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Anime Expo 2017 Roomshare Thread
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Posted 2/8/17 , edited 2/9/17
I am repeating the thread I ran last year since there was such a positive response to it!!!

Please use the following form(s) if you would like to find people to share a room with you. Please start each post with either "LOOKING FOR ROOMMATES" or "LOOKING FOR A ROOM" in all caps.
Please update your post with FILLED after you fill up your room share or find a room to respect others' time and screen space.

Name (aliases are okay):
Nights Booked (exact nights; ex. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Night):
Spaces Available (at time of posting):
Requirements of Roommates:
Age range:
Sleeping habits:
Contact (I highly recommend putting down an alias email and using Google Voice for an anonymous phone number):
Description of Myself (Age, Gender, Smoker/Drinker, Sleeping Habits, Anything else):
Anything else:
Name (aliases are okay):
Nights Needed (exact nights; ex. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Night):
Spaces Needed:
Preferred Rate (per person):
Preferred Hotel:
Sleeping habits:
Other requirements:
Preferences of Desired Roommates:
Age range:
Sleeping habits:
Contact (I highly recommend putting down an alias email and using Google Voice for an anonymous phone number):
Anything else:
I also suggest reading for more information about room sharing at Anime Expo.

Please try to keep all communications private via the contact information to protect individuals' privacy, and everyone else's sanity.

If you plan to post your info, I thank you for keeping this thread alive. Thank you all for keep this thread civilized.
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Posted 2/8/17 , edited 2/9/17
Name: Yuuichi (pronounced 'you-ichy')
Hotel: Hotel Indigo
Nights Booked: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (4 nights)
Price: $400 (bed)/$180 (UNOFFICIAL OPEN SPACE)
Spaces Available: A LOT

Requirements of Roommates:
Age range: 15+ (For individuals under the age of 18, I will need to get in contact with your parents to ensure that they know you are attending this event and give you permission)
Gender: ANY
Smokers/Drinkers: NON-SMOKING, Alcohol Okay as long as not shared with minors/not interrupting roommates and neighbors
Sleeping habits:Lights Out from 12 Midnight to 6 AM

Email: [email protected] - Please title emails with "AX 2017 RS"
Phone/Text: 678-365-1472

By choosing to join this room share, you agree to everything in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Description of Myself: I am a 22-year old male who will be attending Anime Expo for the third time. I have experience with multiple conventions around the country, and am excited to return back to Anime Expo.


Are the rates per night or for the whole stay?
It's for the whole stay. I do not have a per night rate.

When would the payment be due?
I ask a deposit as soon as possible to ensure that you can cover your cost at the convention. I ask that payment be sent at least a month prior to the convention. This gives me time to compile payment for the hotel, as well as weed out any last second drop-outs.

How do you like payment?
I prefer Venmo, money orders, or checks. If cash is sent in the mail and the postman loses it, it's lost for both you and me. Checks, Venmo, or money orders can be traced by the sender, or cancelled and retrieved, if necessary.

Why is your rate so [email protected]$#ing expensive?
I try maintain a humane rooming situation for everyone. I do not stuff rooms with 10 people to try to drive down the cost of the room per head at the cost of everyone's experience. 2 people per bed, PERIOD.

Do you accept Paypal?
Yes. We have to be careful about that since they can take a chunk of the payment out in fees. Venmo is as easy to use and absolutely free to use for money payments and trackable.

What do we do about food (water)?
I am planning a buy-in pool of water and basic snacks to help keep everyone hydrated and somewhat satiated during the convention. I am trying to keep the cost per head under $20 for the entire weekend. I will also try to schedule optional group meals so we can all meet, sit, relax, and eat. No one has to attend, but it is a great way to meet other fans and make friendships. I will do my best to avoid major gatherings and events when scheduling them.

Aren't you a bit... um... young? That's a fair question. Simply answered, I have coordinated room shares before and travelled around the world thrice already (really!). If you think that I am a tank top wearing, binge drinking, irresponsible college drop-out, you are wrong.

Is there a Girl/Guy Only room?
Sadly, I need to make rooms co-ed to ensure room costs are fully covered. I will ensure beds are single gendered and will create single gender room when possible.

I'm under 18... Can I still go?
I'll take people as young as 15, but if you are between 15 and 17, I HAVE TO SPEAK TO YOUR PARENTS FIRST. This is non-negotiable. It sounds very over-bearing, but if you're a minor, you lie to your parent/guardian about where you are, and you're found with me and/or my friends, that's a potential kidnapping charge on the adult(s) you're found with, and that's a great way to ruin a convention and my day.

