped, man what had you done to get this. But before you could even think anymore, your eye lids began to get real heavy. Miku was clinging to you, trying to hang on as she too was falling asleep. You held her tightly to you and began to wobble around. Before you fell forwards, the weird plant guy caught you.
"N-No.. I don't want to go.."
A quick sigh passed your lips and you were out cold. He picked up and would of set you over his shoulder, but the venus fly trap on his body would knock you off. So instead he held you in his arms.. He figured the rodent would do fine with being a pet to some other kid. He had his mind set on you and leaving this place, that was all. Miku was on the ground, out cold, and before she would even know anything, the strange plant guy was gone along with you.

Well that's it for number one! ^^ I hope it's a good start. I'll try to do up the next parts quick so you can see the other Akatsuki members. Until then! You'll just have to wait. xP
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Chapter Two
You woke with the blazing sun in your eyes. You groaned and began to roll with you felt something holding you tight.
"Morning!" The loud voice rang through your ears, making you wince.
You eyes were still getting use to the blazing light. When the midnight blue orbs finally fixed to the light, the black and white stranger was in your view.
You groan again, "You kidnapper.."
"I know." He grinned.
"Who are you anyways and what do you want?"
"My name is Zetsu. I'm taking you to the Akatsuki's head quarters and we'll see what to do with you from there on."
That was confusing, what in the world was this guy taking about? You sighed and slumped in his arms. After a bit your stomach began to growl with hunger. Then it would go quiet.
More growls from your stomach bubbled in the quiet air and Zetsu sighed, setting you down, "I'll try to get you something to eat. I wonder if I have any sandwiches Deidara made for me.."
You saw his hands disappear inside the cloak and watched him search around. He mumbled some things but you weren't paying attention. You looked around at the surroundings. There were no Sakura trees insight, it was just grassy valleys as far as the eye could see.
Zetsu was still looking when you spoke, "Deidara?"
Yellow eyes looked up at you and Zetsu nodded, finally pulling out a sandwich, "Yea, another member of the Akatsuki clan. Here.. This should taste okay."
Zetsu handed you the sandwich and you unwrapped the plastic from it. You moved the bread away, "Ham and cheese..?"
"What, it was simple!"
You shook your head and took a bite from it.
Taking another bite you glanced to Zetsu, "What about you?"
"I don't eat much.. I prefer raw meat instead anyways." Zetsu smirked.
You had a look of horror on your face as the sandwich dangled from your lips.
Zetsu looked over at you, and started to chuckle, "Don't worry." You snorted.
"Well lets get going, much on the way." Zetsu began to walk off, looking back at you as he waited.

You scurried off after him, nibbling on the sandwich he gave you, it was simple yes, but it was rather tasty. Once the sandwich was gone, it was still quiet between Zetsu and you.
The venus fly trap caught your eyes, it was open, letting Zetsu's head been seen, along with his shoulders, "What is that thing? That fly trap thing."
"Huh? Oh, this thing?" Zetsu pointed to the venus fly trap, "It's part of me, used as a weapon too sometimes. I can remove it and not remove it."
You nodded and then had the urge to touch it. You kept your hands to yourself, not knowing what it would do and how Zetsu would react. It was so quiet between the both of you, you had no idea what to say.
"Sooo.. Why do I have to come with you?"
Zetsu seemed to be in thought and cranked his head over at you, the wind ruffling through the pale green hair on top of his head, "How do I explain this.. Your special? I don't know. Just wait till we get to the head quarters."
"And.. How long will that be?"
"On foot.. A day or two?" Zetsu shrugged.
"A day or two?!" You huffed.
"Mhm, with out a break, should be about two days."
You groaned, "With breaks?"
Zetsu added, "Bout four days."
"Zetsuuuuuuu." You whined, "That's way to long!"
"Ah don't worry about it, we'll get there, that's all that matters." He grinned.
You snorted, "Yea and what about sleep?"
"We'll sleep outside!"
"Zetsu.. It gets cold on April nights.."
Zetsu paused for a moment, "Well not for me.. You can barrow my cloak?"
You blushed for a moment and looked away from him, still following at his side though, "If it's okay.."
"Well sure it is! I said it already." Zetsu nudged at you.
You gave a small smile, then paused, "Okay.. Then what about food? I don't think you have anymore sandwiches stored in that cloak."
Zetsu paused this time, thinking, "Hm.. That's true. Guess we'll have to stop at a town."
You arched both eye brows, "Have you looked in a mirror lately?"
Zetsu growled at you, making you stand strait up, "Gives me a chance to get that raw meat and your food. Don't worry about it. I'm a Akatsuki member!"
A white hand rubbed over the top of your head, making you scrunch down some.
"Can you walk faster, Kaihiro-chan? That way it wont take so long."
Zetsu stared down at you as the two of you continued to walk.
You groaned softly and began to walk faster, "I could.."
Zetsu didn't have to walk fast, he look these large steps. Your eyes flickered up at the sea of blue, spotted with white wisps. What did you get yourself into? Sure this.. Zetsu was nice, but he could kill you in just a mere second! And what about these other Akatsuki members, what did they want with you, you had nothing special. What kind of name was the Akatsuki anyways, that word meant red moon. After hours passed of complete quiet and hard walking, you felt like your body was gonna crash. You hadn't got this much exorcize. And you were hungry, what time was it anyways? Had you actually walked until evening? You were bored, tired, hot, and hungry. Perfect.
He opened his eyes and looked at you, "Hmm?"
"I'm tired.."
Zetsu cranked a small smile, "We can stop. This seems like to be a good spot anyways. Apple trees all around!"
You blinked and looked around, you saw nothing, "Uh.. Where?"
"Huh? OH! Gotta make my eyes go back to normal."
You tilted your head to the side, "Nani?"
"I can make my eyes see very long distances. That's how I saw the apple trees. They're not to far, don't worry."
You nodded slowly. Zetsu was right, a few apple trees began to come into sight. Your stomach growled at this. You smiled childishly and began to race to one of the apple trees. Zetsu cranked his head to the side and watched you race off. You skidded to a stop and stared up at the tall branches. Apples hung everywhere.
You stretched your arms up and couldn't reach. "Urgh! Stupid apples!"
You hopped up and down and Zetsu began to crack up in laughter as he watched you.
You shot him a shut up look, then whined. "I can't reach!"
Suddenly an apple plopped onto your head, "Ouch!"
Plop, plop, plop. Three more apples plopped onto your head. You whined and scurried away from the tree.
"What don't you want the apples?" You rubbed at your head as you looked up to see Zetsu standing on a branch, crunching into his own apple he plucked for himself.
"Not when you toss them at my head!"
He grinned wide and tossed another at you.

This time you caught it and bit hungrily into it.
"Oh, Kaihiro-chan. Watch out for worms."
You blinked up at Zetsu confused and went to take another bite until something wiggling around caught your eyes. You screamed at the sight of the green worm and hurled the apple far. Zetsu broke out in a fit of giggles and you were leaning over, gagging.
"I think I just lost my appetite."
Zetsu hopped down and handed you another, "This one doesn't have any worms in it."
You looked at the apple in disgust, "I don't think I want it.. And how do you know?"
Zetsu leaned back against a tree, "I have a way with plants." He shrugged.
You took the apple slowly from his black hand and looked it over. Zetsu smiled softly, "It's okay. There's nothing but apple."
You still stared at the plump red apple and then slowly take a bite from it, taking Zetsu's word to eat it. You finished the apple and he was right, there was no nasty crawly worms anywhere. Your hunger was slowly starting to fade. Zetsu kept getting you apples without a worm in it. After god knew how many apples, your hunger was gone, you were full. You lazily slumped down a tree trunk and leaned your head back against it. It was good that the apples had juice too, removing your thirst. You were also glad that you slipped on pants and sandals before you were taken from your home. You then wondered how Miku was doing. You guessed she was fine, she was a raccoon. A cute one. There had to be some little kid that would take care of her. You smiled to yourself, yea, she would be fine. But you were gonna miss her. You tugged your knees up to your chest, what was this gonna be like. You were taking a break for the night, that meant, who knew how many days traveling with Zetsu.
Being in the Village of Cherry Blossoms, that village usually didn't get any news of the other villages around it. So you had no idea what this Akatsuki was. Akatsuki.. Red moon.. What could that mean. What did this clan do... Kill? No it couldn't be! There was--
"Kaihiro-chan?" Zetsu caught you from your thoughts.
"Unn..Y-Yes?!" You gulped some and stared at the strange half colored man.
His yellow eyes blinked, "You okay? You got dead quiet and your eyes seemed to be lost."
You shook your head, tousling your pale blonde hair over your shoulders, "I'm okay, I was just thinking."
Zetsu frowned and sat against a tree in front of you, "About what?"
You gulped even harder this time and looked away from him and up to the sky that was changing colors, the once blue clear sky was turning to reds and yellows, a few pinks and purples.
"About your clan, this Akatsuki."
Zetsu sighed slowly and the venus fly trap thing move somewhat, opening a tad bit more, "If I told you, you wouldn't like it. All I can say, if just don't do stupid things to piss us off."
You looked at him a little scared and hugged your knees closer to you chest. You merely nodded and Zetsu slowly blinked those yellow pupil-less eyes at you. You had looked away though, tucking you chin on top of your knees. The day was slowly fading, you wondered how far you were from the head quarters, probably still far. And why did the April nights have to get cold, why couldn't they be warm. You began to shiver somewhat.

Zetsu stood up making you stare at him. He was unzipping the cloak, making you blush somewhat. The cloak fell into his hand and your eyes winded. The venus fly trap was connected to his back, and there were some vines over his shoulder and chest. Zetsu's chest was half black, have white, the blackest black got and the whitest white got. Thank god he had pants on, or your question of was he all black and white would be proven. Zetsu reached around to the fly trap and began to tear in away from his flesh. You winced were you heard the tearing and gurgle of the plant ripped from Zetsu's flesh and topple to the ground, slowly starting to decay. You closed you eyes for a moment, trying to clear your sight what you just had seen. Zetsu settled down next to you and began to put the cloak around you.
"Wait." You opened you eyes and looked up at him. "What about you?"
"I'll be fine, I'll last out." Zetsu gave you a small smile.
You shook your head, "No please, I'll be fine, you keep the cloak."
"How about this instead."
He leaned over you and rested part of the cloak around you and part of it around him, hugging you closer to his body. You eyes shot wider open, but then you relaxed, you had already been held by him, what would another night hurt. You leaned closer to him, resting your cheek again Zetsu's shoulder. For a moment you just watched the sky bleed black and the moon appear once again brightly in the black sky. Until your own color of sleep caught your sight. Zetsu was still wide awake, he didn't sleep much, instead he listened to the soft rhythm of your steady breathing and relaxed that way, until later where he too would fall into a light slumber.
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Chapter Three
You woke with the sun in your eyes once again and some movement shifting you around. A sleepy whine rumbled in your throat.
"Good morning, miss Kaihiro-chan." Zetsu's voice was thankfully softer this morning. You yawned and looked around, trees were moving over head by you.
"What's going on?"
"I decided that I could carry you again, so it won't take so long to get to the head quarters."
"Zetsu.. You didn't have to do that. I can walk."
"I know, I was giving you time to sleep though. You can walk now if you wish."
You nodded and Zetsu slowly lowered you to the ground. Your legs were wobbly somewhat, aching from the hard walking from yesterday and from just waking up. You stretched your arms up to the warm sun, your back popping in a few places.
Then your nose scrunched up. "Zetsu?"
"Are we near any water at all I think I need a bath."
Zetsu chuckled, and you watched him do something with his eyes, he made them wider, more open, looking around.
He then nodded, "Yea, there's a small lake not to far. April air.. Should be warm, seems muggy and warm in the area. Great place for a bath!"
"Great!" You squealed.
Zetsu began to run, looking back at you waving, "C'mon miss Kaihiro-chan! Get those little legs running!"
You stuck your tongue out at him and began to run off after him. You huffed, why did you have to run? Oh well. The warm April breeze felt great. As you were running you tugged your black sweater off and wrapped it around your waist.
"Zetsu!! Wait up." You giggle as you called off after him.
"Faster miss Kaihiro-chan!"
You shook your head, you knew already, he was to fast though. You noticed that there was a new venus fly trap on him and his cloak returned.

