Post Reply How do I switch to getting the subbed version instead of the dub?
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Posted 2/10/17
So I started watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on my Xbox One and the only version it will play is the dubbed version. I would prefer to watch the subbed version, however I cant find anywhere to change it.

I have tried putting it in my queue and then starting the subbed version in a browser on my laptop, but when I switch over to the xbox one, it takes me right to where I left off but plays the dubbed version instead.

Is there any way to watch the subbed version on xbox??

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Posted 2/10/17
Shows that have both a Sub and Dub available usually have them listed as seperate seasons, in the case of FMA:B the Sub seems to be "season one" so to speak.
I'm not sure how navigation on the Xbox platform works, the only console I have set up currently is my Vita, can you try going to the individual episode listing on your Xbox and scrolling back past episode 1 of the Dub (or, in the case of the "seasons" being reversed, scrolling forward past episode 64 of the Dub to check if that's where episode 1 of the Sub hides)?
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