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Creeps and Stalkers in CR Forums
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Posted 2/3/17 , edited 2/3/17

AlastorCrow wrote:

Have you ever met any stalkers/creeps in CR who try to make you feel uncomfortable? I guess it's a first for me but I probably pushed someone's buttons this evening based on a disagreement of opinions in a thread. The last resort for these kind of lowlife scum is to make it more personal and try to invade your privacy. The idea is to make someone feel uneasy that they have some of your personal information and show it as some kind of a veiled threat. Perhaps I could show this to someone I know in law enforcement? Maybe. Anyway, meet this local CR scumbag:


The sad shit even messaged me on my reddit account lol. I guess I know where he got my name from. Posted a picture of a letter we wrote for the mangaka, Sui Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul), when we visited a cafe in Tokyo that he uses as a model for his manga.

I have met a few creepers and stalkers on here - unfortunately, as stated above, threads like this often turn into witch hunts, so I'm going to have to close this for now. Some of the things I can suggest:
Report the person - mods may be able to handle the situation if it's stuff you can link to, like forum or guestbook posts, but if it's in PM, it's better to contact support, either through /contact or [email protected]
Block the person from your PMs. If you go to /acct/?action=inbox, you can add their name to the list and prevent them from any further contact.

Since they are including other, personal details, I really hope you contact support - that kind of thing may be illegal. And they may be doing it to others on the site, which we don't want.
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