After running for quite a few minutes, the trees started to get thicker. And you heard running water. The trees you had to move around some, since they did get thicker and when you saw Zetsu stop, he waved to you, pointing down. When you reached him, you breathed heavy for a few times and then looked down to where he pointed. The was a small lake, or pond you could say, it was just very clean. The water was a bright blue with a light green in it. And Zetsu was right, it suddenly got hot. You felt like you wanted to peal your clothes off right there.
"Where are we?"
"Still a few days from the River Country."
(I'm not too good on the locations 'n what not xX; Bare with me.) You nodded and looked around more, there was even a small waterfall. You felt like you were in heaven for that time being.
"Can I go in?"
"Let's find a path, I don't think the water is deep enough to jump into." Zetsu said as he began to look around and then walked off.
You followed off after him. Zetsu was right, the water didn't look that deep, but still deep to cover your body. And he soon found a path down, it was like a small beach too. What was this place? You didn't care. And you would have ripped your clothes off if it weren't for Zetsu right there.
"Uh.. Zetsu.. I kinda need to get.. Undressed for this."
He tilted his head to the side, "Then do so."
"You aren't gonna see me naked!"
"Oh yea.. I can play around with the plants and have my back to you?"
You thought for a moment, "Okay.. But as long as you don't peek!"
Zetsu held up his hands, smiling nervously, "I won't peek."
He plopped down, half on the grass, half on the sand. You stood there for a moment, looking back at him, then looking to the water. You sighed, you could do this, he said he wasn't gonna peek now just undress, you freakin stink, you thought to yourself. Right.. You breath out slowly. You pulled off your tank top and then you pants. But you decided to go into the water with your bra and panties. (God I hate that word. Panties?! Jeesh ..Anyways) The undergarments need some washing too. It was just like a bikini! Yeah.. You stepped over to the water, your foot touching the water first. And to your surprise, it was warm. The warmth and cool water made you go deeper in. And you stopped walking when the water came to your chin. The pool of water was actually bigger than you thought. You ducked your head under the water after taking a breath and soaked your hair down. Ruffling around your hair some in the water, you popped back up.
"Hey Zetsu?"
He didn't turn his head when he answered, "Hmm?"
"Got any soap?"
"Actually yeah, I think so."
You watched him dig around in that cloak again, you wondered what he had all in there. "Got it!"
"Um.. Can you bring it over and toss it to me?"
Zetsu hesitated for a moment, "Yea, sure."
You ducked more in the water and watched him stand. A small blush crept over your cheeks and he stopped when he was at the waters edge.
You nodded and held out your wet hands. The bar of soap was tossed, you hopped you would catch it.
Luckily you did, "Thanks!"
"Mmhmm." Zetsu replied as he slumped back down.
He seemed sad or something.
"You okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"You don't seem like it. Did you want to come into the water too..?" You arched an eye brow.
Zetsu looked innocently over at you, "Well yea.."
You felt like you were gonna fall over. "Well. I'm not entirely naked.. Alright get in here, you better have some sort of boxers on though."
Zetsu grinned and his cloak was already to the sand, you hopped you weren't gonna hear the venus fly trap get ripped off again. You hunched over as you did.
Turning your back to him, this was a little embarrassing, but you reminded yourself that it was just like swimming too. You looked around to see if there was any rocks around. A big rock just a bit a ways from you was in view. You walked slowly to it and clumsily climbed up on it, sitting there with you legs somewhat still in the water. The rock was a little uncomfortable to sit on, but it was flattened down a little too. At least it would allow you to wash off. You sniffed the bar of soap. Plain. Oh well it was better than nothing. You began to scrub at your arms until you felt someone was looking at you. You midnight blue eyes flickered up from your arm and to the water. Zetsu was standing there.
You blushed and swallowed hard, "Something wrong?"
"I like watching you."
You blushed harder, "Why?"
Zetsu shrugged, "I just do, its weird."
You smiled a little awkward and went back to washing. Zetsu began to wash himself down with the water and you noticed that he was indeed white and black all the way down, well but for the part you couldnt see where his boxers were covering, but you guessed he was black and white all the way. As you went back to washing, you began to hum, you always tended to sing while you were doing something to help pass the time and give you something else to do.
"Your voice.." Zetsu's voice startled you, making you wobble around some.
"What about it?"
"It's.. Nice."
You raised an eye brow, nice?
You giggled softly, "Thanks."
You decided to use the bar of soap in your hair and scrubbed it good. Once you were all nice and soapy, you let it stay there for a moment.
"Soap is ready for you, Zetsu."
"Alright, switch me spots."
You nodded and tossed the soap to him which he caught and began to move over to you. You slowly began to crawl down until your foot slipped. You yelped and planned on hitting your self hard to the water and rock, until you were caught.
"Easy there."
You landed on Zetsu's chest, black arm and a white one too wrapped around your waist, slowly lowering you to the water.
You blushed and looked down, "Heh.. Thanks, clumsy me. It's slippery so watch out."
Zetsu nodded and took the place you had. You swam away from him and ducked under the water, rinsing yourself off.

After a bit of just relaxing and waiting for Zetsu to finish, you dried off by laying in the sun on the grass. Once the bathing and sun bathing was done, the two of you dressed again. Being in your bra and panties wasn't so bad, like you reminded your self it was like a bikini. The two of you set off once again, after a bit hunger pains were catching up to you.
"Your hungry, I know. Were almost at a town."
"But we have no money. Or do you?"
"We steal. Don't worry like I say over and over, I'm an Akatsuki member."
You nodded and took his word. But still, how were you gonna steal? It was daylight. At night it would be perfect, the moon would not show its appearance. After what you thought at least an hour or so, you were starving.
"Are we there yet..?"
"You asked that five minutes ago and I said almost."
You paused.
"Are we there now?"
Zetsu groaned, you groaned with him.
"THERE!" Zetsu shouted.
You fell back at the sudden shout, "Ack!"
"What are you doing on the ground? C'mon miss Kaihiro-chan, up!"
You mumbled somewhat and dusted yourself off, "What do you mean there?"
Zetsu pointed, "Town ahoy!"
You began to race off until Zetsu held you back. You whined.
"You stay here. I'll be back with food."
"But Zetsuuuuu."
"But nothing, just wait, I'll be back soon."
He sat you down and then suddenly vanished.
"Whoa.. Speedy."
You leaned back on the hill that was being covered with trees and just watched the town, wondering if you would see any ruckus happening.

After ten minutes, you gave up looking around and laid back against the grassy hill. You opened one eye as you heard something next to you.
"Taa daa."
You eyes popped. "So. Much. Food!"
Zetsu was holding a basket filled with goodies. He sat down next to you and gave you one of the many pork buns. You loved those things. As you began to eat it, you wondered about Zetsu.
"Did you.. Eat?"
"I didn't.."
Your frowned and tilted your head to the side, "But you have to eat something. If you don't, you get sick and weak."
Zetsu patted you on the head, "I'm no ordinary person."
"Uh.. I know that. But still. Eat something. The pork buns are really good. How did you get all this stuff anyways?"
"I stole it." Zetsu reached for a pork bun, "Lots of food today, didn't even see me."
He bit into the pork bun and grinned at you. You shook your head and laughed softly.
"Mm, these are good. Still not as good as flesh, but good."
You laughed more at his comment, he was a weird one, but it did make you laugh, which you hadn't as much before as of now. You reached for a can of juice and popped the tab, taking a long sip. You were glad that Zetsu got juice instead of that pop stuff. Zetsu stood and you watched him as he grabbed that basket filed with food and drinks.
"Lets get walking, still got a long way."
You nodded and finished your pork bun as you walked off after him
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Chapter Four
Two more days passed of nothing but walking, joking around some, and finishing off the stolen food. When the heck were you gonna get there already! Zetsu did make good company though, even if the two of you didn't say to much. He may have been a weird plant guy that likes human flesh, but still! He had a great personality under that. And you would have bragged about it.. If there were other people around. It was night and Zetsu told you to keep walking, telling you that the two of you were almost there. The moon had shown its appearance this night, the small first piece of a large moon only showing, making the night quite dark, but not as dark without it even there. You couldn't walk anymore, Zetsu kept pushing you harder and harder, also you had to walk fast to even catch up with him!
"Zetsu.. No more. I'm tired."
Your eyes lids dropped, it had been night for hours now, what time was it? You had no idea, you wanted sleep though. As quickly as your eyes closed, you were lifted from the ground and cradled.
"Alright, you can sleep."
"You didn't have to pick me up. Urgh, put me down."
Zetsu shook his head, "Sleep."
You paused for a moment, looking up at him, which he didn't even look down at you. There was something bothering him, he had gotten stern, really stern this morning. You decided not to argue and just relax against him, falling into slumber.

~Not really Zetsu's POV it's still your's but it's more of explaining what happens while your asleep, bleh, just read X.x;~
The day before was the day the River country was reached, the Akatsuki head quarters were but a few paces away. The head quarters was a dark isolated cave at first, deeper in it looked more.. Well more livable. (Actually in the manga it's just a cave, but this isn't following that story ^o^) Zetsu planned on taking you that deep into the cave, you had to meet the others and the leader. The mysterious leader that did not talk much at all, and fought better than any member of the Akatsuki clan. When Zetsu was far in, the cave was actually molded to have walls and carpets. There was no electricity, but candles were everywhere. The was a large room, with a lot of couches and chairs n stuff in the category. Zetsu slowly lowered you down on one of the couches, and you did not stir, you were tired! There were quite a few people in the room and one blonde headed guy bounced over to Zetsu.
"You're back, yeah! We were starting to wonder, yeah."
"Deidara. Not so loud. She's sleeping." Zetsu pointed down at your figure curled up in a ball on the rather large couch.
Deidara leaned down and poked at your back, "She's cute, yeah."
"Will you leave her alone. I pushed her hard to get here." Zetsu smacked Deidara's finger away.
You rolled, one arm sliding off the couch, and all the pale blonde hair straying all over. Your head tilted to the side, faced towards Deidara and your chest rose and fell evenly. You looked innocent and peaceful as hell.
It made Deidara stare, "She's Really cute, yeah."
Zetsu glared silently down at the blonde head.
"Who's really cute?" Another figure stepped up behind Deidara.
He looked.. Childish in a way, but yet again not. Tan colored hair like the sand and grayish blue eyes.
"Sasori-danna!" (Danna = Master )Deidara stood up.
Zetsu knocked his fist on top of the blonde head, telling him to be quiet again.
Sasori peeked over Deidara and those lazy eyes stared intently, "I want her for my puppet collection.."
"Don't even think about it, wood-boy." A shark looking person stepped up being Sasori. (SHARKEY! Ahem << )
"I didn't say I was gonna change her.. I just said I wanted her to be in my collection. Listen better Kisame." Sasori turned around to face the tall blue person.
"Why you little.." Kisame growled.
"Knock it off." Yet another person stood next to Kisame, long jet black hair and piercing red eyes. (You should know who that is.)
"Fine Itachi-sama.." Kisame mumbled.

While that was going on, you began to stir, thanks to Deidara and his loud voice. You pulled your arm up and brushed away the pale blond hair from your eyes. You slowly sat up, letting your eyes fix to the surroundings. When your view was better, you saw all the tall people around you, bickering. Stuffing yourself back in the couch, eyes shot open, and then that loud scream burst out into the air. Most of the guys jumped and Zetsu whipped around, locking his hand around your mouth, muffling your scream.
"Kaihiro-chan, it's okay. Really, your fine." Zetsu tried to comfort you with his words.
Your wide eyes darted about and Zetsu slowly removed his hand from your mouth.
You cranked a side of your lip up and your left eye began to twitch, "Okay, I now saw everything weird in my life!"
What the hell was this, a plant, a shark, at least the other three looked normal, well by what you could just see. You shrank down, you didn't like to be stared at.
"She's a little crazy.." Kisame said slowly.
You glared at him, "Shut it sharky."
"Hey!" Kisame whined and glared, then turned away.
"Kaihiro-chan!!! So Cute, yeah!" Deidara shouted.
You went deaf from the loud voice, remembering who it belonged too, "My ears.."
Deidara plopped onto the couch, making you bounce around some. He grabbed you and began to squeeze you to him. You yelped and began to try to push yourself away from the insane blonde head.
"Urgh!!! Lemme go!"
"Deidara.. Let her go, before you squeeze the life from her.." Sasori said lazily, like he was half dead or something.
Itachi rolled his eyes, "Stop acting like kids."
Deidara let go and shot Itachi a shut up look.
"I take it I'm at the Akatsuki head quarters. Who are all you people!?"
One by one said off their names.
"Deidara here!" The other blonde head chirped.
"Sasori.." The sandy colored hair man said lazily.. Again.
"Kisame.." Sharkey groaned.
"T'ch Itachi.." He crossed his arms over his chest and turned away from you, walking off like he was all so cool.
"And me, what is just Leader known by everyone."
All five guys straitened up as you heard the new voice. You tilted to the side, trying to see past everyone until you heard someone behind you clear their throat.
All five guys seemed to turn just then and so did your head. Okay.. Now you saw everything. What the hell was this guy? He had no figure, well he did, but it was like a dark shadow. Weird.
"Mission complete Zetsu. You're free to go." The Leader looked down at you, "Hello Miss Kaihiro, you must be very confused, no?"
"Sure.. Yeah.. Let's go with that.."
You saw something fold against his.. Chest. You guessed it was his arms.
"Did you know, that you possess more charka then any human being, or any demon for that matter of fact."
"Mhm. That's what ninjas use to use techniques and get most of their energy from. Now see, we aren't gods. We do wear out. So that's why I had Zetsu get you, you can share your charka and still have an enormous amount left. And your skills to heal, which you need to learn, are better than anyone in this history of this word. You can bring life to anything and not die, did you know that?"
You merely shook your head, trying to take this all in.
"Well anyways, that's all I have to say. You will rest here for tonight and leave with someone in the morning for another travel."
You groaned, another travel thing what ever was gonna happen! Fun.. You wondered though who you were gonna leave with. You had gotten close to Zetsu, you called a friend and these other guys freaked you out. But so did Zetsu when you first met him.