What is your cancellation policy?
I understand get life happens and unexpected things pop up like money troubles or friends suddenly inviting you to go. If you can decide if you're cancelling by the end of May, I'd appreciate it. Though, I'll accept your cancellation up to a week before the convention. However, it's very hard to guarantee a full refund within a week of the convention. The reason for this is there's other people counting on everyone paying their fair share.

What's the rule about drinking?
I don't mind social drinking or fun drinking, but I don't tolerate getting fall-down drunk. Also, NO MINOR DRINKING, PERIOD. If you're an adult who gives a minor alcohol, we'll have a few unkind words, and I won't hesitate to involve the authorities and kick you out.

Someone in the room is getting on my nerves...
Bring anything like this to me. I'm a decent negotiator (plus the "owner" of the room and I will handle all issues like this. Few things can make a weekend more tense than people irritating each other and drawing lines in the sand. Even if it doesn't get to fighting, you're giving the cold-shoulder to someone else, and everyone else in that room will get frustrated and caught up in it. That's not fair to everyone in that situation.

Um... I broke something in the room.
This should be a no-brainer, but be prepared to pay for it. I also inspect rooms quickly before I check them out. The reason for that is if these things are reserved with my credit card and something comes up broken, I have to pay for it. I limit my risks by being careful. If no one comes forward for damages, I will bill everyone in that room for the damage, so please do right by your roommates.

What happens if I break "the rules?"
I escort you out. Not out of the hotel or the convention, but out of my room block. No refunds and no arguments. You're out.

-Any other questions, please feel free to ask via my contact information.
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Posted 3/28/17 , edited 5/24/17

Name / Age / Gender: Kaela / 24 / Female
Hotel: JW Marriott
Hotel rates: $$$
How long are you staying: June 30th - July 5th
Where are you coming from: Inland Empire
Space Available: 9 (only floor space)

Requirements: Good Hygiene! (Please shower regularly! Use deodorant, brush your teeth, keep your things together and your sleeping area clean.) No Drugs, this is also a non-smoking room (no vaping in the room, no cigarettes, no weed sorry). This room is 18+ No Exceptions (if possible we would like to keep it 21+ because we do drink but we will not be letting anyone under the age of 21 drink.) if you are a parent bringing a under age child with you please do not get in contact with me. There will be ZERO tolerance for any kind of drama! This is a fun drama free room! (If you are causing drama you will be asked to leave and you will not receive a refund.) if you are going to drink please provide your own alcohol and please know your limit (we do not want to babysit you and we do not want people drinking till they get sick). Payment will be do in advance not when you arrive. (To keep things running smoothly with the hotel room and check in you will need to pay in advance before the convention for the simple reason everyone shows up at different times and different days.)

Amenities: Me and my friend have been running rooms together for the past 5 years, everyone that stays with us always has a great time! We do not book through the AX website because of all of the AX rules they have. We do book a Junior Suite (which is a really big room), please keep in mind that since we do not book through the AX site and we book a much bigger room we do not get the AX discount on our room so we are paying full price. We provide Drinks (soda, water, juice) and food (sandwiches and snacks) which is already included in the room price. We always have tons of anime and video games in the room. You are more the welcome to tag along with me or my friend during the convention if you want too, we want to make sure no one in our room feels singled out. If you ever have any issues don't hesitate to get ahols of Christian or myself.

Other Information: We are a very loud room, we like to have fun and most nights we sont wnd up going to bed till around 3-5 am. But if you can sleep with all the noise and lights on you're more than welcome in this room! If you cant sleep with a lot of noise then this room probably isnt for you, again were here to have fun so we dont want people complaining or getting mad about us being noisy all night. We do ask that your bring what you will need to be comfortable since there is only floor space in this room (bring your own pillows, blankets, showering towls, shampoo whatever els you shower with daily.) Thats all for now I cant wait to get a awesome group of people to fill up the room this year!!! Lets make this an awesome 2017 AX!!!

