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Posted 2/6/17
I just bought a Premium Membership to use with my Apple TV (4th Gen) so I downloaded your app from the store and everything seems to work fine. Except for the pop up prompt to continue to the next episode. I'm watching The Saga of Tanya the Evil at the moment and there has, so far, always been a post credit scene. My issue is that the next episode prompt comes up from the bottom of the screen and cuts off the subtitles. So I swipe down on my remote to remove the prompt, but then not only does that mean I can't go straight to the next episode now, I also have to rewind the episode to catch what I've missed (and even then the prompt comes back when you rewind so I have to just be ready to swipe down as quickly as possible to not miss the subtitles). Just having the prompt come down from the top of the screen instead, or just appearing as a small box in the top right or left hand corner instead so it's not so obstructive would be better. Thanks in advance for hearing me out. Side note, everything else about your Apple TV App is great.
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