You sighed and slumped back in the couch, looking half alive.
"Ahh, everything will be fine, Miss Kaihiro-chan." Zetsu tried to make you feel better.
You just waved him off, "Meh.. I'm just tired and aching."
You rolled your head to the side, popping your neck in a few places and did the same thing with the other side.
Deidara leaned a bit foreword while sitting next to you, "So what is the Village of Sakura like, un?"
"I doubt you guys would even like it.. It's probably way to peaceful for you. And the smell of cherry blossoms are everywhere."
"Does sound.. To mushy and to much paradise." Itachi grunted.
"Hey, Sakura trees smell good. We never get to get a taste of there smell, yeah." Deidara stuck his tongue out at Itachi.
"Kaihiro fully smells like cherry blossoms, sniff her." Kisame chuckled.
Deidara began to do so and you pushed your hand against his face, trying to move him away, "No! Knock it off!"
You grunted, this guy was to hard to push away, you ended up pushing him off the couch with your legs.
"Well that wasn't nice, un.." Deidara pouted and some of the guys chuckled lightly.
You huffed and curled yourself up on the couch, leaning our head against a couch pilled. This was much more comfortable than the ground.
"Aw, you can't sleep yet, yeah." Deidara began to prod at your back.
You whined, when would this guy stop. You heard yet again a grunt and a thump. Turning your head, you saw Deidara farther away from you and Zetsu standing over you now. Your midnight blue eyes blinked a few times and then Zetsu's cloak left him, covering over you. You smiled softly and he returned it.
"Okay, now lets let miss Kaihiro-chan sleep."
"T'ch ruin all the fun, yeah.." Deidara mumbled and dusted himself off.
"What fun?" Sasori snorted and began to walk off, Deidara calling after him, "Sasori-danna, wait up, un!"
Two down two more to go, Zetsu was fine, you knew him. Itachi 'hmphed' and walked off, Kisame right on his heel. Zetsu leaned down and slipped your sandals off, resting them by the couch, you had already passed out on the couch now. He pulled the cloak up closer to you and blew out a few of the candles. He then took a nearby chair and sat down in it. If he didn't get a mission tomorrow, that would mean you would be going with someone else. Zetsu sighed at this, he sure was gonna miss having you tag along with him. Everything finally went dead quiet, you slept like you were dead, and you were loving it.
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Chapter Five
You woke with a start and quickly leaned up from the couch. It was much darker in the cave now. What time was it then? The back of your arm wiped over your forehead, you were dreaming about something. Something gory and filled with death, and the Akatsuki were apart of it. You shook your head, trying to clear that dream from your head. It had gotten slightly colder in the cave and the steady rhythm of breathing freaked you out a first until a few candles showed that it was just Zetsu. You slipped the cloak on, this thing was huge! Well Zetsu was at least 7 feet tall with that venus fly trap. And you were just a scrawny little thing compared to him, well compared to anyone one of these Akatsuki members. You wanted some fresh air, but you had no idea where to go. You tried to figure out where the air was coming and go that way.

After a bit of walking, you started to get a little scared. It was dark and you saw no way out. You thought of turning back but the fear of being lost struck you. The slow drip of water falling from the cave top and pattering against the floor was the only noise you heard. There wasnt even a breeze now. You tightened Zetsus cloak more around you and moved your head around, trying to see where to go, but the complete darkness was not able to see through.
"Kaihiro? What are you doing out here..?"
You jumped hard, your heart beat pounding in your chest. You knew that voice.

But it wasnt the person you wanted to hear.
"I got lost.. I wanted to go outside."
You heard the foot steps get closer, the steady rhythm of steps echoing through the caves. You swallowed hard.
"Did you want to run?"
You heard him, Itachi, in front of you now.
You shook your head, doubting he would see, "I wasn't, I wa--"
You were cut off put a strong force around your neck. A hard cough came from you and you placed your hand over Itachi's arm, trying to move his hand away from your slender neck.
"Stop.." You wheezed.
"I can't hear you.." Itachi sneered and tightened his grip around your neck.
You felt the air being cut off, "I said stop!"
A bright blue flash came from your neck and Itachi pulled back sharply.
"That hurt.."
Your midnight blue eyes were wide, trying to see him in the dark. You heard him sigh and he grabbed your wrist, pulling it harshly. You yelped as he tugged harder, dragging you into a room. There was a room in this hall place thing?! Your eyes fixed to the candle light and then flickered over to the raven haired man. His cloak sleeve was covering a hand, the other hand gripping at it. He winced and you watched a few drop lets of blood come from inside the cloak sleeve.
"A--Ah! I'm so sorry!"
You rushed over to Itachi and pulled out the hidden hand, it was burnt, bad. Itachi watched you quietly and a little confused. He just choked you for god sakes! Your warm fingers brushed on the burned flesh, making Itachi grunt in disproval. You didnt know how you did it, but a reddish/pink light was forming from your fingers that were still rubbing over the wound. Every spot you touched, made the skin heal and become his flesh once again. You stepped back quickly, your head turned off to the side.
Itachi examined his healed hand, "You can heal good.. But you don't know how you did it right?"
You nodded and kept quiet.
Itachi brushed past you and opened the door, "Out. Go right, that way you had come here, you'll be back where you were."
Your frowned but did as he said. You rolled your eyes and Itachi muttered 'idiot' under his breath and closed the door sharply as you left.
"Damn Mr. I'm so cool and full on myself.."
You muttered and began to take the directions.
What the hell was the whole point in that? You reached the main room once again, everything was still in place. Zetsu was snoring, the couch you slept on was still mushed down where you had laid. You plopped down on it tiredly, that was a waste of time, and now you couldn't sleep thanks to Zetsu and that loud snore. You picked up a pillow and hurled it at him. It made him wake with a start and snap shut that venus fly trap. Your eyes bulged, you didn't know that thing could do that. Zetsu opened it slowly and looked to you, those yellow eyes a bit darker with rage. He then noticed it was you staring at him, arm still in throwing position.
"S-Sorry.. You were snoring.. L-Loud."
Zetsu began to laugh, "Ah, sorry about that. Haven't had a hard sleep ya know?"
You nodded, then winced your neck became suddenly quite sore.
Zetsu noticed and looked at the red spot around your neck, "Who touched you, Miss Kaihiro-chan?" His eyes narrowed.
"Uhmm! No, no, it's not what you think, I slept on it wrong."
Zetsu raised an eye brow, but then just relaxed again, "If you say so.."
He leaned back in the chair, arms crossing over his chest, eyes still fixed on you. Burring yourself back into the couch and under Zetsus cloak, you turned your back to him and closed your midnight blue eyes. But, you softly rubbed your neck too. What the hell was Itachi's problem? And, why did you heal him after he hurt you. It was like an automatic thing. Sighing it off, you tried to get some sleep.

The soft shaking to your shoulder make you scrunch down farther into the couch and groan softly.
"Come on, Kaihiro. It's time for the wake up, un."
"I dun wanna.. Just five more minutes?"
"Alright, if you wanna get beat up by Sasori-donna, un."
An un-happy sighed passed threw your nose and you rolled over to face a wide awake Deidara. The two white straps of your tank top had fallen off your shoulders. And your hand lightly rubbed at you sleepy eyes. Feeling Deidara warms hand pass your shoulders and fix your straps made you wide awake and scoot away from him. He grinned lightly and flashed you, your black sweater.
"Ah! Gimme that!"
You scooted back to him, trying the snatch the clothing away. Deidara dangled it about, chuckling at you.
"Deidara, knock it off. Were leaving soon."
"Aw, I'm just having some fun, yeah."
Sasori sighed as he stepped into view. Quickly you took a hold of the clothing, tugging it over your shoulders.
Something was missing. Glancing down at your body, Zetsu's cloak was gone. You wondered if he had left. But your thoughts were interrupted as Sasori tossed you something. You caught it and it was a brush. Blinking a few times, you stared at the red head questionably. (YES! He has red hair x.x! Found that out a while ago when I saw a manga scan. -Points up.- And information shite.)
"Your hair is a mess." He said lazily to you.
You urked and quickly dragged the brush through your long pale strawberry blonde hair. Deidara handed you a piece of bread, quite large. And a heavy aroma of wheat and butter coming from it.
"We don't have much here. So try to eat it, un." He gave a slight smile, feeling your pain.
You bit into it. It wasn't that bad. But could have been better. Slipping into your shoes, you began to look around, "Where is everyone?"
"On their own mission.." Sasori began to drag out.. Something ugly.
"What the hell is that..?" You stuck up your nose.
"It's my puppet.."
"That is one ugly puppet."
You pressed you hands to your eyes, making a 'blech' sound. Sasori narrowed his eyes. (Which are red too x.x)
"She has a point, un.."
Not you too.. Fine. I'll leave it here. Stupid mission anyways. Lets go."
"Hurray, we get the Kaihiro this time, yeah!"
You whipped around to face Deidara, who was heading for the exit.
Sasori latched his hand over your arm and began to drag you out of the room.
"You're our hostage now.. Kukuku."
(Kukuku = Like an evil laugh << )
Flailing your arms, or best as your could without tripping, "Nyooooooo! Not you guys!"
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Chapter Six
Violently you squirmed around in the puppet's grasp. Sasori was getting frustrated with your wiggling and getting pissed off at Deidara from jumping off the walls. When you reached the entrance of the cave, the blinding morning sunlight hit your eyes that had gotten use to the glowing candle light. Squinting, you let your eyes slowly fuscous to the rays of warmth.
"So, where to Sasori-danna, un!?"
You gave up your squirming and just let Sasori dragged you as he led the way, the blonde head following at his side.
"There's a man with a lot of money on his head, and you know the leader. Plus we can use some of the money to stop by the hot springs there."
Both Deidara and you seemed to straitened up and get in Sasori's face.
Both of you cheered, "Hot springs!!!"
You began to skip around, getting out of Sasori's grasp while he was rubbing his ears. But only a few seconds later you crashed to the ground from skipping around. Deidara broke out in a fit of giggles and Sasori even cracked a smile.
"Hahahaha! Kaihiro is really clumsy, yeah!"
"Oh, shut up!" You said as you hopped back up, dusting yourself off. "I.. I was too happy! I've never been to a hot springs. So there!" You nodded proudly.
"Sure, we believe you." Sasori snerked.
You glared at them both, and humphed.
After about a while of walking, you were watching Deidara's hair bounce around in the ponytail and Sasori play with his arm, filling it with a black substance. Behind them, you smiled softly staring at the two. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. Sasori was looking peaceful and Deidara was looking ca---
"Deidara! Look out! H--"
Suddenly Deidara went, poof! Your hand slapped against the skin of your forehead. Sasori began to chuckle.
"Un! Get me out of this hole, yeah!"
Laying down on the ground you reached down to Deidara while Sasori was scanning the valley. Deidara grasped you hands. You screamed. Both Deidara and Sasori jumped.
"Something licked me!!!"
"Oh for the love of.." Sasori sighed and dragged Deidara out of the hole.
"Oh yeah, sorry un!"
You were confused. "Sorry for what?"
Deidara held up his head. Your eyes bulged. A mouth on Deidara's hand slowly smiled at you, grinning with its full teeth and then a tongue protruded out.
"Ew.. You.. Licked me.. With that..?"
Deidara grinned closing his eye, the other eye you never saw, well cause he had this eye device over it, like a small camera yet again, well you didn't know. It was hard to explain. Sasori shook his head.
Deidara grinned more, "Yeah!"
Your eyes dulled and your body shuddered. "Ew.."
You began bitching at Deidara, while Sasori walked off. Both of you cranked your head to see where Sasori was standing, now gone.
Both of you urked, in tune with each other, "Wait up!"
Sasori cranked his head back at you, giving a playful smile with those lazy red eyes of his. Racing off after the orangish red head, Deidara tripped you on the way. You yelped and crashed to the ground yet again. The blonde overly hyper head raced off with a fit of giggles.
Sasori rolled his eyes, "God what DOES he eat in the morning? Chocolate covered sugar cubes with extra sugar sprinkles?"
"I agree with that!" You hollered, face planted in the ground.
Popping back up from the ground, you dusted yourself off again. You hadn't been walking for but at least a half an hour and you were already dirty and tired! Plus your neck was still soar thanks to Itachi.

