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Posted 2/11/17
As stated in my opening post for a previous topic called "Re-evaluating the Meaning of Social Advancement", the popular Western logic used to explain the immigration toward the developed nations is flawed. I had briefly come up with alternative explanations for the mass immigration but I will expand on the explanation in this topic with Mexico as an example.

To go from the beginning, the global Capitalists elites convince the Mexican government depend on US government for modernization of Mexico. This goes under the assumption that the US government will help the developing nations without incentive. As stated in the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man novel (John Perkins, 2004), the US government end up hiring white-collar criminals to manage the industrialization in Mexico and put those Mexico into a debt that is too huge to be repaid. The Mexican government also get loans with variable interest which dramatically increases the debts during the 1980s recession which then create a greater desperation to take more loans from the World Bank. The World Bank then force the Mexican government to employ free trade and free market system as requirement for further loans under the assumption that free trade and free market is best for the developing nations’ economy.

The free trade and free market allow the transnational corporations to invade Mexico where they use their superior wealth and buying power to out-compete the local entrepreneurs and set up monopolies. The transnational corporations further invest in criminal activities to support corrupt government officers and reduce the Mexican government into a corporate puppet; in this way, the Mexican government end up representing the interest of foreign business and act as a middleman between the transnational corporations. Since the developed nations have more wealth for investment, the corporations use the resource in Mexico to serve the developed nations at the expense of the Mexican citizens.

Many developing nations suffer a similar fate as Mexico but a few manage to avoid this fate and prosper from industrialization. Chile is one example where it gain a successful Socialist economy. However, some elements of the US government decide to fund a warlord in Chile, destroy the thriving economy, and throw Chile into chaos. Chile then became a breeding ground for gangs and Capitalism which thrive under the prosperity of the former Socialist period.
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