Contact: please contact me via email if interested because I probably will not check my nessages on here!! [email protected] (please put something regarding the AX room in the subject line)

REMINDER: Just a quick reminder that your payment will be due in advance!! Not when you arrive to the convention. Thank you and I can't wait to hear from everone!!
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Posted 5/10/17 , edited 5/11/17
Name: Hugo & Kat

Hotel: We are using an Airbnb location

Nights Booked: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, checkout Tuesday
Price: ~$700 for all 4 nights (this is not what you would be paying, this is just the total for the stay)
Spaces Available: 2

Requirements of Roommates: Be respectful of other guests and their belongings
Age range: 21+
Gender: Any
Smokers/Drinkers: There is no smoking allowed inside the house. Drinking is okay, we plan on doing so ourselves.
Sleeping habits: Late nights are to be expected, no curfew
Contact: Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested or have any questions

Description of Myself:
Age: 24
Sleeping habits: light snoring, stays up late

Age: 21
Sleeping habits: stays up late

Anything else: We are a couple (bf/gf), and we have been to Anime Expo in the past and had a blast. You will most likely be speaking to Hugo about the room arrangements, cost for stay, and any other questions or concerns you may have. We are an easy going couple, and would like to make friends, and have a great time like everybody else!
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Posted 5/18/17 , edited 5/18/17
Name (aliases are okay): Charlie (Zen)
Nights Needed :30th-4(or)5th
Spaces Needed: minimal (i pack light)
Preferred Rate (per person): id like to say under 375$
Preferred Hotel:JW Marriott , Residence Inn (by the con center), Ritz
Gender: male
Smoker/Drinker:no smoking, i like drinking on occasion
Sleeping habits: bed at reasonable time (midnight is reasonable for m)
Other requirements: multiple forms of communication before i send payment. i wold like to be able to get a room key card
Preferences of Desired Roommates: be a decent person, no one too loud or rude,
Age range:any
Smokers/Drinkers:no smokers please
Contact : [email protected]
Anything else:please contact me as soon as possible.
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Posted 5/27/17 , edited 5/27/17
Looking For RoomMates Name: George or Jorge Ramirez

Hotel: InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown Address: 900 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90017 Room reserved: Queen/Queen Room
Number of guests: 2-4 I can change the max number to 4 in one room the lest to just the 1 other person with me
Check-in: 30-Jun-2017 Check-out: 04-Jul-2017

Price: Depending on who goes im willing to pay $650-$700 From the total Amount so if 3 ppl and me it comes to about $687 between the rest of the 3 ppl. 2 ppl $549 for the 2 of you and $360 for just 1 person but we can always disscuss it since i will be turning 21 years old i may be more generous
Depending How many people are in room the more Money it is total that is why for 2 Ppl Total is $1160 3ppl is $1200 and 4ppl is $1337 that is why but like i said we can discus prices

Spaces Available (at time of posting): 1-3 spaces

Requirements of Roommates: NON-SMOKING, Alcohol Okay as long as not shared with minors/not interrupting roommates and neighbors. Be Kinda and Respectful to others in the room

Age range: Some where between 18-28


Smokers/Drinkers: Smoking none in Room outside i dont care as for drinking since i will be turning 21 we can do it together but i havnt really drank before so go easy on me

Sleeping habits: Doesnt matter to me once im asleep im out

Contact (I highly recommend putting down an alias email and using Google Voice for a private phone number): [email protected] Or Cell 323-681-2532

Description of Myself (Age, Gender, Smoker/Drinker, Sleeping Habits, Anything else):20 at the moment, Male, Dont smoke, Drinking new to it, Sleep habits just ik i roll around alot in bed not sure deending how tired may snore

Anything else: This will be my second anime expo. It will be my bday so i may get vistors from friend or family while there but none will stay most likely i will be cosplaying for the first time as well. I wouldnt mind hanging out at the expo either i will be alone most the time unless my child hood friend ends up going but will not be staying in the room but we can all hang out it is up too you otherwise i am a lad back kinda person i usally not outspoken due to not alot of comin instrest with people but hopefulley we can get along
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Posted 6/1/17 , edited 6/23/17
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Posted 6/10/17 , edited 6/15/17
Name (aliases are okay): Lightning
Nights Needed: July 1-3
Spaces Needed: 1
Preferred Rate: 100 or OBO (reason being cheap is because I only want to sleep on the floor or a corner and I don't really need too much space.)
Preferred Hotel: any around LA
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Smoker/Drinker: no/no
Sleeping habits: late (after midnight) but won't cause any disturbance.
Other requirements: None
Preferences of Desired Roommates: Doesn't matter
Age range: Doesn't matter
Gender: Doesn't matter
Smokers/Drinkers: Don't care
Sleeping habits: Don't care
Contact: [email protected], or PM me
Anything else: I would like to hear offers if anyone is offering a floor spot. Thank you.
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Posted 6/13/17 , edited 6/15/17

Name (aliases are okay): Vero (F 27) and Jay (M 32)

Hotel: Westin Bonaventure

Nights Booked (exact nights; ex. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Night): Fri 30th, Sat 1st, Sunday 2nd, Monday 3rd check out 4th by noon