After going up a large hill, you were out of breath. Okay, so maybe you weren't use to this. After being with Zetsu, you thought you would.
"I'm tired.. Can we take a break?"
"No breaks." Sasori instructed.
Deidara kept quiet, like he was use to this. Well he was. Plus it was about lunch time now and the hunger was making you all shaky. About to complain again, Sasori stopped in front of you, making you bump into his back. You midnight blues eyes flickered about him in confusion.
His hands reached back to you as he lowered himself down to the ground, "Hop on."
You were shocked somewhat then crawled up onto his back.
(Okay, I know he is a puppet, but that means he can remove parts. Normally he has these wings like things and scrolls on his back. But with this mission he didn't attach them, so you have the full back. XDD Sorry, continuing now.)
His wooden like flesh hands grasped your lower thighs and lifted you up, bouncing you a few times to get a better hold. Putting your arms softly around his neck area, you rested your chin on his shoulder.
"How come you did this? I don't want to be a burden".
He shook his head, making the wild orange red hair brushed against your pale blonde strawberry hair.
"I kinda feel naked without the weight of my puppet, so you make a good replacement."
You giggled softly and nodded, though still worried about him.
Deidara smiled softly, "See danna isn't all that bad."
You nodded, agreeing. Sasori just stared off blankly.
~FF to Nightfall.~ You were going in a different way than Zetsu and you had taken. But still it was oh so green. Sasori didn't even grumble about you sleeping on his back. He seemed to like it. But now, it was time for them to rest. And boy was it hot. You peeled off your sweater and rolled up your pants to your knees. The boys had stripped their cloaks off. Fishnets must be very popular. Deidara had a black tank top, showing off some of his navel and just the top of his chest, then it was like a short sleeved net shirt over that. Sasori had just the net and the both had the same kind of black pants.
"What is it with you two and black!"
"Well it's not all that bad, but this heat, unnnn..." Deidara gurgled and plopped down on the warm grass.
It even seemed to be affecting Sasori, who you thought couldn't feel. But he wasn't all puppet. He has flesh in that wood, it was weird. After a while of just groaning, well both Deidara and you, you tried to fan yourself off. This is ridiculous! Deidara had stripped of his shirts and Sasori too, even though he had on only a net shirt. Then even pulled off the sandals which well gave them leg air too.
"Sorry guys, I gotta."
Then both looked up at you as you stood. Then both their eyes bulged. You grasped the hem of your tank top and tugged it over your head, leaving you in you bra and pants that were rolled up even more past your knees. Deidara blushed and Sasori swallowed hard. But your eyes were closed, it felt much better.

Off in the distance, what the three of you didn't know, though Sasori has a suspicion. There were two figures, unfazed by the heat, standing on a large branch, watching the three of your withier in the heat.
A girl's voice giggled softly, "The jutsu is working great."
The man beside her, nodded, "Boss will love these Akatsuki members out of his way."
He too made a few hand signs causing the shadows to ripple around them, two larger sized, not all there, black and bloody shadow wolves bounded out of the shadow of the trees and raced off towards the three of you. The two shinobis grinned, waiting your death out.
The first to sit up was Sasori, cranking his head to the side, "Deidara protect Kaihiro, now."
His voice was stern and 'do as I say now or you'll die', sort of way. You opened your eyes wondering what was wrong and Deidara was in front of you, arm extend out blocking you from moving away from your trunk of the tree you were leaning against.
"Hnn.. I should of brought at least one scroll with me." Sasori sighed. "But my charka strings will do. Don't try using your clay Deidara, it wont work."
The blonde head and you both blinked in confusion. But when you saw the two wolves burst out and one lunge at Sasori the other coming towards you, you knew what the red head was saying. Sasori already had his charka strings forcing down the bloody wolf the other kicked hard away from Deidara, but it still hopped back up.
You watched Deidara dig into his bag, "Damn it, Sasori was right. The heat has made my clay to unstable. It wont stick together well."
But Sasori was having a hard time to control the shadow. It was a shadow! So it could form into the black figures around the trees and whatnot.

You had to do something. Just something. What was the slumber sentence your guardian taught you. Your mind furiously tried to remember. Then it burst into your head. The two Shinobi were surprised when you stood up and opened your sealed frightened lips.
"Hide you hearing, Sasori, Deidara!"
They frowned at you, but did as you said. Now this voice was only what people would hear about in legends. Like an angel's voice that you were only hear until you died. And nor was it English nor Japanese, but something older.
"Audite meus vox vocis quod leviculus panton in mens... Dormio specto... Astrum ostendo somnium... Quod nox noctis specto..."
The wolves stopped right in front of you as you finished the words your Grandmother taught you. The hounds both wobbled around and then crashed right down. Then they faded away. Who said shadows can't sleep? Breathing relief, you nodded towards Sasori and Deidara. The two Shinobi were half asleep, barely hearing your singing. Even the two Akatsuki next to you seemed to stagger around some. The heat jutsu had ended, letting cool air brush over your bare skin. Deidara dug back into his bad and let the mouth chew up some clay. Two small birds were made and flew. Fast. After the two Shinobi that were half out of it. The girl spoke with her lips, saying a silent 'run' to her partner.
"Art is a... Bang."
And soon as Deidara said bang, the two birds went BOOM! Obviously killing the two ninjas. You reached for your tank top and tugged it on slowly, you unfazed by your singing. Rolling down you pants the two looked at you.
You blinked at them, "What is it?"
Deidara sighed happily, "That was peaceful, yeah."
You giggled softly.
Sasori frowned, "But not all that peaceful. We knew this was going to happen. Kaihiro only use that to put down hard enemies."
You nodded slowly, getting a frown from Deidara.
"Hey, she helped out. Give her a thanks danna, un."
Sasori only looked at him with a flick of his eyes then back to you. He turned sharply, like he was upset he couldn't protect you.
"Let's get some sleep. We still have a long ways to go."
Deidara and you nodded in quietness. Laying down on the cool grass you used your sweater as a pillow. You wondered why your singing was so bad. Another song you always sang to let your grandmother sleep. But then you drifted off to sleep while Deidara slept against the tree next you. And Sasori slowly nodding off, watching you. With those lazily eyes of his..too late ur asleep cant hear nothin'
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Chapter Seven Rated:Mature/Teen
The rising sun made your eyes open and a soft yawn produced. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, then looked over to Deidara whom was still asleep against the tree, then to Sasori who had laid down on his cloak next you. You smiled gently, then reached down to him, gently shaking his shoulder.
Sasori's eyes opened slowly and flicked up to you. "Morning.."
He yawned lightly and sat up, gently rubbing the top of your head. Gently smiling you moved over to Deidara and woke him up too, which took a while.
"Can't we sleep for just a few more minuets, yeah?" Whined Deidara.
Sasori shook his head. "The faster we get to the town, the better we can sleep."
The morning was slightly chilly. You reached for your sweater and pulled it on, the two Akatsuki pulling their cloaks on. And back to walking once again.

Deidara left you alone for a good two hours, but then he was back to his normal self. Right now he kept using his finger to poke you in the side. The first time Deidara did it made you squeal and Sasori snap his head back, wondering what the hell was going on. Your face darkened with embarrassment and Deidara just laughed as usual. Now every time the blonde poked you, your breath just hitched.
"Stop.." You muttered.
Deidara leaned down, "Hm, what was that, un?!"
Continuing his pestering. You said stop again this time a bit more louder. Still it went on. This was enough.
"Asshole.." You murmured.
And this time went he brought his head down along with his finger connecting to yourself, you gave him a right jab right under the chin.
"I said stop, damn it!"
Deidara staggered back in shock and Sasori whipped around, glaring deadly at the both of you.
The blonde rubbed his chin, and whined softly, "You didn't have to do it so hard, un. I was bored, yeah!"
You sighed and leaned foreword. What were you going to do with him? Sasori just shook his head..
The sun was getting higher and higher in the sky, and the rumbling and growling of your stomach broke the silence.
Deidara chuckled softly, "Knew this was gonna happen, yeah."
He dug around in his cloak. ..God they must have like, a mini mall in there or something. He pulled out a sandwich.
"Dei's sandwiches!"
Now for just simple something, he made good sandwiches. You squealed and yanked the food from his hand. He just blinked awkwardly at you. Then handed one to Sasori and then got one for himself. Nibbling happily on the plain ol' sandwich, you swayed your head to a song stuck in your head.
"Hm, oh, there's the town." Sasori pointed out, sandwich hanging from his mouth.
"Hot springs!" You flailed your arms.
Both boys seemed to gulp down their sandwiches and Sasori flung his arms behind him and began to race off.
"Danna wait up, un!"
Deidara grabbed a hold of you and tossed you onto his back, which you clung to, your teeth holding you food still. His arms went back and began to face off after his partner.
"Faster, Dei-horsey! Faster! Hoozah!"
Deidara snorted at the nickname as you continued to cling.

Sasori slowed down upon reaching the gate causing Deidara to slow down as well, making you have a better hold on him instead of holding his waist tightly with your legs and almost choking Deidara with your arms around his neck. You hopped off of your ride and watched the two boys make a few hand signs. They poofed and became well.. More causal. So they didn't show that they were from the Akatsuki.
"Alright, track this guy down, kill him, get the money and hot springs here we come, yeah." Deidara smirked.
Sasori nodded, "Exactly."
"But HOW are we gonna find him and HOW are we gonna kill him? When I mean 'we', I mean you two." You shook a finger at both the Akatsuki members.
"Oh, no, no, Kaihiro. You're helping us out too." Sasori grinned evilly at you.
"Yeah, I'm not going to be a the girl this tine, un!" Deidara grinned along with.
Deidara took a hold of your right arm and Sasori grabbed the other dragging you off, "Time for a new wardrobe.."
They both said together, with an 'un' after Deidara's sentence.
Sasori was pacing back and forth outside the changing room door and Deidara was titling a piece of paper upside down and up right.
"So these paper tells where this guy fucks at, yeah?"
"Deidara watch your mouth!" Sasori snapped, getting a few looks from women, wondering what the hell two men were doing outside a changing room door.
"Oh, HELL NO! I'M NOT WEARING THIS!" You shrieked.
"Oh come on, red looks good on you, un!"
"Yeah.. But not in this way.. Is this suppose to on like this? Ugh!"
"Need some help?" Sasori purred.
"No.." You snorted. "This makes me look like a whore.."
"Thats the plan.." Sasori murmured.
"I'm not a whore...!" You barked. "I haven't even kissed a guy.."
You whispered to yourself, making both boys go 'hm?' at you.
"Can I cover up with a coat or something till we get there?" You whined.
They chuckled.
"Yeah, we'll find one."
You finished dressing up. And hated the out fit. Why did they pick this? Actually Deidara grabbed random things as well as Sasori.
"We got, a cute coat for you too, un." Deidara giggled.

"Neh.." You opened the door, making both boys gawk at you.
Mostly cause the hadn't see so much flesh of you. You had a red leather skit on, which was more girly looking that just skin tight. Then a black top, open on the sides, but sewed back together with fish net. This left a lot of your stomach bare and your shoulders. Cloth like arm warmers, held on by two small belts around the top area of your arms, leaving your hands bare. Red and black stripped stockings then boots that made you at least 3 inches taller. You huffed, slumping over, defiantly not happy.
"Oh, one more thing, yeah.."
He grabbed a hold of your hair, parting it into two making two loose pig tails.
"There we go. Perfect, yeah. Don't you think so Sasori?"
The red/orange hair smirked and nodded.
"I'm going to kill you both.."
Sasori pulled you over to him, tucking the coat on you, coving up mostly all you body, however showing some of the skirt.
"The faster we get there, the quicker you can get back in your cloths. Deidara grab her old ones and lets go." Sasori ordered.
"Hey, wait, we have to pay for these." You gawked at him.
"We're Akatsuki. We don't do that." Sasori winked.
Deidara hooked your old cloths under his arm and you left just like that.
After about ..fifteen minuets or so, you finally found this place. Going inside, there was a man at a desk, normally it should be a woman, but this guy was well.. Neh, a perv. Then other guys. All guard like people. And not ninjas. One bulky guy stopped you and the two Akatsuki members.
Sasori spoke up, like the leader he was, "We have a gift for Mr. Takinaro. She's not broken in, so she'll fit nicely."
You swallowed a breath. Deidara nodded along, telling this was no joke. The man smiled a shity smile making you wanna just.. Raise hell.
"Take the coat off. Let me see th' young girl." He demanded.
You swallowed another breath. Though the man wanted Sasori to just rip it off, the red head took it slowly, gently, trying to calm you down.
The man grunted with please. "She'll do great. This way."
You clung to Sasori arm, tugging his sleeve, "Please. I do not wanna go. Sasori, he'll raaaaapeeee meee!" You whined.
"Don't worry, if he even starts touching your naked body we'll save you." Sasori nodded softly to you, smoothing down the top of your hair.
Deidara gently patted you shoulder, agreeing with his partner. You swallowed, forcing down some bile that came up.
"Move!" The bulky man ordered.
You squeaked and fallowed after. Going to your doom.
"She gonna be okay, yeah?"
Sasori glared at the way you left, "He better not touch her flesh.. I'll rip him in two."

