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Posted 2/10/17 , edited 2/11/17
I was watching One Piece Subbed up till episode 451 and everything was fine. Episode 452 onwards I started hearing crackling/clicking sounds in the audio. At first I thought it was my headphones but I went back and listened to previous episodes of One Piece and they sounded fine. I also listened to other episodes of different shows on crunchyroll and off crunchyroll and I did not hear any popping sounds. Only when I come back and listen to Episode 452 and onwards of One Piece subbed do I hear these sounds. I tried refreshing the page and restarting my computer, neither of these work. In the comments of these episodes it seems others are having this problem too. Does anyone know what could cause this or if there are any fixes? Does anyone else hear it too? When does it end? thanks
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