Price: $250 each person

Spaces Available (at time of posting): 2

Requirements of Roommates: Pay when you arrive to the hotel

Age range: 18+

Gender: either or both

Smokers/Drinkers: no smoking, drinking moderately is fine

Sleeping habits: Doesn't matter, we plan to stay out late

Contact: [email protected]
Description of Myself: We are a male and female couple looking to enjoy AX for a 4th time this year, we don't drink or smoke but still have a good time ^_^
Anything else: Please email me if interested or have questions
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Posted 6/14/17 , edited 6/14/17
Name: Roy Lee Pitts III
Hotel: Westin Bonaventure (Shuttles are frequent)
Nights Booked: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night (Night 0-Night 4)
Price: 230 for 4 people, 184 for 5 people
Spaces Available (at time of posting): Currently only floor space (Airbed suggested)
Requirements of Roommates: None, just be comfortable rooming with 2 women and 1 dude.
Age range: None
Gender: Any
Smokers/Drinkers: Doesnt matter
Sleeping habits: Any preferred
Description of Roomates:
Male, 29, Non Smoker, Drinker, Sleeps late, Rises in the morning.
Female, 31 Non Smoker, Drinker, Sleeps normally, Rises in the morning (Cosplayer)
Female 26 Non Smoker, Drinker, Sleeps early, Rises in the morning.
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Posted 6/18/17 , edited 6/22/17
Name: Gaara or Ashlyn
Hotel: the Line Hotel
Nights Booked: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Two of us will be staying on Tuesday as well if you'd like to stay an extra day.
Price: $250 for all four days, +$50 for Tuesday.
Spaces Available: One
Requirements of Roommates: None
Age range: 18+
Gender: Preferably female/female identified
Smokers/Drinkers: Both are okay, just don't smoke in the hotel room!
Sleeping habits: Doesn't matter. We'll probably be staying up late, though, if you like to sleep early. We'll be quiet if needed!
Contact: Discord is great, just add gaara#4153. You can also email me at [email protected] but I will want to talk to you eventually on voicechat or by phone!
Description of Roommates:
21, female, non smoker, drinks, sleeps midnight - 2am
24, female, non smoker, drinks, sleeps midnight - 2am
21/22, female, non smoker, drinks, sleeps late, cosplayer
Anything else: We'll be traveling by metro and probably going to a lot of restaurants if you'd like to join us. The room has two beds, so we'll be sharing, but feel free to bring a sleeping bag or we can accommodate. There may or may not be a couch.

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Posted 6/19/17 , edited 6/20/17
Name (aliases are okay):Vitalitycross
Hotel:The Line Hotel
Nights Booked (exact nights; ex. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Night): Saturday, Sunday,Monday.
Price: Total Price is 690$ each person looking to pay 140$ maybe lower
Spaces Available (at time of posting):2 (Floor Space)
Requirements of Roommates: Must pick up after oneself thats basically it
Age range:18+
Gender: Any
Sleeping habits: Any
Contact: Add me on Discord for any Additional info you may request my ID: Vitalitycross#7639
Extra Info: Currently there are 4 of us looking for 2 more if possible
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Posted 6/22/17 , edited 6/27/17
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Posted 6/25/17 , edited 6/25/17
Seeking Roommates !!!!

Name / Age / Gender: Kathryn/ 21/F
My boyfriend and I are offering 2 spots for an Airbnb that we got.
Location: 2.7 miles from convention center (Normandie Ave & 30th Street)
Rate: $150 per person
for June 30th until July 4th
There will be drinking occurring so 21+ is preferred but not required. No real "quiet" hours as long as your sleeping habits dont affect others.
I guess showering is a requirement now and not a given. Just be cool and dont be a dick. You can contact either one of us at [email protected] or message me here!
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Posted 6/28/17 , edited 6/29/17
Looking for roommates

Name: Ko
Hotel: Luxe City Center Hotel
Type of Room: Deluxe Hotel Rooms (2 Beds)
Nights Booked: Saturday-Tuesday
Price: $250
Spaces Available (at time of posting): 2-3 (if you don't mind not being able to sleep on the bed)
Requirements of Roommates: casual, responsible,
Age range: 18-25
Gender: No preference
Smokers/Drinkers: no smoking, no drugs, casual drinking is okay
Sleeping habits: very late
Contact - Email: [email protected] / Discord:
Description of Us: 4-5 Male, 22+ College Students, Don't Smoke, Drink Casually or very little, We cool and chill willing to make new friends, 3 of us cosplay, and of course we like anime
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