You were led into a room, where a man stood in a business outfit. You guessed why he got gifts and shit. He was good looking. But you were disgusted with this man already. But.. Having to do your small little mission, you bowed your head politely. The closing of the door made you jump lightly.
"What a pretty one.. I've seen pink, and I've seen blonde, but not the mixture you have."
He grinned at you, twinkle of lust in his eyes.
'How corny..' You thought.
The man led himself over to you, reaching out to stroke the flesh of your cheek. You swallowed once again.. What was with all the swallowing?
"So what's your name, love?"
You thought you were gonna throw up.. "Kaihiro.."
"That's different. Where are you from, sweetie?"
Jesus Christ.. Just hurry up already.
"The neighboring town."
"Ahh, I see. Well, let's begin."
You almost choked.
'Dear god, Save me Sasori and Deidara.' You frightfully thought.
The strange man led kisses from your cheek down to the curve of you chin to the tender flesh of your neck. While the man explored your skin there, Sasori and Deidara were quietly taking down the guarding men. But they better hurry up. You were limp. In the bed. With out a shirt. And in a measly strapless black bra. The room was getting hazy and your stomach wouldn't stop flopping around. The damn man bit at your bra covered breast. You bit your lip hard from making a sound. Where the hell were those Akatsuki!?! You felt a crawling sensation you your inner thighs. God, it was his fingers! He was dangerously close your panty covered mound. But he passed over it, to your horror he began pulling down the simple clothing.
Now was the time to panic you didn't care anymore. Screw the mission. You shrieked, making the man more fierce. He had a tight hold of the black panties while you squirmed your way around underneath of him. Slamming both your hands into the head board made you cry out. That was going to leave a bruise.
"Sasori! Deidara! Get your asses in here!"
The strange growled and moved his hand to smack you hard across the face. You closed your eyes waiting for it to happen. Feeling the whoosh or air come down his hand suddenly stopped.
"Don't you fucking touch her." Sasori growled, a long sturdy cord coming from him and tightly holding to the mans wrist whom was whining in pain.
Sasori twisted the cord sudden, making a harsh crack sound from the man's wrist. You felt arms grip the side of your waist and drag you out from under the man. Scared like hell, you clung to the blonde head, shaking like there was no end to get the disgusting feeling off of you. You buried your head into Deidara shoulder as Sasori took care of the scary man. The blonde lightly patted you on the back holding up your arms to tug your tank top on that you were use to. Glancing over to Sasori, he had severely ripped the man apart in many pieces.
"You aright?" The red head asked concerned.
You nodded, still trying to shake off the scared feeling.
"You should of came sooner. He. Bit. Me."
Sasori glared and growled to himself. Even Deidara looked pissed off, then he handed you your pants and sandals. Stripping off the skirt and stocking and boots with the Akatsuki backs faced to you, you pulled on the cloths you liked. Shuffling up in between them.
Sasori gripped your hand. "Hot springs?"
You nodded and smiled. "Hot springs."
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Chapter Eight
"Hot springs, hot springs, hot springs!!"
You bounced all around, over your um.. Traumatic almost rapeage. Sasori and Deidara were still causal looking and leading the way to the hot springs house. But on your way across the quiet looking path, without anyone around until your reached the hot spring house. Something stopped the three of you. Your eyes narrowed with annoyance. Sasori sighed and Deidara whined. A familiar sharkish grin and un-caring stare, you slumped over.
"What are you doing here..?" Sasori said slowly.
"We're going somewhere else. Leader said this was Not a mission but ordered us to go there." Itachi said unhurriedly.
"All of us? You mean, you two, Sasori and Dei, Leader and Zetsu?" You blinked.
What kind of non mission was this? Itachi nodded.
"To where?"
Itachi grinned slowly. A evil grin.. Kisame followed with his sharky grin. And both proceeded up to you.
You backed up, shaking your hands in front of you, "H-Hey now, back off!"
You watched Itachi do something with those red eyes and it made you see swirlies. You fell over backwards, groaning with displease, then fell unconscious.

"What the hell did you do, un!" Deidara barked.
"Only way to pick out a bathing suit for her. Kukuku.."
Kisame and Itachi already plotted.
"What..? Explain to me what's going on. Now." Sasori glared.
"I'll show you instead. Follow us."
Itachi hoisted you over his shoulder, you murmuring something about muffins. Sasori and Deidara followed quiet pissed off that Itachi just knocked you out and ruined their little get away. When the two other Akatsuki members stopped in front of a stone, both Sasori and Deidara backed up.
"N-No not that!" Sasori ordered.
"Oh boy.. Un.." Deidara sighed.
The sign read, 'Swimming Paradise.' A little sign below that, 'The best swimming suits for ALL sizes.'
"Just what the hell did Leader plan.." Sasori groaned.
The lady at the counter looked awkwardly at the four men that stepped in, with a young girl over one of the mans shoulder.. She just stood there like an idiot.
"Set Kaihiro down over here." Kisame pointed to a bench.
Your limp form rolled down onto the soft bench, an arm draped over the side. The boys went right to work. Finding their own trunks.
"Why the hell are we doing this.." Sasori grumbled, having a hard time to find a pair that he liked.
"Leader ordered us.." Itachi mumbled.. Seeming to have a hard time too.
Actually they all were having a hard time expect Deidara.. Who was already running around in his. The lady at the counter already got freaked out and asked someone else to fill in for her.
"Hey.. What are you.. Guys doing.." You said between yawns.
Itachi snapped his head over. "How.. Did you break the jutsu?"
Rubbing the back of your head, you lazily looked around, "What jutsu. Hey where are we? And why are you.. Are we going swimming or something?"
Your eyes seemed to glow now. Itachi sighed slowly, nodding his head in shame.
"Where to?" You bounced on the bench.
"Now, that is a secret." Itachi said slowly, pulling out a pair of black ones.
Kisame came out wearing a navy blue colored trunks. You looked away, that was WAY to much blue in one sight. Hopping up, you went to the women's side. And hello swimsuits. There were.. A lot. You found a pretty deep colored red one with pink petals folding over some of the red. Yes, it was a bikini, and you felt a little.. Nervous showing much of your body in front of six men. Itachi hollered from his side, asking if you were done and just to keep it on. Tugging off the tag and put your cloths on over the bikini, though you weren't sure what to do with your bra and panties.. Pealing off your sweater, you folded the underclothes in it. But Sasori stopped you from walking out all the way from the changing room. You blinked at it awkwardly as he handed you a bag shyly. Your eyes widened and a hot blush bled your cheeks red. Ignoring all the.. Akatsuki boxers, you put your clothing on top in the bag.

The guys had their normal cloths on, but you knew each one had different trunks on.
"Lets go, un!" Deidara barked at Itachi who was heading towards the counter.
"We pay first you idiot.."
So an Akatsuki member DID pay. You snorted, unlike some, glaring at Sasori and Deidara, remembering your shopping with them. Leaving with four guys, it felt kinda weird. You were the shortest and the only female among them. Deidara didn't look that feminine, actually he looked more like a guy than a female. Just ignoring it, you hope you were going to have a good time with all six members. Or maybe.. A really bad time. They liked to pick on you.. You groaned inwardly.
"Okay, someone pick up Kaihiro, we'll get there faster." Kisame grumbled.
"Wah, no! I can run.. Somewhat.." You looked around nervously.
Before anyone else could make a move, Itachi already hoisted you onto his back. 'For the love of.. Why him..' You felt cold shivers running up and down your spine as you spoke to yourself in your head.
Kisame looked disturbed, Deidara looked disappointed, and Sasori looked royally pissed off. Itachi just merely smirked. And then they took off, you clung for dear life. So these guys could run.. Really fast. Itachi's hair kept getting in your face, so you just rested your chin down on his shoulder, to keep away the hair. At least he was in a better mood today. His red eyes moved back to look at you as he felt the bone of you chin against his shoulder.
"You alright?"
You nodded, gently smiling. You saw Itachi move his lips somewhat, but held back the smile, moving his head back to watch where he was going.
Closing your eyes, you just enjoyed the fresh air, and the spicy earthy masculine smell coming off of Itachi. You watched the scenery get dissertated and the ground more sandy.
"Are.. We going to the beach?" You murmured in Itachi ear, sitting up down, still clinging to the raven haired man.
Itachi only smiled. You knew right away. You never been to the beach before and the only swimming you did was at your old home with the small lake there and the swimming with Zetsu at that small pond. Over a hill, you saw a familiar green fly trap then a shadowy figure. You sat up on Itachi even more, moving your arms away from his neck, waving them about.
"Zetsu! Leader!" You squealed out.
You watched their headed turns, Zetsu smiling widely, and a small smile crept whitely onto Leader.
"Lemme down, lemme down!" You bounced on Itachi's back.
He growled at you, making you sit still. You huffed and just waited. Finally the running stop and your jumped off the raven haired man's back racing towards Zetsu. He caught you and you hugged him tightly which he gladly returned. What can you say, you and him really hit it off well. He was like an older brother to you. Then you noticed the heat and.. Zetsu's white and black chest in front of you. You blushed hard and moved away from him, giggling softly only to see Leader in swim trunks too. Zetsu had a deep earthy color on and Leader had a gray.

You turned to watch the other four members strip their cloths. You felt something running down to your lips from your nose. Swiping the back of your hand under you nose, you saw blood.
'Nose bleed!' You urked inside your head.
But seeing the four strip down to trunks was.. You felt hot sand under you.
"Whoa.. To much in just one eye full.." You mutter softly.
The Akatsuki guys looked at you like a weirdo. Slowly you stood up. Nervously, you reached for the bottom of your tank top. Now stripping in front of six guys was.. Very panicky. Finally you held a deep breath and pulled the tank top off than sliding down you pants. Now you felt naked.. Under their gaze..? You arched an eye brow as their backs were to you, Itachi looking all coolly, though you sworn you saw a blush, along with Kisame and Leader. Zetsu, Deidara, and Sasori on the other hand. You knew their were holding their nose.
"Does this make me look fat?" You barked, resting your hands on your hips, trying to cool off the tension.
"You dork, you know better than that, un." Deidara walked past you with a yellow orangey colored trunks.
Sasori turned to you, running the top of your head. You noticed his body and it was.. Puppet like.. You noticed where that cord came from. And some sort of charka plug and well, it just looked like a puppet put together. You weren't complaining though. His trunks were red like his hair. Some of the swimming bottoms had a design on them.. But you didn't stare that long. Pulling your attention to the large ocean, it was huge, and a crystal blue color.
"Oi, think your mom or dad is out there, Kisame?" You purred with an evil looked plastered all over your face.
He stood above you, his face darkened, right eye just twitching away. You went seriously quiet and slowly slid away. To only bump into Deidara who had an evil look.
"Dei.. What are you plotting?"
Then Sasori had to join. Itachi, Zetsu and Leader was just watching from under the umbrellas Leader and Zetsu carried. Suddenly Kisame growled shark like to you, making you bump hard into both Sasori and Deidara who grabbed you, then who raise you up.
"Oh hell no.. Put me down you two!"
Deidara hand a hold on your legs and down there, while Sasori had the top half. Your cheeks were dark red with anger and embarrassment. Then you felt warm ocean water engulf you entire body. Coming up, gasping for air with your long pale strawberry blonde hair in your face, you heard all six members laughing their asses off. Moving your hand under your hair, you whipped the long strands back and glared at 'em all, though.. It probably didn't do you any good. When something bit you softly on the ankle. That was it. The boys never seen you run so fast, and in water to. You clung to Zetsu for dear life, since he didn't do anything to you.
"S-S-Something bit me!"
...You watched Kisame raise from the water, grinning evilly at you. And once again the Akatsuki was laughing at you.
"Aw.. No fair.." You sniffled. "You guys pick of me to much!"
You flopped to the sand and began to roll around, pretending to cry.
"Suck it up Kaihiro.." Itachi lowered his gaze down to you.
You sat up, sand covering your whole body, pouting. One again the Akatsuki laughing at you.

Later on, you got back at Kisame, cashing him around with a poor fish, shouting at him to kiss his dear aunt. And got back at Sasori and Deidara, tackling them both while they were in the water unaware. Making the red/orange hair fall head first into the water, and the same with the blonde head. And Itachi, you put sand in his sandwich. Telling him when you meant sandwich, you really meant SANDwich...
Then you watched Leader and Zetsu put up somewhat that looked like a volleyball net. Leader was the referee and you were on the team with Zetsu and Deidara. On the other side, was Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori. This wasn't going to turn out well. Watching Itachi hit the ball hard, you watched it hurdle towards you. You squeaked and ducked down, luckily Zetsu saved it.
Hopping up, you pointed at the raven haired man, "You did that on purpose!"
He only smirked. And the game was on. It was pretty rough, due to five men that could hit without using any muscle, though you had to full on. But the game was over once the sun was setting and when Sasori hit the ball up to high and it came landing on top of your head. You fell back, Deidara barely catching you.
"I would like.. One chocolate muffin.. ..please." You held you pointer finger, just out of it.
Deidara cracked up and rubbed the top of your head where the ball hit. Sasori was kneeled down in front of out, wondering if the ball hit your too hard. You hopped up, back to your normal self.

