More episodes tab needed for Xbox one crunchyroll app
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Posted 2/10/17 , edited 2/11/17
Sorry for multiple posts. Can you guys update your Xbox one crunchyroll app? The current xbox 1 app is hard to navigate. For example, if I am watching Hunter X Hunter 2011, which has 148 episodes, and I want to skip to episode 70, I currently have to click the RB button on my controller 69 times, or I have to fast forward to the end of the video, and then it gives me a "more episodes" icon. How come the Xbox 360 version of crunchyroll has a more episodes tab, but the Xbox one doesn't? The Xbox one version should be every bit as capable as the Xbox 360 versiom, but it is not. How come you cant press the option button to pull up the "more episodes " tab, on the Xbox one? This is a major inconvenience, as I dont have access to smart glass. Can you guys please update the Xbox One app, so that you can easily find more episodes of shows that are in your favorites list? Thanks
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Posted 2/11/17 , edited 2/11/17
I know you're trying to bring visibility to this, but it is a dupe, so I'm closing it in favor of the other one that has responses.
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