Then it was time for dinner. Gathering some drift wood, Itachi did this fire technique making a nice roaring fire. Sasori draped a towel over your shoulders to keep you a bit warmer as the setting sun was going down even more. The Akatsuki members were tired from all the swimming and dressed back in their cloths underneath the cloaks. You silently thanked Leader for doing this and making it a great day with the seven of you. You were happy you were sitting on a towel than the sand, Sasori at your right side and Zetsu at the other. Deidara was next to Sasori and Itachi next to Zetsu who had Kisame at his side then leader. This made you feel all fuzzy and happy inside. That dream was totally wrong, these guys were just.. Well normal people right? Well somewhat. The puppet handed with a stick with a hot dog on the end. These always tasted best over a fire and with a stick stuck threw 'em. You began to roast yours, just eating it that way without bread. Next of course, was the marshmallows, which you had extra of. And it wasn't quiet around the fire either. You talked about at least something. And even enjoyed some laughing. The sun had gone down and the moon was full and bright in the sky. You frightfuly clung to both Zetsu's and Sasori's arm as Itachi told scary stories, made up yes, but they still freaked you out. But this was better than some nights, with just one or two people. It was nice to have everyone here...
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Chapter Nine
The fire was crackling down to a low warm burn, the embers flaring red and the hiss of fire burning wood make you sleep comfortably. You stole Sasori's cloak, well the end of it anyways, as a pillow while the Akatsuki members still stayed up, talking amongst themselves.
"So what is the next mission, yeah?"
Deidara yawned somewhat, pulling his blonde hair from the pony tail and letting that hair fall down.
"Well. I suppose a team could go to the mist. I heard it's snowing there." Leader slowly itched at the bottom of his shadowy chin.
"And do what there?" Itachi quietly sighed.
Missions were getting more boring by the second.
Leader glanced over to your sleeping form before speaking again, "Assassinate a small gang that lives there. They've been causing trouble and the mist would be better without them."
"And take Kaihiro with us?! Are you crazy, yeah?" Deidara barked, sitting up from for his slouching.
"Itachi and Kisame will take this mission. And yes Kaihiro will go. Do not question this." Leader's eyes narrowed in a serious way and his tone hard as stone.
"We're not taking her!" Itachi and Kisame both ringed out.

You jumped in your sleep and sit strait up. The four shut up, Sasori was just leaning back and Zetsu well, he was off somewhere.
You rubbed sleepily at your eyes, "Mnn.. What's going on..?"
You yawned afterwards and Itachi let out a slow sigh.
"We have a mission tomorrow. And you're going with me and Kisame."
Your eyes shot open and you shook your head violently, "No way! Not you guys."
You ducked behind Sasori to avoid from being thwacked by Kisame. The red head stared at you questioningly as you hid behind him, grabbing onto the shoulder of his cloak. Though you didn't know why, you didn't really like Itachi, he just freaked you out and Kisame well, you two always bickered at each other.
"You are going, no buts about it. If you choose otherwise I'll do more pain than an easy death would." Itachi rose to his feet, his tone more serious.
You whimpered somewhat and hugged yourself to Sasori's back. Itachi narrowed his eyes, a strike of jealousy going through him as you clung to the red head.
But he turned sharply, walking off, "T'ch."
And of course, Kisame was right at his heel. Leader sighed and with a poof of blackness he was gone.

You slumped back on the sand, "Now I've done it. Why can't I go with you guys?"
Deidara rolled over to where you were, laying on his stomach, looking down at you, "Cause.. I suppose to make all of our missions cheerful, un. Instead of having to be serious and cold all the time. We can at least have some fun while were on our mission, yeah."
You looked up at the starry sky, placing your hands behind your head, "Don't I get in the way? I mean you are S-rank criminals."
Sasori turned, eyes narrowed, "How did you know that?"
Your midnight blue eyes blinked, how did you know that?
"Didn't.. You guys tell me?"
The two shook their head.
"Just told you the organization of what we are." Sasori frowned more.
You sat up and itched the back of your head, but the two shrugged it off. But you had called them criminals, without really knowing why, and you didn't even know they were S-rank or anything. Now you were puzzled. Sure the Akatsuki weren't a normal Shinobi. But, S-rank was. You calculated in your head of the basics you learned. It was like right at the top. You frowned at your thoughts. Did this Akatsuki.. Do stuff really bad? Like your dream? You shuddered at the thought. The more and more you thought about, the more it made sense and the more you drifted from them. And why was the reason they didn't kill you like Itachi always said he would? There was no in being around in the already murdered a lot of people on their own.

When you were lost in your thoughts Sasori and Deidara fell asleep. Your eyes drifted up to the sea, and you were pulled out of your thoughts, when you were sure something was out in that vast water. There was something, your eyes weren't fooling you. At least you thought. Standing up, you curiously began to walk to the shore. The wind drifted past you in a cool breeze making goose bumps spread across your skin. The water began to bump against your feet, it was much colder than you first went. But something was on the water. Standing there. You went more into the sea water, the cold liquid coming up to your knees. The, whatever, was still hazy looking but you noticed it was turning. A blur turning? You went out deeper until your feet didn't hit sand anymore.

This was stupid, you knew that, but this curiosity was killing you. You began to swim more out into the water until the hazy thing was slowly forming into something. It turned again. This time it was facing away from you. This was nuts, maybe you were just seeing things thanks to Itachi and his damn stories. You were quite far from shore. And you guessed this is what the mystery thing wanted. The figured slowly formed into a woman. A ghostly like looking woman. Only that, blood was dripping down the sides of her face, and her body started to soak in the rich crimson.
Your eyes opened wide in horror, "M-Mom?"

Her face looked just like yours, only older, dead like, and well not all there. Her hand reached out to you, only that, she had no fingers, it was formed as longs sharp claws for fingers on her hand, black, and bloody. Her chest had a gapping hole through it and her eyes... you didn't even wanna look at those snice they weren't there. And another thing that really made you freaked out, was she had no jaw, the top jaw was just dripping with blood. Then when she went to reach down for you, you just screamed it all out. But, you didn't know how far out in the water you were, and the grasp you're 'mother' had on you was sizzling your skin like fire. You cried out in agony. This had to be a dream just had to. You tried shaking your head to get this sight of this dyeing woman from your vision. But when you opened your eyes, she was even closer. Your blood just drained from your body as you screamed bloody murder. However, just as that your lungs were filled with burning salty water as the woman dragged you down. How could this be real? It was just your mind, right? Well this looked pretty damn real, and the woman wouldn't let go.

Sasori shot right up as he heard the last scream.
"Damn sleep, Kaihiro are you alright?"
The red head rubbed at his eyes, but when he got no reply, he finally looked over. Nothing. He saw no sleeping figure or anything. The red eyes furiously looked around trying to figure out where you went. The bubbles rising from the water caught his attention. Sasori hopped right up to his feet and took off, balancing the chakra in his feet allowing him to race off on top of the water. He stopped where the bubbles stopped. But could see nothing in the black sea. And speaking of black sea, Sasori knelt down to brush his hand against the water, normally it was a blue, a dark blue. But this was black. Strait down, pitch black. His eyes lids dropped down his eyes as he glowered.
"What kind of jutsu is this.."
Releasing the chakra in his feet, he dived down, hopping to find where you sunk off. Thankfully the moon was full and bright, otherwise everything would be pitch black. He cursed in his mind, wondering where the hell you sunk off to.

Your lungs were on fire, wanting air. But this damn woman, who looked like your mother at first, wouldn't let go! Your hand was losing blood as the dead woman tightened her hold, cutting off the circulation. Then you had something else grab you! You would have screamed right then and there but the water would of just had a good entry to fill those lungs up more. Sasori collected his chakra in his feet and kicked away, what he couldn't see, but knew something had a hold of you. The woman jerked away and sped away in the water. You had lack of air in your lungs, but tightly pressed yourself against Sasori as he took a hold and jerked you up to the surface. Gasping for air, you were surprised you could hold your breath for that long, but boy were you dizzy. Salt water was not good for the stomach.
Sasori began to swim back, stopped half way as you whimpered. He looked down in wonder and held you as you grasped your arm.
"Burns like hell.."
Supporting you against him and making you hold onto him with your good arm, Sasori examined the other. The puppet lazily looked over the wound, the cold flesh like wood of fingers making you whimper against as he brushed the wound. The woman's grasp did burn away your flesh and got the tissue of your muscle. And the blood from her hand seeped into your opened wound, making the veins in your wrist down into your palm, black as that water.
"I haven't seen a wound like this.. Think you can heal it?"
Sasori looked up at you worried. You shook your head, falling against him to tired to even move. He sighed in understanding. While you floated in the water, you buried your head against his chest, you cheek bumping against the charka plug.
"Sasori.. Thank you for saving me.. Again." Your throat felt dry, so the sentence came out in a whisper.
He words burned into Sasori's mind. He never saved anyone. Yet, he already twice for you.
This just made his hold tighten, "Why do you make me smile?"
Picking your head up you looked at him questionably. You saw the curve of his lips into a small smile, which made you return the small smile with one of yours own. Your shoulders moved up into a small shrug.
"How can you smile to a killer?" Sasori cocked his head to the side.
You didn't think about that. The Akatsuki were killers. For a good cause? You weren't sure.
"Because.. It's not the killing what makes you. I smile because you are who you are. And killing doesn't make a person, even if the say it does. It doesn't."
Sasori was quiet for a little bit, trying to understand the words, "Even if they murder their parents?"
Now that shocked you. Sasori.. Killed his parents?

Speaking of parents, you really didn't want to hear his story.
So, you shook your head, "I said killing doesn't make a person who they are, even it they killed someone their own blood. I'm not saying its a good thing to kill them.. I mean, killing someone that loves you just.. Well, see. Um.. Geez, I really don't know who to reply, I don't always have an-"
Sasori cut you off by strongly pressing his lips against your own. Those eyes could not have gotten any wider, the bright moonlight making Sasori's eyes half closed as he enjoyed the clear blue midnight eyes that he was face to face with as the kiss deepened more. You just melted. For a puppet and for your first kiss, it felt pretty nice. He pulled back leaving your cheeks stained red. Sasori went to gently grasp you, until you body just felt so weak he had to quickly grasp you so you didnt sink.
"Kaihiro? Hey, Kaihiro?!"
But you just blacked out, tiredly falling against his chest again.

Sasori quickly got out of the water and grabbed a towel from the sand drying your passed out body. Gathering up a few more towels, Sasori had to keep you warm so you really didn't get sick and annoy the hell out of Itachi which you had to go with tomorrow. Next was his cloak. And though you were just out of it, the earthy unique sand smell of Sasori comforted you. But what troubled Sasori the most, was your hand, which he was wrapping in some white bandages to help the wound out a little. What a crazy night this was.
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Chapter Nine
The rising sun was making the sand warm up quickly, the sounds of gulls overhead began to be heard across the beach. The light sloshing of water and more waves crashing into one another, was just the thing to sleep too. Unfortunately it didn't last long. The tight squeezing around your waist and the heavy breathing on the back of your neck slowly made you awake, then wonder who the hell was holding you so close. Squiggling around, you tried to get out of the strong hold. But the man just buried his head deeper into your neck, humming with comfort.
"You smell so good and feel so soft Kaihiro, yeah.."
The blonde squeezed your waist again, pressing you harder to his chest.
"Oh, Kaihiro.. So lovely, un.."
Your cheeks turned bright red, until you tucked your elbow between your back and next to his stomach. Harshly, you socked him one right in the gut. Deidara woke with a hard cough and a surprised gasp. His grasp let go and you were allowed to breath once again. Rubbing your cheeks, you tried to get them back to normal as Deidara rubbed his stomach.
"Well, morning to you too, yeah.."
Obviously, he had no idea what he done. You decided to let it pass.

Rubbing your head, you felt a pulse and surge of harsh pain through your arm. Looking down, you noticed your hand and up your arm a little, was covered in white bandage. Then all the memories of last night flooded into your head. The argue. The scary zombie mommy. And then the little small passionate moment with.. Mr. Puppet that wasn't around. And.. In fact where was anyone? You looked around dumbfounded. There was only Deidara. Tugging on his Akatsuki sleeve, he looked down at you with his hair down, and ruffled a bit like yours.
"What is it, un?"
"Where is everyone?"
"Ohhh.. Sasori and Zetsu went to town to get some food, and Itachi and Kisame. Well I'm not sure, yeah. They haven't been back since last night, un."
Your stomach growled with the word of food. You always seemed to do that when hungry
Deidara made you yelp as he suddenly pounced you and began to rub his cheek against your own. Your hands pushed against his shoulders, trying to move the blonde off of you.
"Deidara! What is it with you?!"
"I'm just going to miss you, un.."
The semi one eyed man replied. You stopped with the struggling and watched the blonde above you.
"Aw Dei.."
He only smiled softly and gave a soft kiss against you cheek. His lips felt more filled with life. When Deidara got off of you, you turned your back to him, blushing in quiet.

Then you noticed you still had your bikini on. Well, why not sun bathe while the boys were getting food? You deiced to do so. That was.. Until Itachi and Kisame came into view. You sighed and slumped foreword. You still felt down for getting grumbled at. You felt some hand smooth down your hair as you continued to glower at the sand. Looking up with the hand still in place. Your eyes widened at whos hand it was.
You backed up a little thinking he was gonna eat you or something. The shark like man only chuckled and handed you a full bundle of clothes.
"For the cold snow in the mist village."
A warm smile crossed over your cheeks. So that was what they went to do and probably caused some trouble too. You giggled at the thought and placed the clothes down on your towel, Akatsuki cloak bed. Wait. Two Akatsuki cloaks? Did Sasori and Zetsu leave there cloaks behind to actually change into normal people to buy the food?! That would be shocking. You blinked awkwardly at the thought. Anyways, you stood up and squeezed yourself to the shark. Then went to do the same thing to Itachi when you got a scary look from his eyes the deiced just to give him a nervous smile.
"Well ,thank you guys."
"Hey Kaihiro, what happened to your arm, yeah?" The blonde finally noticed.
You gulped. Then hid the arm, "I just scratched it up a bit, nothing to worry about."
But you knew all three didn't believe one lie that came from your mouth.

Well, deciding to do that sun bathing, you began to strip out of your clothes, making Kisame hide you with his cloak, getting a shocked look from him.
"What are you doing?!'
You sweat dropped a bit, "I was gonna sun bathe.."
"Sun bathe..?"
"You know.. Soak up some warm rays. I still have my bikini on for gods sake!"
The blue man (I'm blue, blah blah blah blah! X.X Damn song) kinda looked at you in question then like he was hit with a ton of bricks.
"Oh.. Um.. Gomen.."
Kisame removed his hiding position as you went back to stripping, making Deidara squirm with delight and a roll of eyes from Itachi. You didn't bother with a towel. You wanted to fell the sand against your back. The sun was warm and the breeze was nice. You sighed peacefully. Maybe the almost deathly white creamy skin would tone up a bit with this sun soak. Then you fell asleep, snoring a few times, which made Itachi roll you over onto your back until an invisible ding of time to flip you over would ring off in the raven haired man's head. You had a nice sun burn going on. But at least maybe it would turn into somewhat of a tan. Plus you wanted to enjoy this warmth as much as you could before taking off into the cold.
"We're going to have to listen to Kaihiro complain about that burn the entire time were going to the mist village.." Kisame sighed irritably as he watched you sleeping on the sand.
Itachi nodded to that. Both men looked not happy.

"What are you guys staring at..?" Sasori said behind them all with a bag of food in hand.
Deidara nearly jumped out of his skin while Kisame and Itachi remained just watching away. Sasori took a rice ball, which everyone else followed too, munching away at the food while watching you snore on the sand, getting crispy.
"Shouldn't we flip her over?" Kisame took a bite, finishing off his rice ball and reaching for something more meatier.
"We should.." Sasori nibbled somewhat on his rice ball.
"But it's so hard to look away, yeah.." Deidara unhurriedly answered, slowly taking a bite.
"Agreed." Itachi admitted.

Zetsu sprouted up from the sand suddenly, making all for men snap their heads up to the plant.
Zetsu just merely shook his head, "You guys are bakas.."
He kneeled down, gently shaking you. You yelped and sat up, yelping again.
"Ow, ow, ow, ow.."
You stayed stiff to try to relive the stress on your body.
"Hmmnn.. How long was I asleep?"
"Quite long, and just cooking away under the sun, yeah."
Your eye brow ticked, "And none of you bothered to wake me..?"
They nodded in agreement. Your eyes got dangerously terrifying. Zetsu had to hold you back from attacking and losing to the four men. The plant sighed and gently scooped you up from your hissing at the four Akatsuki members. He plopped you down, getting another ow from you as he sat you underneath the beach umbrella.
"I knew you were going to sun bath so I made some sticky plant substance thing.."
Zetsu was having a hard time trying to explain what he made.
"Well it will help your sun burn."
You nodded, digging around in the food to try to find something sweet yet salty.

You pulled out a sesame seed covered Mitarashi. A Mitarashi is a dumpling covered in syrup made from shoyu (soy sauce), sugar and starch. There were three on the skewer and you hopped you would find more. While you ate, Zetsu gently rubbed his weird mixture over your skin. You didn't mind at all, he was the first one you became close to and plus, it felt good and Zetsu was doing a excellent job at it. The plant mixture kinda burned your skin but it soothed it too. The other four Akatsuki members wondered why you took his caresses so easily. Sasori was enormously pissed off. Deidara ticked off, Itachi and Kisame were even a little jealous. And boy did Zetsu know. That's why he hurried as fast as he could. You just enjoyed the yummy food. Zetsu defiantly knew your taste. Once the mixture has dried and you had a belly full, as well as the others. You knew your fate.

Changing behind a bolder, you got in your old clothes again that had.. Been washed somehow. You guessed one of the guys stole your clothes to wash them while you were sun sleeping. Figured. Deidara threw you a brush that landed right atop your head, to brush of the sand and curls. Once that was done. Your fate was settled. Itachi and Kisame towered over you. A gulp and cringe, you had to go with them. But first you clung to Zetsu, giving him a tight hug. You were going to miss him again. Next was Sasori then Deidara. Then all three at the same time. Each one whispered in your ear that they would miss you. Then Kisame grabbed the back of your collar lifting you like a cat that was in trouble and you were fated to have a hard trip with two you didn't feel so comfy with. Sadly you waved bye to the three you've became more friends with as the shark set you down, only to be squeezed, or felt like, between the raven haired man and the blue skinned man.
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Chapter Ten
The ocean was slowly fading out of sight as well for the sand. The last bit of Sasori's, Deidara's, and Zetsu's head were just now going away. Thankfully Kisame had packed a pack with the clothes he got for you and some other food and what not. It was pretty weird that you were fine with the others when they looked all strange and then come around to Itachi whom you did not like at all, and he was the normal one, somewhat. Then there was Kisame, which.. You got along with okay. Right? Or was it always bicker, bicker at each other. You weren't quite sure. Or was it that way with Itachi? Or Deidara? Or.. You were giving yourself a headache. Itachi and Kisame led, leading you back to the road which you would walk for a long, long time. Why couldn't these two take short cuts like the others. Sighing unenthusiastically, you crossed your arms over your chest and leaned your head back a bit. THIS was going to be boring. And nag-full. How the hell Kisame put up with Itachi, you had no clue, it was a mystery and a wonder. And how Itachi could put up with Kisame. But, it was up to you to make this better. Like they say, your day goes how the way you make it, not others. However, a million things were running through your head, giving you an awful headache. And like most girls with a headache, powerful bitchy bite comes along with it too. Kisame gave a long yawn, showing off those sharkish fangs and the blue skin shone lightly in the blazing sun. Itachi was staring off boredly, like he had other things better to do. Which... He probably did. At least Deidara cracked jokes during the mission...

Gritting your teeth, and balling your hands into fists, you pushed past Kisame and Itachi to walk by yourself. The shark tilted his head slowly to the side as Itachi's uncaring stare moved over to your lone figure that was a ways a head of them. Kisame was about to retrieve you, but Itachi looked at the shark otherwise.
"Shouldn't we bring her back, Itachi-sama?" Kisame asked questionably.
But the raven haired man shook his head, telling the same answer over again with his eyes, to just leave you alone. You kicked the same rock over and over until you hit it to hard and it hurled off in another direction. You didn't even like the snow.. Couldn't Leader pick somewhere else, besides the cold. You always felt grumpy and not to hot when a cold wind swept passed the Hidden Village of Sakura. But it never snowed. So you had no idea what this snow was. Pulled from your thoughts, a throbbing pain started back up in your arm. Gazing over to the bandaged up arm, it was bleeding, again. You sighed, thanking the gods for what a lovely trip you were going to have. Right. Not very happy with what you had to do, you stopped and waited for Kisame to hurry up.
"Walk faster, damn fish." You snapped, getting an odd look from Itachi and a glare from the shark.
Finally when the blue Akatsuki member reached you, you snatched the pack from his back and began to fumble around in it, looking for the gauze Sasori had packed away from later bandages for the arm. Finding the roll, you tore off a long strand, letting it wave around in the breeze. Holding that with your teeth, you unrolled the bleeding gauze from your arm.
Then your eyes widened in horror, making Itachi grab the waving piece of gauze that floated from your mouth as it dropped in shock. The black veins had bled entirely through out your hand and began to crept up to the fold of your arm where the elbow bent. You could clearly see the black veins, and just pulsing away, god knew what it was feeding your body.
"Jesus Kaihiro, what the hell happened?"
Kisame gently took a hold of your arm, well gently for him, but murderously painful for you! You yelped and tried to tug your arm away from the strong hold, but Kisame would not let go, so you whimpered instead, making him slowly un-grip your arm as his eyes examined the blackness. Then it was Itachi's turn. They both had to grab your arm, unaware that it fucking hurt. You gritted your teeth hard, making the jaw clench hard.
"The black substance is in to of a venerable spot to open widely." Kisame whispered to his partner.
Itachi, still examining, "Yes, but Kaihiro can heal kunai wounds. Plus we might be able to squeeze out some of the black whatever it is."
"Not sure, maybe.. I might be able to tell what it is, once it is out." Itachi slowly began to pull out the throwing knife.
But you had other ideas. Then again, Kisame knew that idea and had his own idea. The shark like man grabbed you softly at the top of your arms holding you against him. Itachi slowly lowered the sharp tool to the flesh of the weird like burn the woman dead thing gave you last night.
"Oh god.." You took a deep breath.

Kisame's hot breath caressed your ear as he tried to sooth you with soft words that it will be okay. But the sharp edge against flesh was not a happy trip to la-la land. And the black subsistence seemed to crawl away from the open wound until Itachi began to squeeze. And squeeze. You cried out in agony as most of the black poison was being pushed out through the wound that was fairly large to be able to this. Kisame tried his best to calm you down. But being in the Akatsuki for a long time, was just a little hard. Both blood and black shit was coming out and spilling to the gravel of the road. Whimpers and moans of pains lasted for five minuets, but to you, it felt like hours. Finally, most of the poison was out, you still had some, but not a lot. Quickly, Itachi placed your hand over the wound, telling you firmly to heal the wound. After a few moments of trying to concentrate, the wound was slowly healing back up to normal flesh. Well with the wound from the zombie mommy still there too. The glow of the rosy pink light started to fade away from your open palm. You were devastated that the wound from last night did not heal up. You couldn't understand why that wound would not vanish.

Glancing down towards the pile of icky-ness that Itachi made from the wound, you grimaced at the slim of the black poison. Then the blood that was slowly streaming away from it and drying on the gravel. Kisame slowly let go of your arms, freeing you from his chest, but you didn't move much as Itachi kneeled down to see what the hell this black stuff was. He was about to touch it when a beetle was slowly nearing the pile and when its curiosity took over it, the bug slowly ventured forward. Right when it touched the black crud, a severe fizz and the beetle was dead. Itachi didn't dare touch the black poison now.
"How can something as acidy like that, live in Kaihiro's veins?" Kisame fumbled a hand through the back of his blue lazy spiky hair.
Itachi stood back up and gently took a hold of your arm once more. Most of the black venom was gone, but you still had some swimming around in there. He smoothed his thumb over the veins he could see. For a genius mind, Itachi had no clue what was going on. Instead, he began to wrap up your arm once again, this time making the gauze go past your elbow. You wiggled around your bandaged fingers and painfully, yet slowly, bended your arm. Hopefully what Itachi did would make your arm somewhat better and not hurt all the time. Shuffling around in that pack again, this thing practically had everything. You pulled out some pills to hopefully cure the major headache and throbbing soreness in your arm. Downing one without any water, you set everything back in the pack and gave in to Kisame to carry once again. Then it was back to the road. And hopefully no one would come across the black poison that you left behind.
Your arm hang limp at your side, the throbbing pain still there, even though the pill had kicked in a hour ago. The bad thing about going on missions, is that it took forever. You wanted another vacation like what Sir Leader just did last night. Now that was fun, except for the whole dead mom thing. Thinking about that, you wondered how the hell that was possible. Was she really dead? Well, most likely, but still. What caused her to come after you and do this to your arm. You were sure you heard Leader say you could heal any wound. But this one was not normal at all. What Kisame had gathered, had bothered you. The black stuff was like acid. But there was no way in could live in your veins. And what ever it was feeding your body was really making you all wobbly. There was times that you would bump into Itachi and Kisame. And of course they had to take it rudely. You just sighed them off. You were in lead. Though you had no idea where you were going but you suspected to follow this road, it would take you to the mist village. But right now, you had no intentions of staying around the two behind you.

The sun was getting brighter in the sky, and the rays, even if you weren't looking, were starting to hurt your eyes. Now you yourself was starting to feel like a damn zombie. The burning sensation in your arm, made you gather that the black poison was coming back. Your fingers felt numb and your arm was sore if you tried to lift it. But just when you thought nothing could get worse, your body shut down, making you fall to your knees against the dirt road. Your good hand gripped at your bandaged one as you groan lightly as it pulsed hard. This was getting bothersome. Kisame walker faster than Itachi to see what was wrong with you, only to find out the problem was your arm yet again.
"That thing is getting tiresome." Kisame grumbled.
"Maybe we should just cut it off." Itachi enlightened.
"I don't think so!" You hid your arm from them.
"Is there any healers around here?" Kisame stood back up from his kneeling.
"I'm fine, don't worry about it. Let's just go to the Mist and get this over with." Pulling your self back up, you dusted off and began to walk along the road again.
The two men just stood there for a moment at your sudden heal.
"Give me the pack, you carry Kaihiro." Itachi mumbled.
"Aw, why do I have to carry her?"
"Cause I did last time, now move."
Itachi grabbed the pack from his partner and the fish took off after you. The sudden throw onto the sharks back made you yelp from surprise.
"H-Hey! Put me down, ya damn shark!"
Kisame growled at the nickname, "Sorry, can't do that."
Your eyes narrowed, then you began to throw a fit onto Kisame's back.
"Hey! Knock that off!" Kisame snarled, trying to get to stop hitting his back and tugging at his gills.
Itachi just watched with one eye brow raised as his partner fought against a girl and was losing.
"Let's go already. Before Kaihiro's arm falls off." Itachi smirked.
You went instantly quiet, "It's.. Not gonna.."
But Itachi's smirk grew wider, making you shrink down into Kisame's back as you set off on the road again.
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Chapter 12 Rated:Teen/Mature

"Are we there yet?"
"Are were there now?"
"And.. Are we there yet now?"
"For god's sake, Kaihiro, for the tenth time, NO!"
"Didn't think you depended on god's sake."
"Why you little!"
"Aw, what are you gonna do, chew me to death?"
Kisame ground his teeth against each other. The shark like man and you had been arguing for hours. For some reason, Itachi was ignoring you completely. You had been playing with his blue hair as he kept a grip on your legs to hold you from falling off of his back. He was running for a while now, and now Kisame and Itachi had slowed. Your back ached from being in this position, you moved around a lot, making Kisame gripe at you. Then you began to play with his weird forehead protector. At least you thought it was one. You rubbed the cold metal against your fingers tip, rubbing the scratch across the symbol.
"Why do you were such a huuuuuuuuge forehead protector? I mean, it isn't even protecting your forehead. Did you like, get injured badly in the head and need this head brace?"
You yelped at Kisame dropped you to the ground. When the shark pulled out that huge sword, your eyes popped. Quickly you scrambled over to Itachi, on hands and knees, crawling up his cloak. Itachi's eye brows went up in astonishment. You peaked you head out from the opening at Itachi's neck, pointing a finger at the shark behind the cloak, making a point in the material.
"Bad, bad boy! Down sharkie! ----OH GOD! Help me, Itachi!"
Kisame was filled with rage. You clung to the raven haired man as Kisame took a swing, making Itachi jump back.
"Will you two cut it out, and---Kaihiro, let go. Will you let go! For fuck sake, LET GO!"
Itachi was trying to push you out from his Akatsuki cloak but you didnt dare get out of the material.

While you were whining at Itachi, something cold hit you in the back of the head, making a loud splat noise. Your head jerked foreword.
"What the hell?!"
Whipping around, before you could see a thing, something white collided with your face. And it was freezing cold.
"OH MAH GOD! I'm being attacked by white stuff, cold white stuff too!"
Flailing your arms, making wings in Itachi's cloak... whom had yet to get you out of. Both men just fell quiet. Then began to laugh their asss off.
Whatever was on your face began to melt, making you freak out, "It's moving! It's trying to eat me alive! God, I'm blind!"
You whipped at you eyes, everything was white, that it hurt your eyes so badly. You didn't realize this before.
You crawled out from Itachi's cloak and questioned Kisame.
"It's called snow. Haven't you ever seen it?"
Both men blinked at you in shock.
"You know.. The water freezes high in the sky and when the water falls from the clouds, its crystallized, making snow."
Itachi explained slowly, like you were a dumb shit. Well.. You were.. To this. But you glared at him anyways.
"Well whatever it is, it's cold. Cloths please!"
You slowly, cautiously scrambled over to Kisame who snapped his jaws at you once. Making you yelp and fling yourself around to his back and getting the warmer clothes.
"Hold on, Kaihiro, before you get dressed."
Itachi walked over to you slowly and dug out a roll of bandages. Taking your lighter sweater off, he uncurled the old bandages. Your arm had stayed the same as you last saw it.
"Maybe the shit is finally coming out." Kisame grunted.
Itachi flicked the red Sharingan eyes over the black poison still living in your veins, but at least it wasn't as black as it was this morning. Saying nothing, he bound up your arm once again with new bandages. Storing away your lighter sweater in the pack, you pulled on the heavier jacket. You said you were fine now, though Kisame insisted on trying to get you to put more clothes on.

In a little while the snow became more clearer around the area. Itachi had instructed you that all of your were almost in the Mist village. You weren't sure why Sir Leader wanted Itachi and Kisame to kill a gang here. Didn't the Akatsuki only do bad? And wouldn't killing a gang in the mist be a good thing? Itachi.... And Kisame... Doing good things? You snorted. Ch'a right. You began to walk over a large bridge that was medium high over a large river. Snow was everywhere, and boy was it new to you. Many times you slipped on the bridge either being caught by Kisame, or actually falling by Itachi sliding foreword to get out of your grabby reach. Well, for how many times you slipped in the snow, you were now soaking wet, and chilled to the bone by the time you got into the town. And why you didn't notice, Kisame and Itachi had straw hats on right now. You blinked. When the hell did they put those on?

Then your nose began to feel tingly. And your eyes began to water. Until, a loud sneeze that jerked your head foreword a bit erupted in the air. Followed by another. And then another. Kisame blinked at you. Itachi just shrugged it off coolly. While Itachi paused to have a look around, both Kisame and you did as well. The shark brought his hand up to your forehead and felt the heat radiate off your skin.
"Jesus, Kai! You're running a high fever!"
"I am?" You blinked a few times, not really knowing this at all.
You felt fine. Course your arm was still beating and burning like hell.
"Itachi-samaaaaaaa.. We need to get her to a hotel and into a hot bath." Kisame whined somewhat.
"You do it.. I'm hungry." With that, the raven haired man left, mumbling something about dango.
"Damn it.. Come on Kai."
A blue hand wrapped around your own, then you felt a tug in your body as Kisame hauled you off. But realizing you had a fever, it sunk into your brain, making your body react to the sickness. Now you felt queasy and dizzy aching in the head.
"Kisame.. Not so fast."
Things seemed to blur by you as Kisame hurried to find a hotel. Your arm began to pulse. A 'thump, thump' kept happening after a pause. Then another
'thump, thump..' pause, and then it went back at it. You winced with pain and watched the arm Kisame didn't grab began to twitch with pain. It was actually twitching. Twisting around very slightly. You clenched your fist to make it stop, which did after a few moments, just the right time when Kisame found a hotel. You eyed the tall shark. How was he going to get by the lady at the counter.
"Kisame..? Maybe I should do it."
The blue man snorted, "I've done this before. Don't worry, people around here see strange things."
You giggled at the 'strange things,' getting a glare from the Akatsuki member. Kisame walked up to the counter, the woman looking up from her magazine, snapping her gum loudly.
Kisame held back a grunt, "I'd like a room for three. Got any?"
The woman raised her eye brow, chewing her gum with her mouth wide open.
"A.. room for three?" She peered over at you.
Kisame gave a grunt this time as if to say yes.
"We, only have two bedroom rooms.." Snap, there went that gum again.
Kisame was fidgeting around, annoyed. "It's fine, we'll take it."
"With or without a large bath?"
Kisame answered quickly, making the woman raise her eye brow again, "With."
You skittered over to the tall shark and tugged on his sleeve. "I don't feel well.."
"I know, Kai, just hang on." Kisame mumbled.
He snatched the key from the woman who went back to her magazine and you followed quickly after the fish.
Fiiiiish =3

Once you were in the room, Kisame closed the door behind you and threw off the straw hat, rubbing his temples, muttering something about cursing Itachi. You plopped down on the bed, white as a ghost. Kisame tore off his cloak, tossing it over a chair, the room hot enough.
He looked to you, narrowing his eyes, "Strip."
You jumped clear off the bed, "NANI?!"
"Get undressed so you can take a bath.. Geez, I'm not a prev like Deidara."
"I can't.." You muttered, looking away.
Kisame raised an eye brow, "Why not?!"
"I can't move, it hurts to move."
Kisame groaned and ruffled up his dark blue hair, "Kaiiiihiiirooo.."
"I'm serious!" You snapped nervously.
The shark like man growled and stomped over to you, making you flinch back. This caused him to grip your arm from sliding away from him.
"I'll do it then."
"W-wait! No. Stop! GAH! COLD HANDS!"
You yelped as Kisame brushed his hands up your shirt to tug the top off.
"Actually, wait.. They.. Feel good.." You blushed hotly and looked off to the side.
The shark almost choked and began to remove his hands quickly, until you held them there. You purred. The cold hands did feel nice against your hot skin. They were rough.. But still felt nice. Comforting even. You pushed closer into the hand, making Kisame's forearms bump against your tummy now. Kisame looked off gruffly, a taint pink in his blue cheeks, making them purple.
"Kay, ready for the bath." You blinked up at the fish.
He nodded somewhat, then paused at grasping your shirt. You waited.

More minuets passed.
"Take it off already, fishie!"
"Kaihiro, you're a girl. I'm in the Akatsuki. I'VE NEVER DONE THIS!" Barked Kisame right back.
"I'll close my eyes.." You began to do so, making Kisame turn a darker shade of purple.
When your eyes were shut tight, you felt your shirt slide off slowly, flowed by tugging off your pants. You felt just like a child, that was all. Kisame was hopping around, wondering what the hell he was doing.
"I can't. I can't do the rest." Kisame nervously said, which was the first.
"I will not strip you."
"It's fine, just do it!"
"I wont have you naked right out here!"
Meanwhile, Itachi was coming back, getting directions on what room his partner got. He stopped outside the door to open it until he heard..
"I can't take it off!"
"Kisame, it unlatches in the back!"
"I'm trying! But it's hard." Kisame whined.
"Ugh, let me do it." You sighed.
"Why can you do it so easy?!" The shark yelped.
"I'm a girl..." You replied innocently.
"Okay, panties next.."

The door burst open, you yelped, cuddling more in your blanket. Kisame pulled so hard on you lower clothing that it ripped in two.
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?!" Itachi bellowed, shocked on what was happening.
"I WAS going to get her in the bath!" Kisame stood strait, tossing the ripped panties behind his shoulder, innocently. "BUT, I got ditched by MY partner!"
Itachi glared, "Well, if you weren't such a SHARK!"
"What'd you say, blind boy?!"
Kisame began to unsheathe his Samehada. You scrambled from the bed, naked, covered in just a blanket. Itachi looked away and Kisame blushed hard once more.
"Bah, men." You shrugged and made you way to the bathroom.
You soon were learning on how to ignore Kisame and Itachi as they went back to their bickering. Kisame telling his partner that he was just helping you get into the bath since you were to sick and hurt to move. Itachi snorting and going on calling Kisame names, hurting the poor sharky.
=o XD

You dropped the blanket from your sore naked body and began to start the large tug up. You wanted warm water. Not cold nor hot. Something just to soothe. Once the water was running into the large space of the bathtub, you poured the only kind of bubbly oily good smelly stuff the hotel had. It was a rich vanilla smell, with something close to the smell of Sakura tress. Only thing was, you always smelled like Sakura trees. Shrugging, you poured the stuff in anyways. The bathroom was staring to smell lovely, but all the white was hurting your eyes. Luckily! There was candles and a lighter around the tub side and what not. You began to lit them up, turning off the high buzzing light on the ceiling. Then it was time for your bath. You slipped in the warm water, sighing with pleasure. This felt really nice. You dunked your whole body in, hair waving around like seaweed and even your bandages on your left arm getting all soaked and pealing off. Popping back up from the water, you let out a long exhausted but relaxed breath, leaning against the down curve of the tub. While you bathed, Itachi and Kisame were still uptight at each other, but when they heard something from the bathroom, both men slide up to the door. It was your voice, soft and soothing as your hand played in the water. Itachi and Kisame pressed an ear close to the door. It went:

If you are lost in your way
Deep in an awesome story
Don't be in doubt and stray
Cling to your lonesome folly

Now you're too close to the pain
Let all the rain go further
Come back and kiss me in vain
Mother oh do not bother

Hear the chorus of pain
Taking you back to proper ways
It's so easy to find
If you could remind me

Now you are lost in your way
Deep in an awesome story
So I will find you again
Kiss you for lonesome folly..

You sounded very sad when signing it, but your voice didn't stop being as elegant. Both men paused as you song soon came to stop. Then had their ear pressed to the door, even when you were done. Then you sneezed and cursed at the water getting up your nose. Kisame chuckled softly, Itachi looked like he was off in space. Then they both heard you get out of the bathtub. They scrambled to look innocent in the room, while you dried off, wanting food, sleep, or something to make this ache go away in your arm.
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So long.. have to read this some other time..
I'm at chapter 2, and I finally understood Some of it.. I think there's too many reference to "you" that it's breaking up the story.
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THIS IS STOLEN!!! I can not believe I have found my work here. You stole this from Quizilla!! I am the original creator of this story and you have plagiarized me! This is my very first story and you have no rights in claiming it and posting it. I don't know why people so this, it is so sick. How dare you steal my work and post it.
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